Thursday, December 31, 2009


Our house is full of sleeping friends, so this will be very short and sweet. I'm excited to make a super big, proper update tomorrow night, full of words and photos and flipcam videos and 2010 goals and answers to questions and so much more! Tonight was a perfect evening full of fun and silliness, and laughing until my cheeks hurt. I'd love to say more, but I need to get some sleep so I can get to the gym tomorrow morning before brunch!

Goodnight friends!


  1. sounds like you had such a fun night!

  2. Excited to see you tomorrow sissy!!! MLMLML

  3. That picture is too cute and I am too jealous! I used to have those nights. I miss them!

  4. yay for fun nights with girlfriends!

    good luck at the gym!

  5. Oh MAN! I didn't read the comments and I just went and introduced Lindsay to your blog and here she commented on your BLOG... I am a blogosphere NERD... ouch!

    I thought Lindsay and you should meet because she is interested in moving to Prescott so I just introduced her to you on her blog... I am a connector... xoxo

  6. Hello and Happy New Year to you!
    Just wanted to say that your blog is super cute and I think that you are a very entertaining writer. Thanks for sharing..
    I was unable to use the FormSpring so I figured I would post my question here.

    It's kind of a deep question to some, but one I feel is important and well, reality. Where do you think you will go after you pass away? Please, please don’t think of me as a gloomy downer, it’s just a question, and I believe that people shouldn’t always shy away from taking about it. Let’s face it, we all will be there someday.
    Take care!

  7. Cuuuute pic!!! Happy New Year, Danielle! Hope it's all you hope for and then some!

  8. Thanks everyone! Happy New Year to you too! <333