Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thoughts on blogging

So, I just spent about twenty minutes looking through a lot of my past blogs. In my strange little head I had somehow convinced myself that I had gained an awful lot of weight and I suppose I was looking for reassurance that either I had or hadn' I decided to look through a million photos. It got me thinking about this whole process. I'm definitely not a public person in my "real" life...I'm not one to spill the beans about anything, outside of my circle of close friends. I'm not even one to make a new friend that I truly let into my world without really beginning to trust that person. So it's interesting to me that I am so public in this process. I love documenting my life; I love being able to look back on every entry and see Hank and I grow (hopefully not fatter though, as I had thought earlier this evening! hah!), and to read our story on this computer screen. I often get self-conscious though, because the blogging process is really an extremely self-centered kind of thing. And I don't say that in a negative way at all- I love blogging- but I just sometimes feel very funny doing it. Kind of like, here's a picture of me, here's a photo of my feet! Here's a picture of a dress I love, my dog, my closet, a rant about my hair, a paragraph about my job, more photos of my face, me me me! And it makes me uncomfortable when I step outside of myself and look in at times. At the same time though, it's my blog. It's my space to do with as I please. But like I mentioned before, putting my life out there is a little unnerving. I love sharing it with all of you, but every once in awhile I am hit with this feeling like, "oh my gosh my life is so public, this is weird!" It makes me ask myself, why am I doing this? Why do we blog? Why do you blog?

For me, it's because I love documenting my life. I love reading other people's blogs about their own story, and I like adding to that blogging melting pot. I'm a writer by nature, and I love taking photos, so it's nice to have an avenue to just kind of empty out my head, either about my feelings or simply about my day. It's neat to get support and feedback from people who may or may not have gone through very similar things. So, that's why I blog. To record our life in a safe place and to have a little creative outlet. And with that said, I'd love to know your thoughts on this- do you ever feel weird being so public? Why do you blog?


  1. you know, sometimes i do feel pretty weird. after all, i already keep a private journal. so sometimes i'm like, why do i have this public thing just all about me?
    but, i think my answer to your question is a lot similar to your own.
    i just love all the friends and people i've found through the blogging world. there are so many interesting people, and it's just such a neat thing to me.
    i love your blog! you're adorable to me. :)

  2. I write an anonymous blog, but I have a lot of friends who read it. I used to have the link on my fb page..but recently I've started to write more honestly and so it's morphed into more of a diary. I got to a point where I was feeling unsatisfied and dishonest. I remember the day when I wanted to write about a certain topic but thought it may offend someone I knew and so I didn't. Then I thought, what is the point of this blog if not to vent and be able to be completely honest with myself? Since, I've stopped censoring my entries. The url is still on my fb page, and I mean, I write about boys, and work and all kinds of things that happen in my life. Sometimes I get extremely paranoid that it is too public.

  3. i never really thought of my blog as an open door into my life. more like a magical glimpse into my life.
    you keep out what you want and you put in what you love.

    it's a strange love/hate relationship. well for me anyways.

    a blog is just an outlet used to express creativity, imagination, frustration and worries.

    just let the blog be you. i used to LOVE blogs that were NOTHING like what i was personally. they were very romantic and artsy. i would read them and be instantly inspired... i wanted that.
    i took me a long time to realize that i do inspire in my own way. i just need to be me.

    people read your blog b/c they like you... :) keep up the good work.

  4. Even though you sometimes have your doubts about blogging im so glad that you continue to do it. You and Hank remind me so much of my husband and I and i love reading about your adventures. Not to mention i love seeing your wardrobe cause its seriously the cutest, ever.

    I recently stopped blogging. It was becoming more of a chore then something fun to do. I am definitely not a writer at heart and i was always putting myself down cause of my lack of writing skills. Like you, i also felt weird writing about myself and posting pictures of myself. I also felt strange posting pictures of my friends and their children - i always wondered if my friends didnt want their children on the internet. I think once i become pregnant i will start up a new blog. I feel that at least the new blog will have a purpose - to keep my family informed in the happenings of our new life with a baby.

    I may not be a natural at blogging but i sure do love reading other peoples blog. So keep up the good work!!

  5. I've actually been thinking about this for a couple weeks. I've been considering stopping blogging (and a couple other sites) all together because I feel so self-centered and silly. I don't know though, we'll see!

  6. I'm very much an introvert, myself. Most of my friends are too, and it seems that we're all very comfortable with public blogs. You wouldn't think so, and it's funny how that works. Sharing your personal life with strangers takes a lot of confidence AND humility because you have to know that at one time or another someone will have a harsh opinion or not like you...and really, who wants that?

    But regardless, it's very gratifying having strangers from all over to relate to and share interests with. You had mentioned your desire to be a mom, and trust quick as they hit milestones you'll be glad you documented it. Life itself, moves fast..and it's nice to take a deep breath and look back. Even if it's to laugh at yourself, which is the cast more often than not. :)

  7. i find blogging cathartic. Sometimes its nice to just spew out all the bile inside, or share little tidbits of joy!

    and i agree with jinni about finding strangers to relate to, its nice!

    Thanks for following me :) x

  8. I, like everyone else, asked the same question and the only answer I have is so I don't forget when I'm old. Ha. That was the main reason I started it mainly to document my life with Davie. Well I guess I could go and keep a private journal hidden under my bed but this is much easier and no white out or scribbles are needed. Plus the pictures!

  9. im on here now. i love reading your work. i miss you.

  10. i am the exact same way. i'm super introverted, private, and shy in real life. and i guess that's why i blog--i put all of this stuff out there for perfect strangers to see because i usually keep it all in. and, i'd like to think i'm worth knowing (we all are!) and this is a good way to accomplish that for someone so shy.

  11. hihi :)

    i just found your blog today & i love it so much already. you seem so fun and i love all the entries i've read so far. i couldn't believe when i read this entry - because i have been feeling the EXACT same way lately. like, do people think i am self centered? for my constant blog posts about my happy life, and pictures of me, and my new things, and me & my boyfriend, and me me me... but then i thought - that's what blogs are all about, about posting what YOU want, and things all about YOUR life. so yes, i do feel that way sometimes. but if you enjoy writing them, and people enjoy reading them (which they obviously do) then i think it's okay to write so much about yourself, and your life.

    i blog because i love to write, and i don't really have many other ways of expressing myself, the decision to start a blog was a very positive one in my life. having even just one comment on my blog makes me feel like i am writing for a reason, and i love that. & i love your blog! so keep it up

    xo :)

  12. i don't really think of blogging as self-centered! if you are writing for yourself, it's whatever you want it to be.

    i've kept a livejournal for the past... eight years or so, but haven't really kept up with it like i used to. and i miss that! i love being able to look back at entries, and even though i obviously am selective about what i'm including in an entry, it'll spark other memories about that event or time in my life.

    i've signed up for a public blog because i want to try that... i'm not a very public person either, but i like the idea of people sharing their similar experiences and getting to know people through their blog and journal postings. :)

    and i'm so glad you blog! definitely a blogger inspiration. :)

  13. You were actually the one who inspired me to start blogging. I had heard so many things about it, but never really took the time to read one, until I stumbled across yours. You are so real, and you come across in such a classy and respectable way. You really have a beautiful personality.

  14. I did blog, but deleted it. I had originally just set up my blog as a vent for my frustrations. The way my life is just now, although I have friends, I don't have anyone I can really talk to about anything (people are either really busy with their own lives (understandably) or involved in whatever it is that's stressing me) so I decided to set up a blog to just let off steam. Problem is when I looked back I just felt like it was too whiney and moany and I didn't like how I came across, plus it didn't even make me feel any better, so I deleted it!

    Now I just use my Blogger ID to follow other peoples blogs and get an insight into how people, both near and far, live and get inspiration on things.

    I do love seeing the whole timeline in peoples lives and although you don't really know them, you do become intersted in what they're doing and how they're getting on! (A bit like a soap opera haha!).

    I might go back to blogging at one point in the future when I have something more interesting going on in my life, but right now I just love reading other peoples blogs, and yours is one of my favourite! xo

    PS 0 sorry for the big message!