Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday/Question game!

First of all, I have to apologize for extremely image-heavy 2009 post...there was really no other way to do it and be able to talk about each experience and photo, so I am truly sorry if it slowed your computer or annoyed you if you follow me on Google Reader! However, it was super fun to make and to reminisce about all of those fun times. I still have two more installments to go, and those will be image heavy as well. And then I promise I won't get that crazy until next year's review!

Today was an very short day at work- just two hours! I woke up around 7:30 and dropped off my car at our local shop to get its oil changed. I've been taken our cars to the same place forever, and it's a small, locally owned place that always goes above and beyond. I got to work around 8:45am and did my hall duty during 3rd period's final. We only have two classes each day during finals week, so after 3rd was over, which is my prep (or free) period, I just had to watch my Seniors give their final presentations. Afterward I came home and I've been relaxing...Hank came home for his lunch hour so I got to spend a little time with him, but other than that it's been Madeline and me being lazy! haha.

Now it's about 8pm (I stopped writing this to run some errands and cook us dinner), and Hank is watching the Suns game. And speaking of errands, I have to share this annoying situation that happened at the post office. It was about 4:50pm, and I pulled into the very crowded post office to mail two small packages. I always try and avoid actually waiting in the often atrocious line so I usually just use the self-service mailing machine, or whatever it's called. In front of me were two women...with 22 packages. At the self-mailer. I, in a sweet and polite tone, said "Excuse me, ladies, are you mailing all of those packages via this machine right now?" There was a long pause. One of the women turned around very slowly, glared at me, and said "Why yes. Yes we are. And it will take us a long time, so I suggest taking your two little packages inside." OOOOH. Now I am a fairly sweet girl (sometimes sweet, even! ;) hahaha....), and I typically try and be especially nice to older people because I do respect them. But these women, and this woman in particular made me seriously want to kick them straight in the shins. How mature of me. I at least wanted to say something rude back but I didn't. I left, because by this time it was 5pm and the inside office was closed, to take care of the insanely long line in there. So I left. But really, who does that at a self station? 22 packages?! And yes, I counted them. haha. So that was one of the annoyances in my day. Sorry to be negative but I had to share!

In other news, Ms. Madeline is so tired from running errands with me downtown all afternoon, so she is wedged between Hank's leg and the couch just totally exhausted. It's adorable!

Madeline and Hank relaxing on the couch

I also wanted share a playlist that I made this past weekend. I LOVE IT. I really, really love rap/hip hop/r&b/etc., and I always have. This playlist I am about to share includes many of my old favorite songs, some amazing, some super cheesy and some super suuuuper cheesy! haha. Either way I love each and every one of these tunes. I have been listening to it for a few days straight, singing along to every song and ever word. Hank has been endlessly entertained. ...Or annoyed. ;)

Anyway, here is it! I want to say that the first song is really the only very recent song, and I included it first because I love it. If you don't listen to any of the other ones, please listen to that one- it's my favorite song of the moment.

***Oh, and one warning- some of these songs DO have bad language (some have a LOT), so I wanted to warn you in case you have your little kiddies around or you try to avoid music with bad words!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

And one more thing before I head to the gym in a bit, but thought I would post a little "question game" where you can ask me anything you'd like. I did this awhile back and it was really fun. You can either post a question, or post something that you'd like to see a post about! If you're uncomfortable with posting as you, you can also do it via "anonymous!" All questions are welcome. Then, be sure to repost this in your blog so we can all ask you questions!

So...ask away!

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  2. ok my question is about your tats! What was the first one you had done and which is your favorite and what's the meaning behind it? (hope that's not too personal)
    P.S thanks for adding my button :D

  3. I was wondering about your fitness routine! What do you find works best? Do you have any healthy eating tips? I'm curious and would love any suggestions to help me out over the holiday season!


  4. hi danielle! I have 2 questions.
    1. How do you go about designing your tattoos? Do you do a lot of it yourself, or do you let the tattoo artist come up with something after you describe it to them?
    1.1 I have a chest piece design in the works... :) how would you rate the amount of pain, compared to other areas?
    2. What is a style goal of yours for 2010?

    xo holly

  5. ok this may seem silly but you have the cutest clothes where do you shop?

    I added your button ♥

  6. Yes, very annoying. 22 packages in the Express Self Serve.

    Love the playlist.
    Forever Young by Jay-Z is definately one of my faves at the moment too. Actually his whole album is great.
    I would have never guessed you to have 1st of the Month on your list. Hilarious!!
    Kieth Sweat, Aaliyah, Erykah, Tupac, The Fugees... My kind of playlist.

    Question? Did you always know you wanted to teach?

  7. aesop rock!!! yes!

    hmmm...question How would you describe yourself when you were in highschool? & do any of your students remind you of yourself at that age?


  8. well...i wanted to ask you the same question carrie asked. where do you shop?

    also, where did madeline come from? was she adopted or did you get her from somewhere as a puppy? she is very lovely.

    have a great day/night!

  9. any advice to give young couples? do you have any favorite stories from your marriage or about your husband?

  10. i can't believe those ladies were so rude! seriously... the post office makes me cranky too, but that's no reason to be mean :(.

    i can't think of a good question.....


    what's your biggest guilty pleasure?

  11. would you talk more about your struggle with an eating disorder and anxiety/depression?

    i love your blog!

  12. I'm studying to be a high school English teacher...I'd like to see a post about how you dress for work, or: looking professional but not too frumpy or teacher-y. thanks :)

  13. Hi Danielle! You are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I found your blog through the fabulous Elsie Flannigan's blog! I don't have a question for you, I just wanted to say that reading your blog is something I look forward to everyday! My fav thing is probably the "bits of my world"!

    Oh and Madeline is precious! I know she's a Boston, I'm hoping for a Frenchie someday. The two kind of remind me of each other!

  14. Hey!
    I just stumbled across your blog and I think it's really cute. I whish we had cool teachers like you here in Germany...
    Well, but one question: how is it possible that your tattoo is on your chest and on your right arm in some pictures while it is on your left arm in other pictures? It might be a really, really stupid question but I can't figure out how that is possible ;-)

  15. Hey, Danielle!

    What's your biggest pet-peeve?

    What are your favorite TV shows?


  16. holy crap...your play list=love.
    i've been singing along all morning!

  17. i have a question! of course i wanted to know where you shop but someone asked that. but now i want to know how you do your hair and what products you use. it seems like you always have a lot of body and it's shiny and sometimes curled? my hair is flat and blah. tips please!

  18. i also have a question about your tattoos... do you have any that you don't particularly love anymore and wish you could change or remove them?
    and... how do you decide what to get?? (i really like tattoos, and am trying to decide what to get but can't seem to make up my mind!)

    btw, i LOVE your blog! :D

  19. hello miss danielle,

    I would love to know more about your fashion sense...your inspiration? favorite stores? do you dress the same for work?? i just love your attire!! you have a fabulous wardrobe!

  20. I have a question! I am on the English lit track as well in college and was going to do the library science route for my Master's but have gone ahead and decided to do teaching. Did you double major in secondary education? I'm thinking about doing that, that way I can teach while I work on getting my Master's. Do you have any advice on that? Also, is the English GRE super scary? (Silly question, I know, but the reading list terrifies me!) Thank you!

  21. Hi Danielle! I also wanted to ask you where you shop but that has been taken a few times haha! Good thing I have another! I know you wrote that the administration at your school doesn't mind your tattoos, but I was wondering if you had trouble getting a job at first because of them?

  22. lovelovelove the Aesop Rock.
    he's my fave!

    Question time:
    what's your five year plan?
    what are your thoughts about god?
    how do you post images to your blog so well? (i'm having issues. :)

  23. i didnt know you liked hip hop!! awesome bone thugs!!!!

  24. What are your favorite 5 shops in Prescott??
    OH, and whats the auto place you take your car... mom and pop shops are my cup of tea...

  25. i have a duplicate question of "myownlittleuniverse":
    what is your hair regimine? i read through posts about the dry shampoo & that you chemically process your hair. so, what other products do you use? (ie, hairsprays, serums, waxes, etc) & do you have a hair drying, curling routine? my hair always ends up very curly sue when i try to do mine.

    ps- i found your blog via elsie @ a beautiful mess, she gave high praises of your blog!

  26. Duuuuuuuuude. I love that playlist. SO MUCH. I've been known to blast Wu Tang and Gravediggaz in my day...

    I also hate the post office, love your dress, and am wondering who your fave authors are!

  27. I love reading your blog, Danielle! You are such an inspiration to the way that I hope I'll be living someday! :)

    Anyways, my question is this: What is the hardest thing about being a teacher? Do you ever wish you were something else instead?

  28. Hi, I was wondering about your future plans - KIDS! Ideally, how many would you like to have? Do you have any favorite names? Do you really want a boy or a girl, or it does not matter?

  29. Just wondering if you have any style icons or celeb girl crushes!

  30. Hi!
    I wanted to know what's in your bag! What are your must items you carry around with you, and what's your current bag of choice and why!


  31. i love your blog, your such a doll!

    for a question: did you find that starting to work out helped our your depression? is that what you best recommend for combating it?

    ♥ julia

  32. LOL! that playlist is awesome. My older sister is the one who likes hip hop/R&B and I'm the indie one but beings that she's older than me I remember listening to all those songs. Brought back memories. Thanks!!!

  33. Love Aesop Rock and boogie down productions KRS-one!

    umm question is: How was it living in Flagstaff? Good stuff and bad stuff...
    We love it there and visit often but never for more then a few days. We've considered moving there a couple times but can't decide.

  34. I agree with other commentors, you have the cutest clothes! I'd love to know where you shop.

  35. I love your blog! My husband just took over the family owned restaurant recently. What family business is your husband taking over?
    The restaurant business is great but he hates how he doesn't have the freedom anymore. How are you guys dealing with his new hours?

  36. i like everyone else's questions. that's not cheating, is it ;)?

    you're so cute!

  37. You mentioned in one of your blogs that you were in a sorority in university? Could you write a post about that experience in your life, what your sororities letters were and maybe even throw in some pics? I am currently VP of Iota Beta Chi Sorority in my hometown, and I was really interested to hear that you were in one too!

    Tyler <3

  38. i have a couple!

    1. can you talk a bit about your work on sylvia plath during your undergrad/master's?
    2. i know you're from NJ and you love prescott... but excluding those two (!) if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    3. how many marc jacobs bags do you own? :)

  39. what is the recipe for your successful and loving relationship? ;)

  40. background: I have been in a wonderful relationship for 3 years and have been thinking this is it for a while now but I always get those "i don't know anymore" moments.

    question: did you go through that with hank? and if so, what was the best way you would/handled it? I know I am not alone in this but sometimes I just don't get how some people are so sure.
    THANKS! <3

  41. Your answers post inspired me to ask: do you plan on getting any more degrees eventually? A PhD maybe? :)

  42. Oh noooo, I've been offline for a few days and missed this blog! If there is still an opportunity to ask questions, can I please ask 2!

    1. How did you & Hank become engaged? Is it a romantic story or was it (like mine) a little practical discussion and decision?

    2. How long did it take to get your sleeve tattoo and what age were you when you got it? Did you do it in pieces? And do the parts of it have meaning?

    Hoping I'm not too late! xo