Sunday, January 24, 2010

Formspring Sunday V.4

Hi again, here's my fourth edition of formspring questions and answers. You can view the earlier posts by clicking here, here, and here. If you don't see your question, I've probably already answered it, so visit those posts or utilize the search feature. I also wanted to mention that I got quite a few questions on our house and the tattoo on my arm, so I'll be making separate posts on those things in the near future. Check back in the next few weeks. :)

Here we go...

Formspring Sunday

What kind of day planner do you use? What kinds of things do you write in it?

I don't use anything fancy, just the type you can buy at Target. A lot of my friends use their blackberries or iphones to schedule things but I really need a tangible little book I can write in. I write everything in it- daily appointments, gym schedules (I plan my workouts before I do them), to-do lists, etc.

OMG i just found your blog through another one here in Australia. I am addicted!! i love your style and tattoos. But i digress...Im wondering how you stay motivated to eat the yummy foods you eat and do you ever eat not so healthy foods? ie Hot chips (fries) i think you call it. Ps, you have TOTALLY motivated me to want to eat nicer healthier foods. So thanks :D

YES! I totally indulge sometimes. But, I'm naturally not into fried foods or lots of sugar, so when I do indulge it's not really in horribly terrible food. I kind of eat whatever I want, I don't diet. But the reason this works for me is because I don't crave unhealthy foods. I stay motivated to eat this way because I think healthy food is yummier, more filling, and it makes me happy to treat my body with respect.

Hey There! I love your blog and noticed you mentioned you livejournaled for many years before you started this blog. Could you post a link to your LJ? I would love to see it!

Most of it is private, but one day if I make it public I will send a link.

Hey Danielle! I don't know if this is too personal of a question but I noticed you posted some photos that says "it's been 2 years now" and I believe it's your brother. I'm really sorry to hear that. I was just wondering if you would be willing to share what happened?

Kendall wasn't my blood brother, but a little brother to Hank and myself- one of our best friends and truly our family. It was horrible what happened, and without getting into detail, I will say that it was drug-related. The entire situation is still, to this day, very unclear and his mom believes their was foul play involved but no one will ever really know. I feel lucky that I got to spend time with him the day before it happened, give him a hug, and we got to say I love you to one another. I still get upset when I listen to his band, or see old photos of us, because I feel anger in regards to the situation and people who were involved. It's the worst feeling to just have such a big part of your life gone- especially when its someone who was truly the sunshine throughout so much of it.

Your blog is so inspirational to me. I can't wait to see what else you write everytime I read it! I'm getting married this year and am not religious either. I was wondering what way you went about getting married since you aren't religious? We were considering just having a justice of the peace outdoors. Thoughts or advice?

Even though we're not religious, I still wanted to do a traditional type of ceremony. We used an ordained minister that our venue recommended, and when we met with him we told him we wanted no mention of "god" or anything like that. We just wanted him to focus on the joining together or two people. There was one part that we included where he asked our guests to take a moment and send positive energies, prayers, whatever they wanted to us. I thought that was neat because it encompassed positive thinking and not just religion.

Do you keep a personal journal, or does your blog knd of take it's place?

I keep a personal, written journal that I write in a few times a week!

I noticed that you do your nails on Sundays. Do you find they chip mid week? Do you need to do touch ups throughout the week?

I usually repaint my nails on Wednesday or Thursday. I hate the look of any chips so by painting 2x a week I can avoid that.

Is it hard to find dresses/skirts that aren't too short for work? What are your rules for what is appropriate work wear?

It's not too hard because I'm pretty short. As far as rules for what is appropriate, I just go by the school dress code.

When will the next hour of the wolf show be in Prescott!?

I have no idea- Lance (the singer) is currently in Wyoming working. You can always stay up to date via their Myspace or Facebook page.

I'm so sorry if this is an odd question, but what sort of deodorant/antiperspirant do you use? I've recently decided to try to switch to an aluminum free type, but I'm not sure I enjoy the brands I've found so far.

I've gone back and forth with using natural deodorants/natural deodorant crystals and I have to be honest- I've NEVER found a good one. Working around people all day, gym visits...all of these make a good deodorant pretty necessary. I know that the aluminum isn't good for me, but for now, I use Secret. If you have any other suggestions let me know!

If you have a stomach ache at home and you man is there, what do you do so you can "go" to the bathroom without feeling embarrassed? I HATE it when this happens and we have a one bedroom apartment, so I'm sure you can hear everything.

Oh my. This is an invasive question, and I'm sure Amber will bbm me and say "um you get some weird questions" yet again. haha. But I'm happy to answer...why not?! I've come this far in being open. My husband and I are very open and very close BUT bathroom going-ons is one area that I don't care to share with him. I have some friends that actually have done the deed in front of their hubbies, while the hubs was shaving or whatever. EEK! More power to them, but that's not for me. I just close the door and don't really think that much about it, but if we have people over I would probably run the water or something. I don't really know if I'm answering your question but I just do what I have to do, I don't think too much about it.

Are you on good reads? If so, do you add people like me that you don't personally know?

I am not on good reads, but if I was I would add you. :)

Danielle, I was wondering when the next giveaway is, if there is one.

A few of my blog friends are having some right now, so probably once those are over and then I'll have one! I already have my little gift all ready to go, so stay tuned!

Just a quick question- where did you get those delightful black and white shoes from saturdays post? They're exactly the shoes I've been searching for since Autumn!
Love reading your blog, Aoife

I feel like tap dancing.

I got those shoes from Nordstrom- click here for the link!

Hi Danielle. You have no idea how much I adore your blog, but when I found out your favorite author/poet of all time was Sylvia Plath, I just had to know...why? I have loved her since I read Ariel in the seventh grade.

I love her for many, many reasons. When I first discovered her in junior high I would read her poetry every single night before I went to bed- I felt that she had such an insane way of describing the ordinary. I fell in love with her writing. Something about it just speaks to me, and I feel she was a true genius.

Hope you are enjoying the day off like I am! Reason number 89 why teaching is wonderful. :) Quick question- how did you make your blog button? to get another tattoo tomorrow, yeah!

I made my blog button by following a tutorial. I don't remember which one I used, but if you search via google you can find a million. Click here to visit one I just found.

Have you ever tried Hot Yoga? I just started doing it recently and fell in love with it. It seems like something you would enjoy!

YES! I love hot yoga, and yoga in general. I practice yoga about 2 times per week at home, but lately I've been thinking about joining our local yoga studio.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

I can't really think of one, which is strange. If I do, I will be sure to post it next time.

What are the top three things on your "bucket list"?

I don't keep a bucket list, but here are a few things I'd love to do before I die!

visit Egypt
African safari
visit Japan

What would you say is your best feature?

Hmmm...this is hard. I like my face in general (that sounds weird), would that be considered a feature? I get lots of compliments on my eyes, so I suppose I would say eyes if I had to narrow it down.

What is the most exciting place you have ever been and why?

I would say Moorea on our honeymoon. It's a small island next to Tahiti, all the way down in French Polynesia. It was an amazing experience. From our glass-bottom hut to jungle safari, to exotic fish and coral reefs, it was so exciting and a great time. One day soon I'll do a little post on it.


our "island" look ;)

When do you think you will be getting your next tattoo? Any ideas of what you want?

Pretty soon, and yes...but it's a secret until I get it. ;)

Hey there, Danielle. In previous posts you mentioned you did dance and gymnastics. What kind of dance did you do? Do you continue anything like that today?

I did all kinds of dance. I started with ballet with I was 3 (!!) and then got into tap, jazz, and hip hop as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance and I do so whenever I can! I don't take classes or anything like that, but I dance around my house everyday. My friend and I were considering taking an adult tap class, so maybe and hopefully that happens!

hello there:) i just wanted to know how u got your blog out there. im really interested in making one and wondered how you get people to go and read it. thanks cutie!

I didn't do anything actually, I just started writing and then people started reading! :)

I love your style, hair and makeup!! You are a big inspiration to me now... I have a question. Do you wear lipstick? If so, what is the brand and color please... What blush do you use now and foundation?

Thank you so very much! I'm not a big makeup person at all and I never wear lipstick. All I ever wear on my lips is Burt's Bees Pomegranate chapstick! As far as foundation, I wear Almay's Truly Lasting Color in "Buff," and my current blush is MAC's "Springsheen." I have considered wearing red lipstick, and next time I am in Phoenix I may stop by MAC and see if I want to delve into lipstick territory! If I find one I love, I'll be sure to post it. :)

I see you like alot of crafting blogs! Do you do any type of craft? :)

I really love to read blogs of crafty ladies but surprisingly I'm not into crafting myself. I scrapbook from time to time, and I have a sewing machine I've used sporadically but overall crafting doesn't really do it for me. I think when we buy a house I could see myself getting into re-upholstery and re-doing furniture though! You never know.

I love your tattoos!! One question. What font did you use for your wrist word tattoo? Thanks :)

It's not a font- my tattoo artist at the time just drew it up. Unfortunately he doesn't tattoo anymore, but when he did, script was one of his specialties.

Where do you get all your ideas for healthy meals, snacks, breakfast etc? Also, how to you know when to add seeds or wheat germ, pollen and many more? Do you search online, do you have any book references?

I get most of my ideas from my Mom, actually. She is an insanely healthy person and eater and always has been. She comes up with the neatest recipes of things she just throws together, and also has a lot of knowledge regarding supplements, vitamins, and natural remedies. I go home to visit a lot, and every Sunday it's tradition to go shopping together. We always stop at Sprouts and I always seem to come home with new ideas! As far as books, I would recommend the "The Eat Clean Diet," by Tosca Reno (click on title/authore to view it on for people looking to learn more about how I eat most of the time. It's not a "diet," but more of a lifestyle in terms of eating good for you whole foods and focusing on nutrition. That book will also give you a lot of info on healthy supplements and additions to food! Happy reading!

just curious, because i'm in the market for a new phone. i LOVE apple, and i've read that you and hank do as well... but you own a blackberry. do you prefer that, or would you want an iphone?

I really can't get behind touch screen phones- they totally annoy me! Plus, most of my bffs have blackberry messenger and I'd be so sad to lose that awesome mode of communication.

Would you ever consider posting a workout playlist? I'd be interested in what type of music keeps you motivated at the gym. Thanks!

Yes! I will do that this week. Thanks for the great idea. :)

this may be a bit personal but did you have to take out student loans for college? If so, did you go through your bank? Are you finding them hard to pay off?

I took out some student loans, and I also had grants. I went through the federal government by filling out a FAFSA, which I recommend. That's how I got many grants that helped me through school. I don't find them hard to pay off at all because my interest rate is really low and my monthly payments are low as well. Because I paid for my own undergrad and grad school, my starting amount to pay back was a lot but luckily the amount is steadily declining!

You've talked about your workout wear, but what about shoes? I've always heard that the shoes you wear when working out are important. What are your favorites?

I just wear New Balance running shoes, nothing special. NB and Sacouny are my favorite workout shoe brands.

Hi! your outfit from 1.16.10 is adorable! I really love the long sleeves and the shoes. Where did you get them? I love your style, you should let us know where you found them when you post pictures! :)


The dress is from Forever 21, and I posted about the shoes above. If you click on the photo you're interested in, I usually give details via Flickr. I will be sure to include them in the blog though from now on. Thanks! :)

Hi Danielle! I know you get a lot of questions/comments on your tattoos; they are beautiful pieces of art. Are you worried about what pregnancy might do to them? (Sorry, that's kind of a funny question.)

People ask me this all the time, and to be honest- no, I don't worry about it at all! :) I take good care of myself, and I know I will do my best to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. If any of them change, then so be it. It's my body, and as long as I am treating it right and working hard, I feel like it's important to accept it no matter what. Hank doesn't care of my rib panel gypsy lady suddenly looks weird- and he's the only person I care about impressing.

Did you and Hank get your "matching" tattoos at the same time?

I actually got my little one first, when we got engaged, as a surprise for him. His was a surprise for me on our wedding.

Hey there, Danielle! Let me just start off by saying how adorable you are, and how much I love your blog. You are so beautiful with how honest and open you are; you share every piece of your world with us. I know that you struggled with "body issues". Did you ever suffer from any depression or anything like that during that time?

Yes. Up until this past year I'd struggled with depression here and there. You can read more about that by clicking here. After you read it, let me know if you have any more questions. :)

You come off as such a strong, confident women. You are absolutely beautiful, but I know you sometimes have to deal with "being different". I live in Prescott also, and the older folk are fairly conservative. How do you stay so confident and true to yourself when you are surrounded by adversity;when you could be considered the "black sheep". (I apologize if that doesn't make sense; it's a little wordy.)

It's a pretty simple answer- I just don't care what those people think. I used to for sure, and I would feel weird when Hank and I would go out to, let's say dinner- I'd be wearing a strapless dress or something and I'd get so many dirty looks. As I've gotten older though, I feel BAD for those people. There's nothing I pity more than someone who feels they need to judge others and put others's a sad existence. I like being different and at this point in my life I just feel like our time on this earth is WAY too short to care what anyone thinks.

Do you and your husband share the same views about religion? Do you personally think it's important to hold the same beliefs regarding religion in a marriage?? (I ask because my boyfriend and I do not share the same religiousbeliefs and I often wonder if situations like that have worked out for others....) Thanks :)

We have similar views, but he is a total atheist- he really believes that there is nothing out there, and he feels very, very strongly about this. I, on the other hand, just don't know what's out there, so I choose not to label myself as anything. I can't speak for every marriage and how it would work to have two opposing viewpoints, but I know for me (and Hank) it wouldn't work because a) I would refuse to go to church and b), I would never make it a priority. Now, a LOT of my closest friends are religious and I respect that...but I still find organized religion to be really weird and not for me, ever. I can't even imagine being with someone who put those things as a priority since I definitely don't. But again, if you do, awesome! Go you. ;)

Hi Danielle, I just want you to know that your blog is absolutely great!! It seems you're such a sweet person !! As we can see, you love tattoos, but what about piercing ? Have you been pierced ?? Thx for the answer and sorry if my english is a bit "messy", I'm just a little frenchie girl ^^ Xoxo

I had piercings when I was younger- a couple nose piercings, lip, ears gauged to 00, belly button...but I took those all out when I was about 21 or 22 and I don't think I will ever have a piercing again- I'm just not into them. If anything, I may re-stretch my ears but I'm still unsure.

Have you and Hank ever been in a fight?

Of course! I can't imagine being in a relationship where you didn't argue and get upset. We definitely fight fair though, and work through issues we have really quickly. These days we don't really "fight" anymore, we more so just discuss. Back in the day though, I had quite a little temper on me. As I've gotten older I really don't get mad that often which is an improvement.

In the future, when you are pregnant with your first wee one, will you blog throughout the experience? I hope so! :)

YES! Absolutely.

I see you always eating "berries", i have heard & read they great anti-oxidants, have you noticed this ie. has your skin improved? I really admire your healthy eating habits...x

My skin is so sensitive that my food choices really do affect it. When I eat a lot of whole foods- berries included, my skin looks its best.

what kinds of things do you do for hank while he is on tour? how do you like to welcome him back home when he gets back?

We stay in really great touch via our blackberry messengers. He usually calls me every night if he can, but a lot of the time we have a time difference and it doesn't work out. He makes an effort to either leave me a voicemail or email for when I wake up, and constantly sends me postcards. When he's been out of the country though, all bets are off. I welcome him back by having the house perfectly clean and some fresh baked sweet treats in the dessert tray (he has a big sweet tooth!)

How many bands is your husband in?

He is in a few: he plays guitar in Hour of the Wolf, bass in a band called Hot Skin, and he also is working on his own stuff. It's kind of in the vein of ISIS. He also recently recorded some songs in CA with some dudes from other bands as a side project from their respective bands (As I Lay Dying, Casey Jones, HOTW).

Do you have any tips for meeting friends?

I've had the same friends forever, so I'm never really looking to make new ones when I'm out and about, although I welcome it if it happens. I would say though just to be yourself and be friendly! :)

Hello! I have a question...what do you dp to cheer yourself up if you're feeling down? Especially if you're alone - maybe Hank's on tour and no ones around - what little pick me ups do you have? I always like to paint my nails a "happy" color!

I have a bunch of things I like to do when I feel down! Number one- workout! It's my fool-proof happy plan. I also enjoy reading, watching a silly reality show on television, or doing something nice for someone else.

Do you accept blog friends via Facebook, or is it just for real friends? xxx

As long as you leave a note that you're a blog follower (in the request form), I have no problem adding blog friends! :)

I watched the video you made of friends driving and playing wii etc and was wondering what song is playing at the end of the video. I can't for the life of me remember what song that is!

12/30/09 from Danielle Hampton on Vimeo.

The song is called "Us" by Regina Spektor.

I love reading your blog. I think you're really inspirational and such a roll model. First, I was wondering how you keep such a positive attitude about things? My second question is sort of random but what are your favorite Target and Trader Joe's buys? I notice that you shop there pretty often.

I keep a positive attitude by telling myself to do so! It's really a choice, every single day. Seriously, try it! Wake up tomorrow and say "Go away negativity, you will have NO part in my day today!" If you keep forcing a PMA, it will eventually become a part of you. :)

I was just wondering, is the house you are currently in the one you are going to buy, or are you just renting and on the look-out for another?

Definitely not this place! Whenever that time comes we will shop around for our perfect place.

I absolutely adore your style. You always look so fresh and trendy. Do you always choose to wear skirts and dresses? Do you ever wear shorts and jeans?

I love love love dresses and have a pretty substantial collection, and I try to add to it whenever I can. I just think they look so cute and feminine. I'm not a jeans girls at all, and although I own a few pairs I avoid wearing them if possible. In the summer I do wear shorts sometimes, although I do feel that dresses are the most comfortable.

You seem like such a lady, and girly-girl. Do you like doing outdoorsy things like camping, hiking, etc.? Or more for the mall? Where are you favorite places to hang out?

I am NOT outdoorsy at all. I enjoy spending time outside, but just at places like parks, the beach, on long walks, etc. I don't enjoy camping at all. I don't "hang out" anywhere besides my or my parents'/sisters'/close friends' houses really. I do love going to the movie though if you consider that a hangout!

You have such beautiful skin! Do you ever have breakouts, or did you when you were younger?

I still do have occasional breakouts! I did when I was younger- typical teenage stuff. Now my skin is pretty much clear but on occasion I will get a blemish...which is so very annoying! Oh, and thank you for the compliment. :)

Hi Danielle! I've noticed that you always are dressed so nicely with a dress and makeup on! How do you do this on weekends or days you don't have to leave the house? I admire you for that!

I usually always leave the house to either go to work or run an errand, so I always get dressed. I don't really wear that much makeup though, so it's not a big deal to throw some foundation and mascara on, but I usually try and make an effort when I go out. I'm not one to wear sweats in public, ever. At the most, I may run an errand after the gym but then it's usually just yoga pants which aren't horrible in my opinion. When it's going to be a home day, like today, I always wake up and brush my teeth, wash my face, and put on some minimal makeup. That way I feel my best, even if I'm just lounging around.

What is your daily make-up Routine?

VERY simple. Almay foundation and under eye concealer, MAC blush, mascara, and chapstick. Done in 10 min.

Hey there, Danielle. You are so adorable! These questions are kind of stupid (and immature) but what are some of your "favorites" (color, movie, book, food, etc.)? Haha, I just like to know the basics :)

Not stupid at all! :) My favorite colors are yellow, light gray, peach, and mint green. My fave movies are (this is just off the top of my head) Amelie, American History X, The Little Mermaid, Troop Beverly Hills, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Death Becomes Her, Goodfellas, The Last Unicorn, Little Monsters, You've Got Mail, A League of Their Own, The Shining, My Girl, The Wrestler...I could go on but I should probably stop! hah. My favorite book is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. And my favorite foods are: any kind of berry, brussel sprouts, sushi, and pie! :)

Danielle, you have such a beautiful smile! Did you ever have braces? And how do you keep your teeth so white?

Yes, I had braces for about two years in junior high. I've used all sorts of whitening treatments (it helps to have your best friend's hubby be a dentist!) but good old Crest White Strips are an easy way to do it. I have trays and in the past the Opalesence whitening system has been the best, but it's very pricey so if you don't have a dentist in the fam just stick to white strips!

What kind of mascara do you use? Your eyelashes always look perfect, never clumpy.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Covergirl's Lashblast.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would travel around the world with Hank! Literally the entire world.

You always look beautiful. What are some of your favorite brands you like to wear?

Aww, thank you, anonymous person! As far as brands- all sorts- anywhere you can think of, I bet I can find something wearable!

Dear Danielle,
I really love the fact that you are so family-oriented. Are you as close to Hank's family as you are to your own?

Yes, I spend a lot of time with them which is really nice. :)

Does your husband blog?

Sometimes! You can visit his posterous page by clicking here.

Thanks for all the fun questions everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading them. As always, you can ask me/tell me anything via the form up there to the left.

Have a great night! :)


  1. Try Ladybug for the red lipstick at MAC. We have similar skin tones and it works for me so I think it will look great on you. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Hank did some stuff with the guys from As I Lay Dying?! I love them so much. That's awesome. :)

  3. great post! i always love reading all of your answers.


  4. Thank you so much for all your answers!!! You are wonderful! Love your blog...

  5. Awww, I love you Danielle :)
    So, about the deoderant question: My friend has REALLY, really sensitive arrrrrmpits (hehe, trying to sound like the nanny in "Billy Madison"), and she has been searching for years to find the right one. She finally stumbled upon Jason's Tea Tree oil deoderant and loves it! I use normal guys all the time, but I used this once and it worked SO well, no stink, no nothing.
    Hehe, I hope that helped you and your reader.
    (you can get it at most natural foods stores)

    Love you and miss you, Danielle!
    <3 Adie

  6. your honeymoon looks amazing! i wanna see more pics!
    i also feel 100% better after a workout, totally better than prozac;)

  7. re: deodorant woes
    i use LUSH for all of my bath products, including deodorant. i began using aromaco, which works brilliantly, however, i'm ultra sensitive to fragrance, and something in this set off a headache. i tried to fight it off, but sadly, it was true; the scent triggered a headache for me. though, for many, it doesn't, so don't let that deter you.
    i then tried their coconut deodorant powder. seeing as how it's a powder, it can be messy, but i pour a bit onto three fingers, smooth it with my thumb, and apply. it smells so yummy and works :) again, we're going for deodorant here, not antiperspirant, but even in a texas summer, i've faired well with this deodorant, and since it's a powder, it alleviates some perspiration as well.
    btw, if you haven't been to LUSH before, know that you can always ask for a sample of a product before you commit to it, so, sample away!
    i love LUSH. if i ever had to go into retail, i'd run straight to them since i always gush over their products. see: this mini novel.

  8. man i wish i could do my make up that simple. i can take like 40 min. my skin has been looking bad. i feel like if my skin is bad im ugly and i get depressed about it. my skin isnt sensitive at all. but i have these weird blood vessels spots on my face and i wish i could get rid of them. does the almay stuff work? and cover well?

  9. i've read all your questions and answers and i'm really enjoying them :) thanks!

  10. i just left several ?s on your formspring..! :) yay!

  11. we share the same favorite foods!!! brussel sprouts
    are the best!!

  12. your honeymoon picture is AMAZING! i have always wanted to stay in a little hut thing someday (when i get money to travel), and lay on an exotic beach.... :)

  13. i wouldn't worry about your tattoos being weird after having a baby. i didn't have any tattoos when i had my first child. but by the time i had my second, i had lots of them. including a large piece all the way across my lower stomach (below my button), my whole back, and a pretty big one on my sternum area/upper tummy.

    they all look just like they did before i was pregnant! i hope you become a mother soooon!! <3