Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sleepy Wednesday

What a tired, so sleepy. But so happy! So I think that cancels out my extreme lack of sleep the past few nights. I didn't help things by making a late night trip to the gym tonight, which energized me rather than relaxed me. So, here I am, blogging close to midnight, when I have to be awake in six hours. I am planning on taking a long, long nap after work tomorrow, and then Amber should be coming over later in the evening!

Last night was a good night- Hour of the Wolf played a show in Flagstaff and I had a great time. I usually try to avoid working the merch table as much as possible but I actually had a really fun time and stayed busy the whole evening...and sold so much stuff! Awesome. The show was at The Orpheum, which is a weird place but overall I would say the night was a success.

Here are some photos-


making that money! haha ;)
making that $ at the merch table

Matt and Hank
Matt and Hank = BFF






our friend Andrew was guitar teching for The Misfits between touring with his own band, (who is going out with Paramore next that lucky dog) so we got to see him, which was awesome!
Addy, Hank, Lance, Andrew TAKE FOUR

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