Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good morning!

I'm not sure what it was, but last night I got into a bit of a blue mood, which I don't mind because they're far and few between my happy moods...but still a bummer. Hank goes to bed early these days because he has to be up for work at 7am, so I'm usually up a lot later. It's funny how the roles have switched. I will be back at school on Monday though, and I will be up at 5am each morning for the gym! I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but I do make goals (essentially the same thing but a different name, haha), and one of my goals is to get to the gym at 5am four out of five work mornings. I used to go all the time bright and early, but it's easier to put it off and go late at night when it's empty. I do best when I get it out of the way, and now that Hank is a member of the gym, I can go again with him at night and focus on lifting. So that's one goal I am setting for the new year. But back to my blue mood, I'm unsure where it came from, and I even woke up in poor spirits. I'm feeling one hundred percent better now though, and when I finish this post I'm going to go on a run, do a power clean of the house and then get ready for this evening. Tonight is Hank's company holiday party and I'm looking forward to meeting his coworkers. I've met some of them just due to it being his mom's company, but the majority of people will be new, which is always fun.

I should mention that I added a formspring over there on the left side of my blog. I'm still working on the last questions from that old Q&A post, but if you ever want to know anything, feel free to formspring it to me. It's totally anonymous, and I will answer your question or address your comment in my very next post!

Additionally, thank you all SO much for all of your sweet comments and supportive words when I was feeling so weird about this public blog last night. I really appreciated all of them, and you all definitely helped me feel okay about it. I texted with my friend Jenn about it last night too- she is also a teacher who blogs, and that made me feel a lot better as well. So thanks!

Awhile back I also somehow forgot to mention in the craziness of the holiday that I won a giveaway! Stephanie let me know that I was the winner of her Winter White giveaway and I am so excited to receive the adorable prizes in the mail and post all about them. So thanks again, Stephanie, you are too sweet! <3

And one more blog-related item: if you are in the mood for a blog makeover in the new year, don't hesitate to visit Lindsay's blog. She designed my adorable layout and she can do yours too! Here's her link.

OH and as I was writing this, I got my very first formspring question! YAY. I'm excited.

It says: "Do you ever miss being untattooed? I'm getting ready to get my first and I'm nervous that I'll miss the 'naked' me."

To be honest, there are times when yes, I will see an old photo of me with that pretty skin and think, wow, look how different I look. It's not that I miss that, it's just different and so interesting to me. Before I got tattooed I would see girls with chest pieces and think that was literally the most insane thing I'd ever seen. Now I am one of those girls! It makes me laugh. But as far as missing being untattooed...no. The only thing I miss is being able to wear whatever I want without people giving me weird looks. That gets old. And the constant questions get really old too. And I don't mean on here...I mean some random guy grabbing my arm in a store to ask me questions. It's weird. I know what I was getting into when I chose to become heavily tattooed, and I went through similar things that you're going through. I have a hard time committing to one outfit in a day...so it's interesting I was able to commit to having the same thing on my body for life. Just be sure whatever you get you love, and will love forever and ever. I'm sure you will go through a phase where you're like "Oh my goodness, what have I done," but this is normal. I had a little stage like that when my family initially gave me a hard time. It passed quickly though, and I realized that I only get one shot at this life, and I'm going to enjoy it and do whatever I please with my body. I love tattoos and I'd actually prefer to have a lot more than I do now, including my hands and sides of my neck. Until we have kids though I am working, so a teacher with hand and neck tattoos probably isn't ideal for the public school system. I hope I answered your question- I have a tendency to ramble on a bit!

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone! I'm off to go on a run!

good morning- heading off on a run!


  1. Tattoos are amazing, I'm also kind of in a pickle about them. I want to get one also and I already designed it and even though I'm old enough to get one on my own, my parents still don't want me to, and they definitly don't want me to get it on my wrist, my mom has told me over and over I won't get a job if I get it somewhere visible. I still highly doubt a little heart tattoo on my wrist would cause me not getting a job.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better about being a teacher and blogging. You have absolutely nothing to worry about :)

  3. i absolutely love your hat! it's adorable. :)

    ohh and i added your button to my blog as well.

    have a great day!!!!!!! <3

  4. wow I dont think I've ever seen anyone look that cute before going on a run!!! lol Love reading your posts everyday, you always put a smile on my face!

  5. i have lots of ideas for tattoos, but i am so nervous to get one! i read that most of the pain is all in the head (just you thinking that it is going to hurt really bad, so them it seems worse than it really is).

    exercising early in the morning like that sounds great! i love how it feels once you are done at the gym and then walk out. i feel like i can breathe in really deep and i feel bouncy and happy.

    have a great day!

  6. Thinking of getting a tattoo of an astronaut myself - not sure where it should go though! I can think of a lot of inappropriate places, but where would be RIGHT, that's the thing! There's so much to think about: you decide on an image and then you have to decide on a location and that can throw everything into confusion. You can see why it's called Body Art - there's certainly an art in getting image and placement in harmony. Steph x

  7. Hey sweet lady! I just shipped your package this morning! I'm sorry it took so long--I should have thought out the day I was picking the winner--it made for a very long wait for you! Thanks for being patient, though!!!

  8. you have such a neat blog!

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  10. danielle!

    even though i rarely comment anymore i still check your journal every day! i love the life you've created for yourself & i'm so happy to see you happy!


  11. glad you got out of your funk! i hate waking up in a rut. when the day doesn't even give you a chance to make it a good one!

  12. New to your blog.. I am loving it.... loving you.

  13. big yays for goals;) i wish i had a 1/3 of your motivation to workout!! <3

  14. Thanks for answering the question so honestly!! I love your blog, you have great style! I miss manicure mondays though :-( (Im getting mint candy apple in the mail today!!).

  15. i'm still so glad elsie posted about you in her blog.. i visit on a regular basis now. :] love all your tattoos.. you've given me a couple of ideas to add on to my already long list of future tattoos. and you are such an inspiration when it comes to fitness and staying healthy.. that is one of my goals for 2010.. i just hope i can stick to it!

  16. Re: Tattoos

    I have a rather large outline on my shoulder, which will eventually be a full-color piece. At first I was a little scared that I might regret it, but I have never felt so good about a change in my body in my life. It was exactly the right thing and I love it so much. After it was done (and it's not even finished yet), I immediately thought, "This was always supposed to be a part of me, but it just wasn't there. I needed someone to bring it out from inside." And now, over a year later, I still feel exactly the same way.

    However, I do have another tattoo (on the inside of my calf), which actually means a lot to me and is a really beautiful piece, but it's not quite the same feeling as the other one. I don't regret getting it, but it's a little different than the other one and brings a different feeling. I love it, but in a completely different way - and I have a feeling that will be the same with any tattoo I get in the future. They're all unique.

  17. I love reading your blog & seeing that you are a heavily tattooed teacher reassures me that I'll find a job that suits me. I'm a college student on my way to becoming a high school art teacher so I'm a bit nervous about getting more tattoos. Being heavily tattooed with the things that you love & things that inspire you, is such a great way to express yourself in my opinion.

    I love all your tattoos, btw. They're beautiful!