Sunday, January 17, 2010

Formspring Sunday V.3

Time for my weekly Formspring questions and answers, volume three! If you'd like to read the other posts you can do so here and here. And as always, feel free to ask or tell me anything in that little box up there to the left.

I also wanted to add that I skipped about 10 of the questions that I've already answered, so be sure to check the above links or my search feature up there on the right if you don't see you question!

Also- I wish there was a way to make a sort of livejournal cut type of thing so this didn't take up so much space. Does anyone know how to do anything like that?

Formspring V.3

I read in your blog that you use dry shampoo and I LOVED the idea that I wouldn't have to wash my hair everyday! I was wondering what kind of dry shampoo do you use and where do you buy it? Thanks so much! I really love reading your blog!

I wrote a post about my favorite dry shampoo here, and it still is my favorite brand! Some people complain that the product amount isn't worth the price, but I actually have found it to last quite awhile because I only use it in my bangs.

What is your routine at the gym? I am trying to get back into it and need some inspiration. Thanks :-)

I try to workout about 6 days a week. I typically will do 45-60 minutes of cardio (mix up the machines or run outside) and then lift alternating body parts. For instance tonight is legs, tomorrow is back and chest, and Sunday is bi/tri and shoulders. I also alternate abs every few days. I get bored of the gym though, so I like to use classes and videos to mix it up. I love spin class, and some of my favorite videos are Jillian Michaels' 30-day Shred and P90X videos. I also enjoy both running and "speed-walking" outdoors. When it gets nicer out, I absolutely love riding my bike (a beach cruiser) A LOT too!

Who made your blog layout? It's super cute!

I made the original header and the lovely Lindsay at Her Sunday Dress added to it, and also did the cute overall layout. She's a talented lady and if you're in the mood for a new look, don't hesitate to contact her- she's the sweetest!

What are your religious beliefs?

I don't have any! I don't follow any religion, I don't believe in god. I believe in love, and I believe in being a good person and doing the right thing, and these things have brought me all the happiness in the world. Although I feel strongly that religion is absolutely not for me or my family, I am open to anything, so if someday I had an experience where I said, "yes, yes there is a god," then I would believe in god. I also don't feel that there is just nothing- I do think there is some sort of energy in this world, turning the universe. There are too many amazing coincidences and miracles to just say there is absolutely nothing.

Do you think you'll ever go back to working once you've had kids?

I don't think I'd ever go back to a job outside of the home, but I would definitely love to write children's book and possibly novels. At the same time though, I never like to say I guess I should say that I am unsure at this point. :)

What time do you go to bed? You always seem so energetic and seem to get so much done in your days? How do you accomplish it all in a day? Do you require a certain amount of sleep? Also, you mentioned your skin you always recommend a moisturizer even if somebody has horrible skin (like me)? I'm always afraid that the moisturizer will make me break out more. But then my face seems dry in areas too. (that may be an odd question, lol)

I go to bed anywhere between 10pm and midnight and wake up between 6am and 7am, depending on if I have to shower. If I workout in the morning I get up at 4:45am and go to bed around 9:30am. I am typically very energetic, where I get a lot of sleep or a little bit of sleep. I function best on 8 hours of sleep- my skin looks its best and I feel really happy and healthy. Normally I do get 8 hours, but sometimes 7. Last school year I got into a bad habit of getting just 4-5 hours of sleep and I hated it. The question of "how do I get so much accomplished" comes up a lot, and honestly I don't feel like I do that much but thinking about it, I guess I really do. You have to think about the fact that my work day is over at 3pm. I have the entire evening to do as I please, with my only responsibilities being to hang out with my husband and pup, workout, cook dinner, and I also love to fit in blogging. I still manage to have enough time to be lazy for awhile too. I think its my great teacher schedule! :)

As far as skin...moisturizer is KEY! If you don't moisturize, your skin will get dry, causing it to produce more oil, which in turn clogs your pores and will make you break out! I recommend any lotion that is oil-free and won't clog your pores! I love Purpose's face lotion with SPF 15.

What are your top 5 favorite songs right now?

Songs are hard for me but here are my most favorite songs that have been on repeat a lot this week!

Frank Turner, To Take You Home
Jay-Z, Young Forever
Stay Gold, TGIF
Count Me Out, My Regret
Dolly Parton, 9 to 5

I listen to a really strange mix of music, I know. My tastes are allll over the place.

Is Hank a romantic guy? Like does he bring home flowers and gifts just because?

He is super romantic in our own little way. Here's a little example-


Last time he was on tour, he hid little notes saying "I love you" and other cute stuff all over the place. Even under the last slice of bread I often eat for breakfast! Silly and so adorable. He finds really sweet ways to always let me know he's thinking of me and I love that about him.

where did you go to high school? do you think hank and you would have dated in high school?

I went to high school at Red Mountain High in Mesa, AZ. I definitely think we would have dated. Most of the guys I hung out with and dated were skateboarders and into music, and he was into the same stuff. I should get a photo of him from high school and post it. SO CUTE.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use two different little digitals for quick things- a Nikon and a Canon. But for most of my photos I'll use our D-SLR- Nikon D60. :)

Was Hank the first person you fell in love with?

Before Hank, I thought I was in love twice. But after meeting Hank, those relationships couldn't hold a candle even to the first week of Hank and me. Nothing compares, and I don't consider anything before Hank "love."

What attire do you normally wear to the gym? I want to start going but I feel so self conscious in that gym wear!

I wear the same thing all the time: black yoga capri pants (click here for my favorite one from Victoria's Secret- I have a million pairs of the black on black) and a hoodie with a tee shirt under it or just a long sleeved tee. I usually like to sweat a lot when I go so I prefer to wear the sweatshirt the entire time, but I have the tee on in case I get hot, or if I need to remove it when I left. If I wasn't tattooed I would probably wear little tank tops rather than tees but it's the most annoying thing in the world to go to one of the only gyms in town as a high school teacher. I probably see 20 students there every time I go, and it's just easier not to be "out and proud." haha. I'm looking forward to when I don't have to deal with that anymore. But as far as being self-conscious, don't be! Everyone is there for the same reason you are. Wear what is comfortable, and anyone who tries to make you feel any less than comfortable is just ridiculous!

to teach English,did you have to major in Education and English or just English?Thanks for your time!!!

My BA was in English Literature, and my M.Ed. was in Secondary English Education. You'd have to check with your state for the standard, but these days you have to be "highly qualified" in your area to teach it, so getting a major in English and in Education would be the best route.

Do you find that since you have been a teacher (especially for English!) that you read less for your own pleasure? When you do find time to do so, do you have any go to authors or books?

I actually read a lot more! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday my students and I read for ten minutes at the start of class. They can choose to read whatever they'd like. So for me, that adds up to about an hour a day! Plus, I make time to read for about an hour every night. Besides working out, reading is my number one hobby so I don't think I will ever read less if I can help it. As far as go to authors, I have the widest ranges of reading interests. Stay tuned for a book recommendation post soon! :)

Hey there, Danielle. I have been following your blog for a while and I love how positive and optimistic you are; it's an admirable quality that I'm sure inspires many people to follow suite. What people, or things, inspire you the most?

I am inspired by so much. Number one would be my little town. It's hard to describe but living here makes me want to just stay inside and bake and cook and keep our cute little house in perfect domestic bliss. I know that sounds weird but I feel like Prescott is a dream place for me- it's the kind of town I would imagine when I was younger, and I now I live here. I love walking around downtown and spending time on the square, it makes me so happy. I am also constantly inspired by blogs. I could spend hours on the computer just browsing all of the amazing images that exist. I recently was asked by my friend Tyler to name 10 specific things that inspire me for an issue of his zine, and here is my list- (you can click here to see this list with photos too!)

1) my husband Hank - his love and all around amazing-ness inspires me everyday.
2) books. And I mean books in general. The way they look, smell, everything. I like to always be surrounded by them.
3) Sylvia Plath. She is my all-time favorite writer- I can literally get lost for hours in her poetry. I also love her unabridged journals. Check 'em out.
4) tattooed ladies of the early 1900s. We have a wall in our home dedicated to photos of them.
5) Angelique Houtkamp, artist/tattooer. I love everything she creates.
6) the television show "My So-Called Life," circa 1994/95. Angela Chase is one of the coolest ladies to ever grace my television screen.
7) style blogs and style sites (like, facehunter, etc)
8) our pup Madeline...she's so cute you can't help but be inspired by her.
9) old children's books from the 1930s and 40s, like "Caps for Sale" and "The Little House."
10) the adorable French film, "Amelie."

I know that Hank is tattooed but did his parents ever give you a hard time because you are tattooed?

Not at all, which is awesome. His parents probably give him and his sister a harder time than me. ;)

Can you post some pictures and a little tutorial of how you do your manicure? I love doing mine on a Sunday, but not always does my nailpolishcome out the best. Yours however, ALWAYS looks fab!

I got 4 or 5 of these comments about my nails so I will definitely post something when I repaint them! And thank you for the compliment, I definitely don't think I do anything special but I'll post a video anyway!

Sorry if you've gotten this question already, when did you get your first visible tattoo? Had you already decided you wanted to be a teacher? I am an aspiring high school History teacher and I already have a tattoo on my wrist. I had not decided that was what I wanted to do until after my tattoo. I'm hoping it won't be a problem! Thanks :]

It's totally okay! :) I posted this question because I got quite a few tattoo questions this time around. You can always check out this post here! I think I am going to make a little box for my sidebar that includes some of these frequently requested posts.

Hi Danielle! I never knew you had a VW. What kind was it? The bug? Do you have any pictures of it? It is my favourite car in the world actually!

Before this past year, I was always a VW girl! I miss them a lot actually. My very first car was a 1998 VW Passat, it was Sky Blue. I got it when I was 16 (in 1998) and I loved it so, so much. It was the perfect high school girly car- cutest color, sunroof, etc. I thought I was so cool ;). Next, I drove a 2000 VW Jetta (turbo and red, soo cute and fast) for a couple of years until I fell in love with the 2002 VW Beetle when I was a sophomore in college and bought that. It was blue and so adorable. Then when I graduated in 2004 I bought yet another new VW Jetta in slate gray (2005 model). Sigh. Now I miss those cute cars. I also sound like a crazy person who goes through too many cars but I always liked having new ones. :)

how long did it take you to grow your hair? do you have thick hair?

My hair has been growing for awhile, and I'm even really sure when I decided to grow it long. I don't have thick hair, but I have a lot of fine hair! I have the most amazing hair stylist and friend Rhonda who is also a "big sister" to me and has been in my life and doing my hair since I was 13! She works wonders. If you live in Phoenix and want a new hair stylist, definitely let me know and I can point you in the right direction!

Did you ever feel ostracized within your sorority for the "alternative" music you listen to or for your tattoos? I know you've written positive things about the sorority experience, but it seems like you had the sort of superficial differences from them that can damage relationships when everyone is still young and silly, especially because sororities are so image conscious.

Great question! And absolutely and definitely not! Although I have to say that I didn't have tattoos when I was in college- I waited until I had graduated to get one. It's kind of odd to type this out, but outside of tattoos and some of the music I listen to, I am the silliest girly girl in the entire world, and very much a "sorority girl," all the good parts at least! ;) I also never would have joined an organization where I felt judged or made to feel bad about myself! Even now, five years later, I go back with my friends from time to time for reunions, initiations, Homecomings, etc, and I don't feel "ostracized" at all. But again, I think that if I was what people (sadly) stereotype to be a "tattooed person" to be like, it wouldn't have worked out. And I probably wouldn't have wanted to rush in the first place.

Hi Danielle! Superb blog you have here, it is FANTASTIC to see the way it is growing! Can you tell me where you got your shades from? It's the black one with the gold pieces at the sides. They are fab!

my love

Thank you so very much! :) I think you mean these ones! They are from Forever21, last summer.

what kind of hair dye do you use? how often to you go to the salon?

I don't know what kind of hair color it is. I go to the salon about every 5-6 weeks, but only trim my hair every other time.

What are your top 10 favorite blogs? Who do you admire and "look up" to?

It's so hard to just pick 10, but some of my favorite blogs are:


As far as "who I look up to," I look up to my parents the most out of anyone in the whole world.

I have super sensitive skin like you. What daily body lotion do you use/recommend?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cetaphil body cream. I constantly get comments on how soft my skin is, and I fully thank this lotion. I put it on immediately after I exit the shower and dry off with a towel, and it totally seals in moisture. As far as more natural stuff goes, I am a big fan of anything by Kiss My Face!

Hi Danielle. I just recently found your blog and am really enjoying it. It's hard to believe you had any body image issues, you are such a beautiful person. I know we all have our own little quirks about ourselves though. Anyway, I was just wondering where your archives link is? I don't see one on here.

I added one for you right over there! Thank you so much for the suggestion! xo

Just a random question, but what kind of laptop do you and Hank have? I'm curious as I imagine you'll be using your laptop a lot for blogging etc. Are you satisfied with them and if not, do you have any other models in mind for your next purchase?

We both have Macbooks and both LOVE them. We are an Apple family and will always have brand loyalty. :)

well you know how you have the huge sometimes sweet thing as like a header, well i'm new to the blog world, and i would like to know how to do that. i kinda made up a picture but it doesn't work.

Go see Lindsay at Her Sunday Dress, she can help you out!

Hey there Danielle! I realize the time has QUITE come, but do you have any "favorite names" that are potentials? Have a beautiful day!

Hank actually picked out our future daughter's name a long, long time ago and I swore I wouldn't tell the internet world until the day came. But you can know our first boys name, since he will be a IV. hah. Henry Hampton IV that is! ;)

Hi Danielle! As a very unhealthy vegan I'm always on the look out for healthy new meals. You mentioned recently you were making a macro platter for dinner - what do you put on it? Thankyou! Much love, Sam xxx

We always have steamed veggies, brown rice, tofu, and beans!

my favorite thing at pita jungle- the macro platter

Hey! I've been reading your post about feeling a bit ill (hope you feel 100% soon!) and I'm interested in hearing about what supplements etc you take daily, and if you can recommend anywhere to learn more about them. I'm interested in taking some but have no idea where to go for advice! Thanks xo

Hi! Okay remember to check with your health care provider too. I take a few things- Trader Joe's Once Daily Prenatal (I have taken this for over a year and love it, I think it's done wonders for my skin and hair), Fisol Fish Oil Capsules, and bee pollen. This particular brand of fish oil is awesome because it's a different kind of pill that only opens once its in your intestine, where it should disperse. Because of this, you don't get the fishy burps or after taste (which is SO GROSS). If you click on the name of the product up there you can learn about its benefits. The bee pollen is kind of an odd thing, but very neat. It's a super amazing supplement that has a lot of health benefits. It's toted as a "super food" because it has all of the complete nutrition you'd need for one day. It is a veritable alphabet of vitamins, tons of trace minerals, it's a natural appetite suppressant, it contains "more protein by weight than beef," and it smells and tastes yummy. It also is a great topper on your oatmeal in the morning or even dissolved in hot water if you're not wanting to eat.

I feel really lucky that my mom is such a natural health nut because she turns my sister and I on to a lot of really awesome, new things. I love it!

Do you know what you want your next tattoo(s) to be?

Yes, but I'm not telling! ;)

You like Mondays?! Admirable. I dread Mondays - which is probably my problem. Can you tell me how you ease into Monday? Do you have a Sunday afternoon/evening routine you like to follow?

Sundays are a really special day in my family, when we're at my parents' house. It's a tradition for all of us to get up, workout together, then go to breakfast and food shopping at Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and Whole Foods. We usually make a stop at all three because my Mom likes to get items from each store as funny as it sounds. Hank and I kind of do something similar and spend the day really enjoying ourselves. We usually workout, food shop, and lay low. Sunday evening I always paint my nails, make sure every nook and cranny in our house is perfectly clean, and plan meals and workouts for the week. This really helps me feel "set" for the upcoming week. There's been a few times we've been on vacation and I've missed being able to do this, and I always feel a bit out of sorts come Monday. I would say the main thing is to just organize, organize, organize! I am an organizational freak with my day planner attached to my hip so it's a necessity for me.

Do you like sushi?


What does your voice sound like? You should post more videos.

I do post videos from time to time, but I will try and post more! Here's a short little video I made for Hank will he was on tour. There's my voice! :)

quick question tho. you have said you only wash your hair every couple days right? how do you keep it so full? do you tie it up when you sleep? if so with what. id appreciate any advice you have to give. mine always comes out flat if i sleep with it down or gross and crinkled if i wear it up.

Yes, I only wash it every 2-3 days! I use dry shampoo just on my bangs, so the rest is just normal old dirty hair, haha. I sleep with it in a big, loose bun on top of my head, so I'm sure that helps with volume! I never have kinks in my hair because I tie it very loosely with itself- I don't use a rubber band or anything. If you don't have enough hair for that yet, I would advise using an old 1980s type scrunchie to avoid the kink. :)

How do you get such great self-portraits? Do you use a tripod or set your camera on something with a timer? Or does Hank take them?

Most of the self-portraits you see are just from my Macbook actually. I just set the computer on a flat surface and snap a picture! Any "regular" photos though, like the ones from today are all Hank. He likes taking my photo and I definitely oblige. We don't have a tripod so it's either photobooth or the hubby! And thank you for the compliment!

Can you post pictures of all the framed portraits/pictures on your wall? (Maybe not all of them, but your favorites?)

I will do that this week! Thanks for the question.

So I am getting married in October and I have a few personal questions to ask you about your wedding. It looks like it was absolutely beautiful. First, who designed your dress? Next, did you have a budget or did you anything go? Lastly, is there anything you wish you would or would not have done at your wedding? Thanks!

I actually have no idea who the designer of my dress was, isn't that weird? I suppose I should find out. I got it at a wedding shop in downtown Phoenix- my friend Shirley picked it out and it was the second dress I tried on. Once I put it on I didn't really ask any questions, I was in love! To answer your next question, we were fortunate enough to be able to pretty much have whatever type of wedding we wanted, and I am thankful for that. And in terms of changes, no, I wouldn't change a thing. If I think hard about it, maybe the only thing I would have done was to have it in the fall because I love that season so much, but our timing worked out really well with my teaching schedule.

What sort of children do you hope to raise?

Hank and I talk a lot about this. We hope to raise open-minded kids who never feel judged, and always feel like they can be themselves, whoever that may be. I hope they are loving, open, creative kids who really enjoy being kids! Other than that, we don't really have a game plan. My biggest thing is just making sure they know whoever they are is a-okay with us and that we will always love them unconditionally.

Hey! Someone rightly commented on your lovely posture and I wondered if you had any tips on how to get good posture - any exercises you think help etc?

Thank you! I really attribute it to years of dance and gymnastics! I also consciously tell myself to roll my shoulders back all of the time so now its just a normal thing for me to do! I would just say to consistently remind yourself to sit and stand up straight. Pretty soon it will become second nature.

How much of your body are you willing to cover with tat'?

Thanks! :) I would like to have a lot more actually, other arm, other side, both sides of neck, other thigh. Fun! ;)

I noticed on your twitter this week that you mentioned finishing up your family budget. Have any tips for making & maintaining a budget? What about tips from your own experiences, for couples about to combine their finances? Thanks!

I only recently started doing this, so I don't have much advice, but once a couple months have passed I will make a post about this.

Has a student ever had a crush on you?

I don't know, nor do I want to know. :)

how do you know elsie?

I met Elsie through blogging! She's been a great source of inspiration for me, and I adore her.

hi there! I absolutely adore your blog! I am a quite heavily tattooed 21 year old girly and am consdering working towards a teaching credential. Now to my question! When people would ask you about what profession you were considering, did you ever get negative feed back for your tattoos from family/ friends etc? Because i seem to be be very discouraged when it comes to furthering my education goals towards teaching. Thanks so much!

People are always going to have something negative to say unfortunately. As far as your profession though, tattoos have nothing to do with it. You can cover with clothes and no one would ever know! Many people at work don't even know I have tattoos, and it's not an issue at all and has never been one. You'd also be surprised to know how many other teachers have tattoos under those professional clothes. Tell the naysayers that some ink in your skin has absolutely nothing to do with your profession- it's silly for them to even think that. And as time goes by and tattoos become even more mainstream, it will be even less of a potential issue.

After I read the story of how you and Hank met, I was just wondering, do you think if two people meet and they don't get the same feeling that you both had, then are they still meant to be together? Or do you think that all people who are meant to be together will get that feeling? I hope that's not too confusing :D

Absolutely not! I think our story is pretty uncommon. For instance, my sister and her fiance have known each other and been friends throughout junior high and high school. They didn't start dating until they were in college. It happens differently for everyone, and I think it happens in just the right way for each couple!

Buying organic, do you have to go grocery shopping a lot more often in order to have fresh food at home?

We go food shopping about 2x a week. We almost always go on Sundays, and usually I will go again on my own around Wednesday or Thursday for produce. I really enjoy grocery shopping so I don't mind going, and this way we never really waste food since we never buy more than a couple days worth of stuff.

What is your favorite meal to cook?

Lately I've been making this meal every week! I love it :).

Alright, so that's it for this week! Thanks for all the questions and so many AMAZING, thoughtful, sweet, encouraging comments over there. Continue to ask me/tell me whatever your heart desires. Until next Sunday...

Thanks guys!


  1. aw, thanks hun! But clearly, all the 'cute' lies within you. :)

    I love all these q&a posts btw... im super interested in trying it out, but I just dont have the time to make yet another virtual account to maintain. haha im thinking about just doing one via comments or something.

  2. Oh you definitely should! I feel like I have too much online stuff too, but formspring didn't add much, especially if you just answer once per week. I would love to read your answers. :) Annnd, we can share the cute.


  3. thank you so much for this it was so cute and full of good tidbits!

  4. Aw thanks so much for the plugs, lady! :)

    & writing novels while being a stay-at-home mom... my dream job! (plus screenplays too :)


  5. Thanks for your answer to my gym routine question. I think I will try doing the different weights each time.

  6. thankyou! that macro platter looks super yummy! :) x

  7. what meal have u been making recently? the last question of your formspring..

  8. It was so much fun reading all this about you. I adore your blog, it's so cute and I'm happy I found it!

  9. i can't believe how many questions you get every week! :) but i love to read your answers. i can also help with the "read more" thing. it just depends on whether you want it for every post or just this one (or the occasional one). but i'd be happy to help.

  10. First of all, thank you SO much for listing my blog in this. It's definitely one of the absolute best compliments I could have received <3 And you already know how much I absolutely adore yours! <33

    Also, dani and i are going to start taking vitamins daily, and i've always wondered about pre-natal since i've heard it does a lot for hair and nail growth. Can't wait to get those. Oh, and I also take flaxseed oil (which i heard was similar to fish oil).

    Lastly, I absolutely cannot wait to meet you! I'll write you later and ask how long you'll be in my area here in CA. Hopefully we can meet up besides the show (even for a little bit). I cannot wait!

    Hope your Sunday is perfect with your man :) Oh and i can't wait to hear how "the lovely bones" is!!

  11. hahaha I can't believe people ask you so many questions!!

  12. just found your blog, but wow, you're so fun to read! We have alot of little things in common!
    I'll be back!!

  13. ohh Frank Turner! I love that man :]
    Great taste in music.

  14. I love this part of your blog! Sylvia Plath is also my favorite author and I also adore My So Called Life, shame that it was canceled after one season. I wrote a paper on it in high school. Did you know that Spielberg was a fan and lobbied for it to be saved?

  15. I love these Q and A's so much! It's really neat that you inspire so many people in different facets of their lives. I heard that this new show they are debuting on MTV tonight, called "My Life as Liz" is supposed to be a modern take on My So Called Life, but moreso a comedy. I'm not sure if that's necessarily true, but I'm willing to give it a shot!

  16. i'm totally a VW girl too, although i never thought i would be. my first vehicle was my dad's jeep and i never thought i could like driving a car after that, but in '05 i got an '05 grey jetta and i'm in absolutely in love with it!!

  17. Thanks for answering the Sunday night question!! I'm the one who dreads Mondays. However, I am going to adopt your positive attitude AND be more organized on Sunday afternoon/evening to plan for the week.