Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 in Review- Part 2 of 3- Image heavy!

Here is the second part of my "2009 in photos" post! I am only including May and June in this update because the summer was so full of activity month by month!

May 2009

May was a wonderful month, full of so much happiness and traveling!

We started the month going to one of Shirley's events called "Viva Las Vegas." Shirl is the president of a huge non-profit organization called 20/30 in Scottsdale, so this fundraiser was to raise money for one of their charities. It was super fun! It's always more fun knowing your money is going to a good place, too.

It was so windy!

Autumn, Hank, Jason
some of my favorite people

It was a beautiful night!
viva las vegas at city north

"Oh Henry"

Shirl, Autumn and me
my best friends

Hank and I spend a lot of time in Phoenix, because my parents live down in Mesa, and we can't seem to go two weeks without seeing them!

at my parents'
long day, back home!

our wedding bakery remade our cake topper for our 1 year wedding anniversary!
anniversary remake of our cupcake tower cake topper!

Here's the original, one year before this-

I worked out a lot in May, in preparation for the summer
my morning view

I continued to take annoying amounts of self-portraits ;)
good morning thursday

Amber Joy came to Mesa to visit for my birthday!
before dinner

We ate dinner at Caffe Boa and then my sister threw me a rollerskating party!
birthday dinner at caffe boa on mill

painting by Mando
what a wonderful gift!

the wonderful Lance ready to SKATE! :)


i love zoe!


Hour of the Wolf played a little set while everyone skated :)
hour of the wolf played a little set

Shirley's birthday is right by mine, so we also celebrated her special day!

too cute

summer dress!

shirl and emily

the girls

erin and me

yummy tofu!

baby camryn! due june 10th

Happy, happy birthday bestie!
the birthday girl!

May = frozen yogurt!
mojo yogurt...mmm

and pizza at Slices...
at slices


the birthday girl enjoying some pizza at 2am!

In May we took a three-week trip all around the East Coast. It was fabulous. This photo was taken prior to taking off for Vermont...scary!
the sky we will soon be flying in :(

Hello middle of the night in an airport!
airport, heading to newark

Good morning Vermont!
relaxing after a long day of traveling

auntie el

so pretty

heading out for the day, enjoying beautiful Vermont
heading to breakfast

breakfast at Shelburne Farms


breakfast time!

Auntie El, Uncle Paul, cousin Daron, Hank and me

Mom and Dad
mom, dad

overcast, beautiful day

my Uncle Paul grew up in this house- beautiful!
my uncle grew up in this house

Farmhouse (and Auntie El)
leaving the farm


baby animals love hank

mama and me

i make my sister take stupid photos

My Aunt and Uncle are serious boaters (and race sailboats), so whenever we visit we always spend time at the pretty Yacht Club on one of their huge, gorgeous boats.
walking down to the dock


sailing away


beautiful day

All week we enjoyed amazing, organic, farm-fresh food -
our sunday evening feast


practicing with our new nikon d60

daron being daron

Hank and I celebrated our birthday (we are three days apart)!
uncle paul bringing us our early birthday cake!

rasberry torte

We played in the beautiful fields...
weeds are pretty


We visited the Ben & Jerry's factory! YUM

ticket to get in

hank is stoked

the "Flavor Graveyard"
laur and hank

I played with our new Nikon D60-
practicing with our new nikon D60

the house
practicing with our new nikon d60

We went hiking in their backyard...acres and acres and trails and trails of beautiful-ness!

We went to Burlington

dad and hank

We enjoyed Vermont so much.
tuesday afternoon

love the green grass

goodnight vermont

Then, we left to go to New Jersey, to spend our time on the shore.

First things first...White Castle! haha ;)
a nj classic...kind of gross if you ask me!

Then to the Mug Rack, our favorite diner growing up!

The to Rita's! food food food!
rita's gelatis

We visited my mom's old school she taught at-

my love

We celebrated my official birthday at Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar. It's one of the best vegan restaurants I've ever been to!

my birthday lunch- the best veggie burger i've ever had! mmm

hank's huge apps platter

the birthday boy and girl at lunch

We visited some of the shops in downtown Belmar-

Back at our place, on the porch!
my morning view from our deck

quick shot with the D60

We also celebrated our 1st wedding anniversay, on May 31, 2009!

My parents were out with their friends, so Hank, my sister and I spent the day on the boardwalk before Hank and I left for a little dinner date to celebrate the day. It was an absolutely beautiful day- perfect weather and gorgeous scenery.

hank and lauren

the beach

our froggy!

loved the swings as a kid


kohl's orange and cream- a boardwalk tradition!

playing with the colors


anniversary dinner date at Sentosa's in Brick
anniversary lunch at sentosa

"pork" with steamed broccoli

Our time there was amazing- we took lots of long walks, went running, ate tons of ice cream and relaxed to the max. The show Jersey Shore portrays only one side of beautiful NJ, and we definitely experienced all of the most wonderful parts.

the strawberry was mine :)


June 2009

We spent part of June in NYC, celebrating Hank's birthday!

leaving the shore to go into the city-
heading to nyc

our lunch

"Rice to Riches" -delicious rice pudding shop
at rice to riches- hank's favorite

stoked in Toy Tokyo

this bearbrick is almost as big as me!

the birthday boy and me

sisters <3

Hank's bday dinner at Red Bamboo
the BEST vegan buffalo wings i've ever had!

vintage shopping with Lauren
vintage dresses

walking around the city
heading to meet emily

vegan cupcakes at Atlas
laur splitting a cupcake with me

hanging out with my darling Emily (umm bad picture of me! hah)
my sweet emily!

We also spent a lot of time with family all over the place-
We went to a graduation bbq at the Glowacki's in Hillsborough-
me, opa, hank, corin

Aunt Marita and Hank
aunt marita and hank

Uncle John and Hank! haha
crazies <3

at cait's graduation party

The yard where I have many happy childhood memories! :)
beautiful day

After being gone for close to a month, we finally came home to Prescott! Amber Joy and Adria were home for the summer so we had a great time hanging out and having fun.

I got my leg tattooed- hence the poor, swollen thigh!
welcome home

Amber adopted her babygirl Lily
the proud new mommy with her pup

We hung out downtown a lot...
adie and addy


it was a beautiful day!

I kept taking self-portraits... ;)
good morning monday

Madeline had to have emergency surgery when a "foxtail" got caught in her gums and worked its way into her cheek. It was a very sad, scary time.

the evil foxtail plant- who knew something so small could be so dangerous!
that evil foxtail. via hank's flickr

poor surgery...
poor baby :(

sad baby=sad mama
sad baby, sad mama

Once Madeline was better, Shirley, Alana, and I took a roadtrip to Long Beach for Chloe's 1st birthday!
shirley in the car en route to long beach!

prettiest babe in the world

probably not the most flattering angle, but YAY new leg tattoo!

the loops


alana and me walking back to the house

heading to sushi




good morning sunday!

When I got home, Hank and I took a long weekend in Las Vegas! It was a lot of fun.

on the way there-
heading to vegas


super late at night...super tired...but we pulled it together and went downstairs for a bit! :)

hank's stepmom, hank's dad, and hank playing "let it ride" poker


"the hamptons do las vegas"

I don't like to gamble but I love this machine!
i won a lot on this blessed machine

Whew! That took a long time- again I am SO SORRY if this slowed your computer, I promise the others won't be so big, and then I will never do this least until next year! ;)

I'll be back in a couple of days with the next installment! :)

Thanks again for reading.


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