Friday, January 1, 2010

Finishing up the question and answer game!

for the "Question Game" on my blog

I wanted to finish up answering the questions from this post, and then I have a million formspring questions to answer in the next few posts! As always, you can ask or tell me anything you'd like over there to the left. It's anonymous, and the comments/questions go straight to my email!

I'm going to try and keep my answers short and sweet because I still have a long way to go! :)

I have a question! I am on the English lit track as well in college and was going to do the library science route for my Master's but have gone ahead and decided to do teaching. Did you double major in secondary education? I'm thinking about doing that, that way I can teach while I work on getting my Master's. Do you have any advice on that? Also, is the English GRE super scary? (Silly question, I know, but the reading list terrifies me!) Thank you!

My BA was in English Literature, then I went back to grad school and got my Master's in Education, specializing in Secondary English Education. This accelerated program also had a certification emphasis, so by the time I was done with my degree I was also a certified teacher! So basically I graduated with my BA, decided to go to grad school, did that for a year and a half, student taught for a semester, graduated in May at the end of that semester with my M.Ed. and teaching cert, and then starting teaching the following fall. Fortunately I didn't have to take the GRE to get into grad school, so I don't have advice on that! Good luck! :)

Hi Danielle! I also wanted to ask you where you shop but that has been taken a few times haha! Good thing I have another! I know you wrote that the administration at your school doesn't mind your tattoos, but I was wondering if you had trouble getting a job at first because of them?

I student taught at the school I ended up working for, and I would never show my tattoos during that time because I wanted a job there. So in actuality, having tattoos had nothing to do with getting or not getting my job. Now that I'm hired, I've learned that is doesn't matter if I show them because we don't have a rule against it, but I'd rather just not rock the boat! I occasionally show my leg, or top of my chest piece, or arm, but it's nothing major!

Question time:
what are your thoughts about god?
how do you post images to your blog so well? (i'm having issues. :)

God- I am not a religious person whatsoever. Church and organized religion is not for me in any way. With that said though, I support everyone's right to practice whatever religion you want, I just don't get it and I have no interest in getting it, ever. I don't believe in "god," although I am open to there being a god, but also open to there being nothing. My husband is an atheist, but I don't subscribe to that idea because I think saying that there is nothing is the same as saying there is something. So I am just unsure. If I believe in anything, I believe in science.

Images- I use flickr! I simply upload, then go to "all sizes" and add the html for the medium size. You also have the option of creating a blog with a photo via their blog template option. Very cool. I love flickr.

What are your favorite 5 shops in Prescott??
OH, and whats the auto place you take your car... mom and pop shops are my cup of tea...

I actually don't ever go shopping Prescott. There's just nothing that really interests me! Sounds weird, but most of the shops are touristy, or don't cater to my interests. As for as the car shop, I go to Prescott Import Car- I love them! :)

What is the hardest thing about being a teacher? Do you ever wish you were something else instead?

I thought about this for awhile before I started typing, and my answer might not be the expected answer, but the hardest thing about teaching isn't the kids, or the parents, or the actual's everything else. The paperwork, the meetings, the accreditations. It's all "extra" stuff and really separate from everything I do. I adore teaching; I find it extremely rewarding and I love the age I teach. It's just all the extras I don't like! As far as anything else, the only other thing I'm interested in being is a mom, and that's my next career move! ;) I could see myself as other things- a librarian, a bookstore owner...but none of those are better than a mother, and fortunately I will be able to make that a full-time job.

Just wondering if you have any style icons or celeb girl crushes!

hmmm...well I will be really typical here and say how much I love Zooey Deschanel's wardrobe. I also adore Jenny Lewis. But other than those wonderful ladies I can't really think of anyone else at this moment.

for a question: did you find that starting to work out helped our your depression? is that what you best recommend for combating it?

I've worked out my entire life and then more seriously when I was "legally" able to go to the gym at my parents' country club when I was 13. Because I've always worked out, I don't know if it directly affected my depression in terms of starting to work out, but I do know that if I don't work out for more than two days in a row I'll get in a funk. I try to do something majorly active everyday. Any depression I've had is pretty hormonal, and I've also related it to alcohol use. A few months ago I stopped drinking completely and I haven't had a depressed day in months which I am really happy about. I never drank a lot at all, but even once a month out with friends would leave depression in its aftermath.

umm question is: How was it living in Flagstaff? Good stuff and bad stuff...
We love it there and visit often but never for more then a few days. We've considered moving there a couple times but can't decide.

I loved living in Flagstaff! You have to keep in mind though that I was in college during these four years so it was a typical college experience. I lived in the freshman dorms the first year, the sorority house the second year, and in a huge house with my girlfriends the last two. One of the reasons I love Prescott so much is because it reminds me of all the great things I loved about Flag, but better! Small town vibe, great mom and pop places, all four seasons, fun community events, etc...but no college vibe and all that stuff I'm not into at this point in my life!

background: I have been in a wonderful relationship for 3 years and have been thinking this is it for a while now but I always get those "i don't know anymore" moments.

question: did you go through that with hank? and if so, what was the best way you would/handled it? I know I am not alone in this but sometimes I just don't get how some people are so sure.

I wish I could help you on this one, but I can't! Seriously since the moment I met Hank I knew I wanted to marry him, and I never had any reservations about it. I'm sure our situation is uncommon though. I know a couple of my friends went through what you are going through so perhaps I should do an interview post and they can share their experiences!

Your answers post inspired me to ask: do you plan on getting any more degrees eventually? A PhD maybe? :)

I actually started down the PhD road after getting my Masters, but decided against it. At this point in my life I can confidently say no, because I have no desire, but I guess you never know where life can take you in terms of desire and interest! I'm definitely not ruling it out, but I'd rather not work my butt off in school (again). Yuck.

YAY! I'm done. haha! That was a lot of questions. I actually left a few of them off this last round because I'm planning on making large posts about those topics. So if I skipped your question, I will get to it eventually.



  1. have you ever seen the show "the universe"...? i love it! it gets me excited about looking at things from the perspective of that science.

    love your next career move (being a mom).


  2. I feel like you just explained my exact feelings on "God." Lovely!

  3. the questions were amazingly answered, and I love your tattoo's!

    you are too cute!