Friday, November 27, 2009

Thank goodness it's Friday

First of all, thanks so much for all of the comments on my last's nice to know that a lot of other people feel the same way! I really, really appreciate all of the super thoughtful responses. I'm definitely not going to stop blogging any time soon- so many of my far away friends and family read this blog and it would be a shame to close off this wonderful form of communication. Besides, I enjoy it way too much! And plus, once we start having children I am absolutely going to use this blog to document every little bit of that new chapter in our lives. It's such a great creative outlet and I love it too much to stop! So I am definitely here to stay, I just had been questioning things...and I'm sure I always will, but that's the way life goes.

Today was a perfect, perfect day. Hank and I lounged around in bed until 10am or so (so insane for me to sleep in that late!) and it was so relaxing and much-needed. Once we got up he had to run to HOTW's practice space to get their merch so he could do a shirt count before their webstore's Black Friday sale began. In the meantime I made myself a delicious breakfast and caught up on some reading. When Hank got home we proceeded to be even lazier and watch The Biggest Loser for hours! We watched the most recent episode and then the previous player update episode. I must have cried about ten times during that one- it was so emotional! Once we decided to get up and at 'em, we headed to Target to get our Christmas stuff. We usually don't do a big tree, and sometimes no tree at all, but this year we decided to actually decorate and pick up a bigger tree. We ended up getting one that was on sale at Target for Black Friday- usually $60 and we got it for $25, not bad! Hank and I are kind of weird- I've mentioned this before, but we both really don't like cluttery things that don't match or knick-knacky things. I definitely think other people's trees with handmade and fun ornaments are adorable, and I seriously admire other people's cute stuff so much, but for some reason I really gravitate towards the opposite end of the spectrum in my own little bubble. I grew up in a house where we had so many different ornaments for every occasion- ones we'd made for my parents, gifts from my Mom's students, random Hallmark ones, etc...and I always loved it. But in our own house we aren't into that whatsoever. Hank grew up in a home where they've always had 15 foot insane trees decorated all one color and perfect. I'm happy he still likes that look and doesn't want to do the opposite of what he always had. I realize that when we have kids we'll probably have to get over our tendencies and stray away from our love of a simply decorated tree, but maybe we can let the kids have their own crazy trees in their rooms! haha. But really, I'm getting ahead of myself here. So anyway we got the tree, picked up some other random things, went to Micheal's to pick up some frames for new prints, then Barnes and Noble to get some new reading material. I didn't get anything (other than a million titles to request from the library!) but Hank picked out The End of Faith by Sam Harris. It looks really interesting and he's excited to read it. After our mini-Christmas shopping excursion we came home and set everything up! I'm definitely excited for the holiday season and I love that our tree is up and looking good. Stoked. So that was our night! As soon as I finish this I am heading to the gym and then spending the night reading and relaxing! Tomorrow Prescott is having a light parade downtown so we will be enjoying that festivity with some friends and hopefully mugs of hot chocolate! I hope all of you had a great Friday.

Photos from this evening:

putting on the tree skirt
putting on the tree skirt



not posing at all, I swear ;)

putting our little star on

single thumbs up? hah

us <3


  1. i like your little simple tree. ours is about the same size, but covered in random ornaments, haha. we will be putting it up this weekend.

    oh, and in that third photo, your hubs looks like a little angel. the light is relfecting off the wall above his head, and it is very celestial, haha <3

  2. At our house we have our tree with crazy and homemade ornaments, so in my room I have my simple tree, with matching ornaments. :) I love it.

    Y'alls tree is so so cute!

  3. I so want to put our christmas tree up but we have to wait for my sister to come home from Vietnam so we can out it up together. One more week and we can put it up.

  4. that tree is so simple, and so classic. it looks so nice in your place (which is so cute by the way)

    that is such a good deal for the tree, i so wish we had target in canada, i love that place!

    & i love the photo's of you two.


  5. My husband has odd, miss matching, random (some very dated) ornaments which is going to be so different for me. I'm so used to a tree being decorated with a color/theme every year. Oh well still excited to get our tree in a couple of weeks.

  6. i love your tree,and your home looks so cosy and always warms my heart reading about your seem like the sweetest woman,and hank looks so genuine and kind...sorry if i sound like a crazed lurker!i always read your blogs though don't comment a lot,so thought i would let you know,your blog is lovely and so inspiring xxx

  7. You guys look so cute! I can't wait to put up my tree, love yours!