Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Mental Health Day"

I am very happy I took tomorrow off. I consider it a "mental health day," and I will be working on my mental health via shopping all day! I have a huge Christmas list of gifts to buy and I am excited to start checking things off of my list. Then, it's bff night with Suki! We are planning on seeing "Brothers" during one of the earlier showings, and then going to dinner and hanging out all night. I am hoping frozen yogurt is in the plan. Even though we live two hours apart we manage to spend a lot of time together, and I feel very lucky about this. We've been close for a long, long time and have seen each other through just about every season of our lives, which is awesome. When I write about her, I'll go back and forth between calling her Suki and Sarah, and both mean her! It's funny but we both call each other Suki- it's a name that originated a long time ago, during one of our crazy nights, and it's stuck. Suki, Sukisu,'s all the same. I love her so much and it's so awesome because her and Hank are very close too since we all spend so much time together. I just love her so much and words can't really even begin to express how I appreciate her. Besides Hank and my sister, she is one of the few, few people who know me inside and out...and I love that. She literally knows me better than I know myself most of the time. Sarah is such a great person and I feel lucky to have in her in my life forever. :)

This definitely calls for a little photo journey! I have a million and a half photos of us from so many different occasions so I will just share the first ten or so I pull up.

How funny are these old photos of us? We are maybe 20 here? I am loving my little chubby face! haha


at my first graduation (B.A. in English) from NAU in 2004

And here we are, a little more up to date over the past few years-

Last summer

country dancing!
country dancin'!

enjoying a pretty day outdoors
i love this one

hula hooping at a 4th of July party

enjoying brunch on a Sunday morning
at sweettart for brunch

chaperoning one of the high school's Proms with me! Don't we look proper ;)
accidentally coordinated

my heart!

this fall
Best friends <3


love her

and on Halloween...she was my captain!
Suki Su!

So, what are your weekend plans? Are any of you planning to see Brothers? I have been looking forward to it forever, and I am very very excited about it. Here's the trailer in case you haven't heard about it yet.

Have a wonderful Thursday night!


  1. i'm in love with the dress you're wearing in the picture of you two on the couch. where is it from?

  2. @breanna - it's actually a skirt from H&M and a tube top! :)

    Here's a close up of the skirt:

  3. So glad I found your blog! I love it! How fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Brothers looks sooo good! Very intense but good! Toby McGuire was on Conan the other nite. It doesn't even look like him in the movie when he's freaking out! Enjoy!

  4. i envy your friendships, you are a lucky girl. and i love the photo of you two at brunch, you both look so natural and pretty <3

  5. Thats funny, my ethics professor takes "mental health" days too! Took one today actually.I shopped a little myself. I think they are a lovely idea and more teachers/professors should take them.
    My boyfriend and I are planning on seeing Brothers as well. I'm hitting the farmers market with my aunt this weekend Saturday, then a Christmas party at her house Sunday.

    Great blog by the way!

  6. love the photo journey! friendships like that are rare and dear.

    btw, i saw your post on that essie candy mint apple nail polish and HAD to have it. on my fingernails already! :) such a pretty colour.

  7. Beautiful pictres :) Oh, mid 00's, how I adored those years.

    I can't wait to see Brothers! I have a newly found secret obsession with Gyllenhaal.

  8. Bff are the best and it looks like you have a great one!

    Have a great day


  9. Oooh that's so great that you stay in touch even though you are far apart. I'm never good at keeping in touch with people :(

    I want to see Brothers so badly! Let us know how it is when you get home?

  10. awww you both look adorable in each photo with your pretty dresses! rollerskating looks such fun..I wish there was somewhere I could go skating near Liverpool

    have a great evening my dear, ooh and you have a lovely blog that I love to read! x

  11. ahh that movie looks so good! i finish up all my school stuff next week, so i'm hoping to get to see it!

  12. i really want to see that!
    i hope you had fun, girl.

  13. wow, you guys are such cute bff's. so adorable!
    i love all the old photo's.

    i want to see brother's so bad, it looks amazzzzing. please let me know how it is!

    i am having such a lazy weekend, watching christmas movies, writing christmas cards, and maybe doing some shopping tomorrow.

    have a good weekend

  14. thanks for getting me all teary-eyed right after i finished my make-up!
    you're the best 'suki' a 'suki' could ever ask for! :)