Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday night

Tonight was such a fun night! Hank and I went over to Amber's, and then we all headed to dinner at Esoji. It was wonderful to sit and talk for a couple of hours- we had a fabulous dinner and fantastic conversation. After we ate we headed to the store so Hank could get ice cream, then Ambs and I went to Target so we could pick up some last minute wrapping things I had run out of. Once we got home, I made a crazy discovery...Amber had yet to see an episode of Jersey Shore. We immediately started watching it (I miraculously hadn't erased it from the dvr), and she got to experience the awesome-ness for the first time. I think she loved it!

So overall it was a really fun night! Tomorrow is a busy day- I am going to my mother-in-law's for baking in the morning, and then Hank and I are celebrating our Christmas early. We have three to celebrate, so we usually do ours a day or two in advance, and I definitely can't complain! I am SO excited. And as for now, I'm going to bed with a smile on my face for sure.

weird, silly us


  1. Early Christmas sounds like so much fun! And a great way to celebrate, just the two of you!

    You have definitely inspired me to get into a baking mood! I have to make a dessert for our family's get together (of 20) that isn't cookies (since that's my dad's expertise)--do you have any tasty suggestions/recipes?!

  2. just checking in to say happy holidays my lovely. enjoy the season with those you love. it sounds like you already are. big big hugs.

  3. you are adorable,
    enjoy your christmas together love!
    can't wait to see some photo's!

  4. haha those pics are so cute!! I still have yet to see Jersey Shore. Hope you have an awesome Christmas :D

  5. ha, i love that second picture of you.
    you're like, "what the?" :)

    early christmas sounds so fun!
    baking does, too.
    i'll be baking on christmas eve for my boyfriend's parents.
    i hope you have the merriest christmas!

  6. looks like you had fun! really cute pictures.

  7. These pictures are so awesome. I wish you would post more goofy ones like the top too.