Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

One of the main reasons I love Wednesday is because every week we have a half day! What's not to love about that? So today was a great, short work day. Hank leaves for a super small tour (I don't know if I'd even consider it a tour) tomorrow morning, and here's their schedule...

Dec. 3rd in Fullerton, CA
Dec. 4th in San Francisco, CA
Dec. 5th in Escondido, CA
Dec. 6th in Murrietta, CA

Let me know if any of you would like to go to any of the shows! Like I mentioned before, I was thinking of going with them, but couldn't take off three days so close to the end of the semester to accommodate that schedule. It should be a really fun time! Oh, and if you are a new reader, one of the bands my husband Hank is in is called Hour of the Wolf- he plays guitar.

Here are some random photos from today! :)

If you remember my most recent nail polish post about a week or two ago, here's a photo of Essie's "Mint Candy Apple" in action! I love this color so much.

Essie's "Candy Apple Mint"

And...a few days back I posted about this bag. Although Hank and I aren't currently expecting a little one, I have been wanting this bag forever, and years ago I even wanted to buy it and put it aside. Now that we are much closer to actually needing a diaper bag (not quite yet, but close), it was a totally justifiable purchase in my mind. Haha. Thankfully Hank agreed! So here it is, and away into our closet it goes until we eventually need it. Some may think that is silly, but I know that whenever that time comes, if this bag wasn't available I would be really sad!

super cute.

Here's a photo that also includes the vinyl changing pad- the inside is vinyl as well.

I couldn't resist!

Annd, the best photo of all- today I held a baby rat! I am usually scared of all rodent creatures but this one was very tiny and very sweet. It belonged to one of my students.

baby rat!

The rest of my night is going to be spent proofreading a bunch of Hank's papers for his final exams, babysitting for a friend, getting some new things put away in my closet, going to the gym, and packing for my mini trip this weekend! Since I'm going to be having a bit of a quiet night tonight, I thought I would make a small playlist of good "quiet winter evening" songs! Some aren't as quiet as others, but they still put me in the same kind of mood. Enjoy!


  1. that baby bag is WONDERFUL!

    where are they playing in SF?!! maybe I can swing by. :)

  2. I love that nail polish color! So pretty :)

    Aww, I'm glad you liked that little baby rat! I love animals so much, I couldn't imagine being afraid of mice hehe. I know a lot of girls who are afraid of them, though! What is it about them that scares people?

  3. love the nail polish, and i adore that bag!

    p.s. dani and i might go to the show tomorrow..fullerton is only 20 minutes away. wish you were going too!!

  4. p.p.s. i totally forgot about gregory and the hawk! thanks for the reminder of this pretty band <3

  5. i can't remember how i stumbled across your blog... but how weird/funny, i was planning on trying to go to the san francisco show. i saw hour of the wolf at klaf a few months ago and really liked them. very cool. also you seem to be as obsessed with nail polish as i am. it has become my newest addiction.

  6. ahh! i love mint candy apple. i need some of that, now. it's lovely.

    i completely agree with your purchase.
    and i'd definitely do the exact same thing.
    cutest bag there ever was.

  7. I love the new layout! And I'm excited that there's a playlist for me to listen to tomorrow. :) I quite enjoyed your "Happy Saturday" mix!

  8. @Mari- they are playing at the Balazo/Submission Gallery, whatever that means! I so wish I was going with them now!

  9. ooh, i love the nail polish! and the baby bag--i call that smart planning (and it's so gorgeous, how could you not buy it?!).

    the picture of you holding the baby rat is the best. you are a braver soul than i. it's nothing about them that scares me--just that they might bite and i'll get the plague or something!

  10. ooohh! i love that bag! and the polish! SUPER cute!

  11. isis? nice! love the whole playlist actually. and the nail polish!

  12. that bag RIPS!!!! it looks like a limited edition he made that I got like 3 or 4 years ago, the hardware on it is not like his regular hardware, it looks like a giant sophia bag but with different straps.

    Let me tell you what though, I don't use that bag that often because its soooo heavy. My favorite fancy bag I have is my LV speedy damier 25...its small, super light, and I can fit my whole house in it! LV made it Specialy for Audry Hepburn <3!!!

  13. that nail polish is gorgeous! i've seen your husbands band before! a year ago they played a show with ceremony & life long tragedy at the modified in down town phoenix. craziness!

  14. love your blog, danielle! you're so inspiring!!!
    the bag is great, and how exciting to know you're so close and getting prepared with the little things i'm sure makes the coming up excitement all the more fun!

    you're darling!

  15. Oh, I'm so happy for you! You are going to love toting around all the baby hoopla in that amazing bag!
    Love the polish...FYI!

  16. Love love love the nail polish and bag.

  17. Aww I'm going to be near Escondido this weekend, but on the 5th I am already going to Balboa Park's December Nights. :( Would've been fun to go. Oh well.

  18. great playlist, played it at work and was very relaxed...

    also, waaay to product place lol. i totally hit ebay and bought that nail polish...hope you are getting a portion of the sales!

  19. I absolutely love Essie's "Mint Candy Apple" too! Definitely getting another bottle to keep just in case they discontinue it. :)

    I love your blog.