Saturday, December 26, 2009

Year in Review- Part Three (VERY image heavy!)

July 2009

I started the month with two of my dearest, bestest girls visiting, and we had a great time!
at esoji

banger sisters

We went to a rodeo dance to celebrate 4th of July weekend!
so many cowboy hats

paco and me

kris looking good

We ate at Hugo's a million times! (mid-bite! haha)
looking good, me

sarah's bowl 'o goodness

We watched the 4th of July Parade from Hank's Dad's place! They always invite the "old folks" to come from the senior center for these choice seats. It is soo adorable to see them all waving flags and cheering, right in the middle of the action!
cute old people

"i love america, i guess"

beautiful sky

i always feel sad for the horses


Suki and me hoola-hooping!

my world!

Hank and his Dad!
i love this photo

the whole family

love her

my hubby

all of us

amazing sky

That night Sarah, Hank and I watched the fireworks- it was such a fun time!
off to get frozen yogurt with hank and sarah

sarah and me, downtown

It was a summer of Amber Joy! She was home all summer and I loved every last bit of it. This picture makes me laugh everytime- it was such a funny moment.
this picture makes me laugh, this moment was too funny

amber and me

We took the new houseboat out for a week, and it was a lot of fun! We go to Lake Powell often, and always have the best time. Hank and I both love the water, and the houseboat literally feels like we're on a house! Hank's mom and step-dad always fly their plane there, but we elected to drive a car so we left a day later and met them.

top level- relaxing on morning one!

good moooorning! :)
1st morning!

so many float toys, YES!
upstairs, soo many float toys! haha

Hank jumping off the top level
stoked Hank

I haaate this part- the machine that puts the waverunners into the water is so scary to me.

happy Hamptons

great spot on the beach

speedboat being towed by the houseboat, being followed by the waverunners! What a parade!
on the waverunners following the speedboat, following the houseboat


Hank and me :)

beautiful Navajo Point

boat breakfast! Always cereal for us!
breakfast time

moon over Lake Powell

In July I had a lot of fun nights out with my girlfriends in Phoenix!
sisters <3

Kelli in 3D!


my sister and I got more work done on our sister tattoos!
Teacup tattoo- session two freshly done, one session to go!

Tea for two, tea for two!

cute cute cute

friends since 1994!

two of the most important ladies in my life!

the girls

and of course in Prescott too!


our "tourist" pics at 2am


my love

We spend so much time outside in our beautiful town!
hanging out downtown with the puppies

even our puppies are best friends

Sarah and Andy in Prescott <3

Mid-July I took another trip to NYC to spend time with Emily!

Here I am, fresh off the plane!
first photo, upon my arrival!

outside the speakeasy we had a great time in!
first night...arrived late and so tired!

Oy Vey!

We ate the best food (here is the macro platter at Souen)
delicious lunch at Souen

before heading out to Westchester

Grand Central

love this

shoes on the street


view from our lounging spot

IMG_6481 edit

leaving the park

Babycakes cupcakes! Stoked!

of course, who knows

heading out for the night

my heart!

Emily's happy :)

at The Levee


Salsa and me, I love her so much!


sunnning...with SPF 60!

girls girls girls

heading downtown

oh hey Jesse

pretty girl

trying to get a photo of the vicious Salsa! ;)


red velvet from Magnolia Bakery...SO good.
red velvet from Magnolia

beautiful day

what a night!

When I got home from NYC, Hank and I left for San Diego for Comic Con! We go every year. Hank is a serious Japanese vinyl toy collector. It's always fun to see friends and hang out!

On the road-
hitting the road for San Diego

view from our beautiful room
view from our wonderful hotel

comfiest bed ever



SDCC Preview Night '09

Alex and Hank

weird smile

Alex interviewing Hank

Patrick and Hank, Hank is soo happy about this photo


After the convention we came back home to Prescott, so I could start getting ready to start work back up in about 2 weeks.
I look creepy but look at HER!

manicure Wednesday

manicure Wednesday for both of us!

Amber and me

Hour of the Wolf

we always take these silly bathroom photos

Docs and mousies

the same picture again...

ain't she cute

manicures! yeah!

August 2009

Friday night

Amber, walking downtown Saturday night

I started getting my classroom ready-
first day back in my classroom...5 days to get it re-ready for the kids' arrival!

our wedding was featured in magazines!
our feature in this month's Arizona Wedding magazine

Friday night bow

in my classroom on a Sunday!

awesome vintage "Read" posters!

I went back to work! :)
2nd day of school :)

I got stoked on Hank getting back from tour!

I went to the movies,
waiting for Julie and Julia to start

We had more girls' nights in Phoenix!
sisters 1

Apples to Apples!



Erin and Laur

love these girls so much!

Day 8

my night, Sunday edition

Day 10

Addy and Hank

James and Addison



annnd for some reason I ate a LOT of tabouli in August, haha!
making homemade tabouli

Happy Friday!

Thanks for sharing part of my 2009 with me! I will be back with the final installment next week! xoxo


  1. Loving these blogs! Must be great for you as well to look back at an amazing year!

  2. I love these photo posts, I can't wait to see the 3rd one. Makes me excited for 2010 and the adventures I will get into! :)

  3. the photo of you at the train station is breathtaking! i want to see your closet full of girly strapless dresses, i bet you have every color imaginable!! so cute!

  4. I am soo with Violet Bella on this one! that was my favorite picture!!!

  5. Always fun to reflect. My sister got me that same Japan poster you have in my class room! I love the colors in it.

  6. wow chica! you werent kidding when you said there was a lot of pics! They are all beautiful! Glad you had a great year :) and glad we are blogger buddies!

  7. Thank you all for the sweet comments :). Made my night!

  8. god, i loved every single dress you wore in this post! it looks like you had a lot of fun! being a teacher is amazing I bet.

    love the tattoo's.