Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today marks the first day of Thanksgiving vacation! I spent the morning at my mother-in-law's, prepping for our feast tomorrow. Six pies, two turkeys, and many side dish preps later we were done! Hank's mom is truly a "Martha," so I always take advantage of any opportunity to learn from her! So it was a great morning. Now I'm sitting here, bundled up in a blanket, trying to will this headache to go away. I am going to start watching The Hours in a moment, for the first time. I'm excited. I'm planning on a relaxing rest of the day- movie, organizing some things in the guest room, and gym time later on.

Here are some random photos I snapped today -


sad face :(
sad face :(

how we display some of our polaroids- shadow box with photos pinned inside
how I display some of our polaroids

some tattooed ladies on our wall
tattooed ladies on our wall

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. The Hours is so sad :( It puts me in this weird funk when i watch it; the way only great films can do. You will appreciate it, but you'll know exactly what I mean about the depressing part.

  2. Davie and I got lucky and found an old polaroid picture album at a thrift store one day. We got it mainly for some of the captions already in the book and simply applied our photos to them. Some were very racy and some were mild such as "friends looking at ugly joe", "you see he has this problem about shooting up", and "all tacoed out".