Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today's highlights:
-waking up to yet another lovey dovey and super long email from my darling.
-spending the afternoon with dear friend and "big sis" Rhonda and getting my hair colored and trimmed!
-Taco Bell for dinner (soo not my usual, but it was delicious and a rare treat!)
-coming home to Madeline just about freaking out from being so excited...nothing is better than the unconditional love she gives Hank and me.
-photo updates from Hank on tour. Especially the pictures from Babycakes and Red Bamboo! So jealous!
-realizing that he gets home in ten days, very awesome.
-thinking about Amber's visit which is coming up very soon! So excited for all of our usual escapades to ensue, long walks downtown, and girltalk...

not the best pics, but I wanted to show you my new hair! It's not a huge change but my bangs are a little shorter :)

Tuesday night

cutie Madeline!

Tuesday night


  1. Awwww... it was one of my highlights too! Luv ya "lil sis".
    P.S. I forgot to tell you the weirdest dream I had about you a few days ago.... You came into the salon & had me do dermal implants on you even though I had no idea how & I was freaking out cause I wasn't licensed for that & thought that I get busted. I don't know....don't ask me what that was about. haha

  2. I just ate at Red Bamboo for the first time last week--it was AMAZING!!

  3. So glad your feeling better lately! This funky mood everyone has been in is starting to make me think its the moon! Enjoy your week!