Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend in Review

I am officially on winter break! Well, I have been since last Friday but between the busy-ness of the weekend and making two rather large posts, I've had no time to do a proper weekend update. So here it is, on a Monday! This weekend was wonderful- it began around 11:30am Friday when I graded the last of my finals and sent my grades off to the registrar. I received some wonderful cards, letters, sweets, and gifts from my generous students and their families too, which made the end of the semester that much sweeter. I had a lot of things to do with my family so I headed down to Phoenix and spend a couple of days at my parents', preparing for the holidays. I got to eat my mom's delicious baking, spend time with my sister, and watch Christmas movies with my whole family. We also shopped 'til we dropped. Keep in mind this photo is just from 11am. Yikes!

Christmas shopping...keep in mind this was just at 11am. Yikes.

I love to shop, and I love finding perfect gift for people. And I did just that, and finished all of my holiday shopping. What a relief. Now I can relax for the next few days and really enjoy this beautiful town in all of it's holiday glory!

Now that I am home and back to "normal," I'll be posting more this week. Stay tuned for another cookie recipe, the second installment of "2009 in photos," part two of my answers to your questions, and lots of silliness once one of my besties, Amber Joy, gets into town. Fun!

I also wanted to add that I received another darling, darling, darrrrrling award! This one is from Jen, and it totally made my day (thanks Jen!). She's the sweetest and I so appreciate people thinking my blog is fun to read- it's incredibly flattering and it warms my heart so much. So thank you.



  1. sounds like you had fun!
    i see from your picture you went to Lush.... i love that place :) except they don't have one by me... i'm jealous!!

  2. dang girl! you know how to shop. i'm impressed. i'm sure you picked out the loveliest things for your loved ones. hope you enjoy a relaxing break!

  3. oh my goodness madeline! the poor puppy! loved the photos! glad she made a full recovery!

  4. Yay! Super happy it but a smile on your face!! :-)