Friday, December 25, 2009

Answers, Part Two!

Alright, here are the next round of answers to all of those questions in this post!

First question, from Kristen-

I'd like to see a post about how you dress for work, or: looking professional but not too frumpy or teacher-y. thanks :)

I did a little Flickr series documenting the first two weeks of work this week, so click here to be transported to the set! Here's my "first day of school outfit." My main staples are pencil skirts, dresses, and tights!

off to my first day of school :)

Next, from an anonymous commenter:

how is it possible that your tattoo is on your chest and on your right arm in some pictures while it is on your left arm in other pictures?

For a lot of my quick pictures I use photobooth, which is actually a flipped view! So the tattoo many appear to jump arms from picture to picture!

Third question(s), from Ashley-

What's your biggest pet-peeve? What are your favorite TV shows?

Pet peeves...hmmm...this is hard. I don't know if this is necessarily a pet peeve, but something that is extremely annoying to me is when people can't just LIVE and LET LIVE. I believe in equal rights for ALL people. Example: I'm a supporter of gay marriage and it's upsetting to me that people can't just let other people be happy. On a smaller and less important level, here are some things that annoy me: the sound of clipping nails, when things in a cupboard or cabinet are unorganized, people blowing their nose around me (weird I know- but I think this comes from sniffly students doing this in my classroom), people who are "short" via text or email, and sharing drinks or food with ANYONE other than Hank and a handful of my best friends- no thank you. And I think that's about it. I'm sure I could think hard about this and make a huge list but this is all for now!

TV shows- I love love love Lost, Mad Men, Freaks and Geeks, Big Love, Pushing Daisies, Carnivale, Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, True Blood, and then about a million reality shows, including but not limited to: Biggest Loser, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Jersey Shore, etc.

The next question is from Katie!

but now i want to know how you do your hair and what products you use. it seems like you always have a lot of body and it's shiny and sometimes curled? my hair is flat and blah. tips please!

I've gotten a lot of question about this, so maybe I'll do a little tutorial when we *hopefully* get a Flipcam at our last Christmas on Sunday. But to give you a quick overview, I use Biolage shampoo and conditioner. I switch between three different types, depending on the stage my hair color is at. Those three are the "Color Care" line, the "Hydrating" line, and the "Body" line. Color for right after I get my hair done, body most of the time, and hydrating when I feel I need it. I also only wash my hair 2-3x a week, and use dry shampoo between. After I get out of the shower, I wrap up my wet hair in a towel for about 10 minutes. Then I apply Catwalk's Root Boost to the roots of my hair- top, sides and back. After that I spritz Bumble and Bumble's thickening spray all over. I don't put any products in my bangs though. Then, blowdry time. I use a round brush to dry my bangs for literally a second, then I blowdry to the side with my fingers. Following that I dry all over my hair, flip it over and dry upside down, then use a paddle brush to dry the rest (getting the roots, etc). I finish with a cold shot all over. Once my hair is dry I spray the underside with Sebastian Hairspray and then pin it back while I apply makeup. Once my makeup is done I tease my hair a bit, then use the curling iron to add waves! Done! That seemed kind of strange to explain that in such detail but hopefully that was what you were looking for! :)

This question is from Ashley (no link given):

i also have a question about your tattoos... do you have any that you don't particularly love anymore and wish you could change or remove them? and... how do you decide what to get??

I love every single one of my tattoos, and I'm lucky enough to not have any regrettable ones. I attribute this to waiting until I was 21 to get my first one. If I would have gotten any of the ideas I had when I was younger than that you can bet I'd have some regrets and cover ups to do. I also had the benefit of only having really amazing artists tattoo me, thanks to the direction of my tattooed friends when I was younger. As far as deciding what to get, most of mine are things that I find pretty or inspiring, or things that have meaning. Sometimes I'll have weird thoughts that kind of turn into a tattoo idea, but for the most part I'll just know what I want and then my artist will run with it, and make it awesome.

Awesome! I hope you guys liked reading these, they are definitely fun to answer! I will continue with the next batch sometime soon!

In the meantime, here are a few photos from later tonight!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! <3

my sister and Abe
"The Grants" be ;)

Hank, Tim, and Daron
family <3

family <3

dinner time

opening up presents
cutie patootie!

Uncle Brian opening up presents

some of the guys

Ben! :)

my beautiful Daron Grace :)
beautiful Daron

Big Kindle and Little Kindle PJ Party! I love this.
Big Kindle, Little Kindle


  1. i love the p.j. kindle party. you guys are cute :). looks like you had a good christmas.

  2. Great post! Your family looks like so much fun!

  3. Wow, that's Kindle is bigger than I thought. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

  4. You are the cutest teacher! I love all your work outfits.

    So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. :)

  5. Hi Danielle! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I am reigniting my love of reading. It is the most effective way of relaxing for me. I was wondering what your favorite books are and what you are reading now?

    I love your blog and read it everyday. Thanks for your honesty and great photos!

    Love, Angie

  6. Hi Danielle! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I am reigniting my love of reading. It is the most effective way of relaxing for me. I was wondering what your favorite books are and what you are reading now?

    I love your blog and read it everyday. Thanks for your honesty and great photos!

    Love, Angie

  7. The pj kindle party picture is very cute.

  8. thanks for explaining about the hair! very helpful...i'm going to try out these products.

  9. i love your style! i'm majoring in social studies education, with an emphasis in history, and i am so excited to get cute outfits for teaching! =]

  10. aaaah! freaks&geeks! nick andopolis is my love <3
    oh, and let me tell ya...I wish I had your clothes :)

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Angie- I am currently reading "Cleaved" by Julie Powell! I love it so far :)