Sunday, January 31, 2010

Formspring Sunday V.5 (the last one)


Thanks again for all of your great questions and comments. To view any of my other questions and answers, simply type in "formspring" to the search box! I didn't answer quite a few of them that I've already answered, so if you don't see your question use that search feature! I got so many this time, it's a little overwhelming but I am going to do my best to answer them. Hank's at work for another couple of hours and I have some free time while I'm watching The Grammys, so here we go...

for Formspring Sunday, V.5

My boyfriend recently has been told by some doctors that he needs to lose some weight, but LOVES food. He lives with two other boys and they mainly eat out or eat frozen foods. I don't live with him, but spend 75% of my time at his place, so how can I help him deal with this, without offending him or making him think I'm calling him "fat".

I wouldn't say anything to him. Lead by example. Just start cooking and eating really healthy meals around him, talk about how you're trying to make a positive change with yourself...but don't mention wanting to change him. I bet that in time he will want to be healthier, just from seeing you make these smart choices. If you already do that, then I would talk to him, but be sure to address it from a "health" point of view, rather than an aesthetic point of view so his feelings are spared as much as possible.

Thank you so much for answering all of our random questions so graciously! I had a question about teaching...I am considering going back to school to become a Middle School teacher, but before that I am thinking about taking some time to substitute teach. Do you have any thoughts/advice on substitute teaching? I am sure that you interact with them often!

Hmm...well I don't necessarily have advice on it, since I've never done it, but it seems like a great option for people who want a flexible schedule and don't need benefits. I like that it would be different everyday- new kids and environments, but at the same time I don't know how reliable it would be, especially since school districts (at least ours) are trying to cut down on employee absences due to financial issues in education. But if you're interested, I say go for it! :)

Hey Danielle! I was just wondering if you've heard of The Honeyman? Its this great local shop in Prescott, right on Gurley. They have tons of organic food, grains, and whathaveyou. If you haven't been, you should check it out.

I have driven by it many times, but I've never gone in. I will check it out this week! Thanks for the heads up!

Have you always taken a lot of photos of your life in a documentation sort of way even before you started blogging?

Oh yes. I've had a livejournal since the 90s and have always done this. I really, really adore being able to look back through everything.

I love your blog :) Have you ever read the book Skinny Bitch?

I have! I enjoyed it.

OH NO!? Your house is on fire! Everyone is out safe, but what would you run back in to save??

Our wedding guest book of photobooth photos, wedding album/dvd, all of my dresses...and Hank's vinyl toys because he'd be devastated.

Hello Danielle! I wanted to write you to thank you. I have been struggling with my body, self image for years now and suffering of anorexia as well. This week, I came across your blog and it has been a blessing... You are such a wonderful inspiration! In one week, I feel like I have felt better more than in the past few months and maybe years! Here s a list of a few thing that you helped me change: I decide to go for a healthy "diet"! i went to Trader Joe's today and picked up amazing good stuff you advised on your blog and I am going to follow the way you eat etc... you helped me accepting that I can go out wearing just a little bite of makeup and be just fine! You are so pretty by the way! You are helping accepting myself for who I am really, what I believe in and want to do with my life... I don't believe in God ever but being in this country ( I am from France originally) I always felt like I had to believe in it. And then I read your blog and what you think about it and this is exactly what I think as well! I love your style, clothes, purses, shoes and the most out of everything, your tattoos!!! Thank you for being such a great person, you truly helped and help me in my daily life, and I feel like your blog is my therapy... So thank you :)

WOW. I usually don't post the comments I get via formspring (just questions), but I had to post this and say thank you, whoever you are. It blows my mind everytime I get an email, comment, or message like this one. It flatters me to no end to know that ANYONE would want to read what I write, let alone find inspiration in my words. I appreciate you, and all of my readers...and thank you so much for reaching out and letting me know.

how many outfits do you own? how many pairs of shoes? how many bags?

I don't count items that I have! Sorry. :)

You have such pretty hair! What shampoo and conditioner do you use? Do you blow dry your hair? Are they wavy, curvy, or naturally straight? Xoxo

I use both Bumble & Bumble and Biolage products! I blowdry my hair only about 3x a week, whenever I wash it...and it's naturally very straight.

do you use an eye cream? and how long does it normally take for you to get dressed and ready in the morning, and ready for bed at night?

It takes me 1.5 hours to get ready for work! That's insane I know, but I like to dilly-dally and take my sweet time curling my hair, picking out my outfit, etc. When I have an event to get ready for, I prefer to take 2 hours or so. Again, I know this is crazy but I love to take my time. At night, it takes me about 15 min - brush teeth, floss, wash face, apply lotions and potions. And yes, I use an eye cream. I used to use Stri-Vectin (BEST) but I've recently switched to Lush's Enchanted eye cream.

Hi! What is the signification and neaning to you behind the word tattooed on your wrist? Just curious ;) Take care!

I just love the word and like having a reminder to take my time and think about things- reflect on things.

If you could go back in time and give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Gosh. What a great question. I would say, without becoming too long winded savor it and enjoy every last moment of everything. I think when we're younger we often are consumed with the "next" thing...whether that be the weekend, the summer, the next grade, college, spring break, after college. SLOW DOWN. You will only have the chance to do it once. I think back to when Hank and I got our first apartment. It was so incredibly tiny, and we slept on a twin bed together, in a closet-sized room, for a year. I remember how I couldn't wait to move into a bigger place, with more space...but in retrospect, those "hard" times are some of my fondest memories.

Do you read any magazines? Fashion, cooking, craft, decoration etc?

I read Oxygen (fitness mag), Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Natural Health, Lucky...and a handful of others. Those are my top favorites though!

you're beautiful and totally inspiring. what kind of books do you read with your classes? i've been considering becoming an english teacher, and i'm just curious to know what people have been teaching!

We read all sorts of things! As far as novels, I'm beginning Fahrenheit 451 with my sophomores in a few weeks.

how do you make "rounded corners" on your photos? :) xo

Picnik :)

Miss Danielle, What would be your favorite, or most memorable times as a child?

Here's part of a post I wrote on my childhood in October- click here to read it! :)

its in my fathers uppercase handwriting, that would be everywhere, reminding me he loved me, of my chores, of everything. it's the way a tomato vine smells that takes me back to my childhood home, memories of sitting in our backyard while my mother gathered vegetables from the garden, ice pops- frozen juice in plastic containers that were so much better than the store bought kind. it's visiting the pumpkin patch every year, straw getting into our jeans, the smell of hot apple cider, and the feeling of that crisp air biting at our rosy cheeks. it's homemade spaghetti sauce, meatballs simmering in the pot, thyme and oregano, crispy garlic bread that melted in your mouth when the butter was heated just so. it's hearing bruce springsteen, and elton john, wafting down and through through the house, the 8 track player alive and well in the family room, my mother dancing around while she cleaned, it's apple pie. it's spinach dip. it's pumpernickel bread. it's a hard roll with butter from glory's. it's the holidays and wandering through the attic, feeling so small amidst the big brown boxes. it's watching nickelodeon at my grandparents house, nanny bringing us cheese sandwiches on wonder bread. it's the big gray car we'd ride in, it's grandfathers friends and their hats, their jackets, their glasses. it's the jelly doughnut my he would buy from freeman's every morning- powdered sugar, that spongy cake, and gooey insides we devoured so quickly. it's dancing around on my parents bed to "crocodile rock," flashlights in hand, our make shift dance club seeming so magical to our small, small selves. it's the forts in the living room, jungle gym in the backyard, the big trees in the front. it's the sprinklers in the summer, it's going on walks in the woods, exploring and feeling like we were the only people around for miles. it's the clear, crisp mornings and the nights filled with lightning bugs. it's the library. it's being pulled around in a wagon, on the back on my mom's 10-speed, on my father's back. it's macaroni and cheese, it's tuna fish sandwiches at becky's. it's the smell of chlorine. it's the distinct feeling that everything was alright, the world was beautiful and everyone was good.

When you were "younger", did you picture yourself and your life as it is now, or was it something different?

I always had a "dream" life I hoped to live...and somehow, I am living it. I count my blessings everyday. So yes, this is exactly what I pictured and hoped life would be like.

Hello Danielle. I am attending NAU and this is my first year. What were some of your favorite things to do up here?

Well, in college I definitely liked to go out and have fun! My girlfriends and I would go out a lot, downtown to the bars, etc. The majority of my college "free time" was spent just being silly on campus or in the wing of our sorority, at the bars/parties, or out to eat (faves were Cafe Express, Mountain Oasis, Pita Pit - it was brand new then, or Black Bean). I LOVED college, and no matter what we were all doing, it was always fun. None of us were outdoorsy, so that aspect of Flagstaff didn't really appeal to us, outside of running the Urban Trail.

lets say you decided to do something other than teaching, what other career would you choose?

Librarian or book store owner! :)

i've seen you mention a few times that you quit using the birth control pill because you feel that it is unhealthy or dangerous. i myself am on the pill, and i'd actually never heard anything like that until you. i've tried to research it, but i can't really find a legit website with good info. could you maybe share some with me? or any place where i could find some good info on the matter? (sorry to be so lengthy!)

I don't think it's dangerous whatsoever. If I said anything like that, I only meant that I didn't want synthetic hormones dictating how my body worked. I don't take any medication- not even headache medicine, so it didn't make sense for me to be on pills like that. It's also important to note that I'm married, and my husband and I are ready to have preventing pregnancy isn't important to us at this time.

Do your students ever comment on your clothing?

I'm a little unsure what this question means, but...yes? A lot of my girl students will tell me how much they love my outfits and it's really, really adorable when they come in wearing something and say "Mrs. Hampton- look! Don't you like this!?" Or, "Mrs. Hampton, my dress is just like the one you wore the other day!" It melts my heart!

I love your bangs and I have some myself. My only problem is that somedays my hair is not very manageable!!! How to you style your bangs so they always look perfect? Do you use any styling product? If so, which brands do you use? Thanks ;)

Okay so I wrap my hair in a towel for about 10 minutes after I shower and let it dry a bit, then I comb it all out, and tie all of my hair back minus my bangs. I don't put any product in them, and I just blowdry straight down, and side to side. After they're dry, then I do the rest of my hair. That's it! When I sleep I pin them to the side, and then use dry shampoo to freshen them up a bit.

I see that you have a lot of gorgeous tattoos :)!!! Do you have any aftercare tips?

All I do is sleep in it wrapped for the first night, then apply Aquaphor for the next few days.

How much do you shop?? I know that it is a silly question but my husband complains that I shop to much sometimes :) How much would you say you spent shopping every week and for how much money?

I don't really feel comfortable answering this question. Although I've answered questions about student loans and things of that nature, how much I spend shopping per week or whatever is too personal. Sorry! :)

What do you have against Angelina Jolie? :)

I think she's a homewrecking crazy person who is addicted to adopting and having children. When you have multiple nannies and help, enough is enough.

When you get a purse, how long to keep it? Do you wear it everyday for a few months, a year? Do you have a few purses that you switch according to your outfit of the day? I am trying to get better at purses!!! I tend to buy to many of poor quality and don't use them for more than a week or so :/ Please give me advices on how to buy leather handbags that are useful and of good quality!! What are your criterias on handbags?? Thanks ;)

I go through spurts. For instance, I've been carrying my tan MJ bag for awhile. I'm kind of lazy about switching them out, so I just have a bunch in their dustbags up on the top shelf of our closet. I definitely don't switch based on outfits- I prefer to buy bags that are more "everyday" bags. I think quality matters, so that's why I invest in nice quality purses and I suggest you doing the same! Buy one, nice quality bag you can't live without!

Are you thinking of buying a new MJ anytime soon? If you do, which one are you thinking of and what color would you be getting??? Xoxo

For spring, I'm thinking of getting either kelly green or red one! Very cute.

I really like how healthy you eat. Do you think that you could maybe blog more on dinners you cook, snacks you eat through the day etc... like how to you cook your tofu, which kind of beans do you get? I am new into this kind of food and I have no idea how to cook tofu for example, lol! Thanks ;)

I have been meaing to post that darn BBQ tofu recipe, but Hank has been working like a crazy person and we haven't had time to cook together this past week. I promise it is coming up soon. The tofu and sauce are in our fridge, just waiting to be eaten! :) Also keep an eye out for a post this week about an entire day of eating...I'm planning on photographing each thing that I consume, as odd as that sounds! Should be interesting for all of you lovely people who are curious about this topic.

I think that every girl gets breakout on their skin during certain period in a month right? I was wondering if you have any secret on how to get rid off them???? Do you have dry or oily skin? How do you manage it?

I definitely don't have perfect skin, but I've found that the less I do, the better. I used to be all about anti-acne creams, medications, etc. Now that I avoid anything harsh, I don't really break out! I don't have oily or dry skin, it's kind of just normal.

Do you have any recommendations for vegan cookbooks?

I really love the "How it All Vegan" series- click here to view them via!

Hello! What was the first song you and Hank danced to at your wedding?

We danced to "Love Me Tender" by Elvis Presley. :)


Hi! :) I was just wondering what your thoughts are on tanning (specifically, tanning beds). I notice you have pretty fair skin, just as I do. Do you burn in the sun? Have you ever done tanning salons? I'm curious to hear what you think of it all!

NO NO NO! Those are my feelings on tanning! YUCK! I don't even like to be in natural sunlight without tons of sunscreen. Unfortunately in high school and college I would join all of my girlfriends and tan tan tan via booths, but I haven't made that mistake since about 2003. I would never do it again, tattoos or not. I love having pale skin and dark hair, and it's also a great feeling to know I am doing everything possible to avoid skin cancer!

I think you talked about your skincare before, but I'm awed by your dewy skin. Do you use a highlighter or a balm to get that glow? Also do you use powder or cream blush?

Thank you! All I wear is foundation (Almay Truly Lasting Color in Buff) and MAC blush in "Springsheen." I love this blush, and I think its what gives me the glow and highlight on my cheeks!

What brand is your wallet? Is it a MJ as well? Would you ever do a blog post on what is inside your purse??

I have a few wallets I go between. My current one is MBMJ and red :). I will definitely do a "what's in my purse" post soon!

I know you said that you only eat meat if it's been grass fed and treated respectfully. Were is it that you find meat like that?

I don't know if I said I only eat meat that's treated respectfully...and if I did, I shouldn't have. No "meat" is respectfully treated, as it's killed. If I do eat meat, I eat grass-fed beef via our natural food store, and it's sad, but I just don't think about it. I was vegan for awhile, and Hank obviously doesn't eat meat...but I like it and do consume it from time to time.

When you first started teaching were you intimidated teaching kids close to your age? That would make me so nervous!

YES! See my post here about that topic.

have two dogs myself and I would love to know more about Madeline's routine. Like do you walk her everyday? Do you go to the dog park? What do you feed her? I hope that everybody knows that if corn is the first ingredient in dog food it is bad for them!!! Your dog is such a cutie by the way... Take care!

Madeline is the sweetest little baby in the whole world, and we definitely treat her like one. She loves to sleep, so she will usually sleep under the covers while Hank and I are getting ready for the day. And yes, she sleeps in the bed with us, snuggled right between us. Once she wakes up, Hank takes her out and plays with her in the yard for a little bit while I get her food ready. We leave her food out all day- she only eats when hungry so we don't even have to monitor it, which is nice. While we're not home, she gets full run of the house. It's insane, but she's never once chewed anything. I can leave her in a room full of shoes and handbags and she doesn't touch a thing. It's awesome. On work days, Hank usually comes home for lunch and hangs out, and then I get home around 3pm or so and take her on a walk, and hang out with her for the rest of the night. She's a pampered little pup. We don't do the dog park ever, but she goes to our Grandma's house once a week and plays with her dog, and will go to Phoenix with me and play with my parents' and sister's dog. I would say Madeline lives a happy life. :)

I have seen you with reading glasses before.... do you wear contacts everyday or do you wear glasses for watching tv, reading? Or are they just fake and just for fun??

I do have glasses I wear when I read, but I haven't worn them in long time. I need to get a new prescription. As far as the glasses I wear in photos, they're fake and for fun!


Hi Danielle! I love your blog, and all your fabulous pictures. Your family is so cute and perfect. When did you get Madeline? How old is she? Did you know right away that's what you wanted to name her? Will she stay that size (probably a dumb question; I don't know much about Boston Terriers)?Sorry to swamp you with all these questions :)

Hank and I got Madeline right after we got home from our honeymoon, in June of 2004. We got her from a woman just down the street from my parents' house. We saw her, and immediately fell in love! She is going to be 2 this April 15th. The story behind her name is kind of funny- we spent our honeymoon in French Polynesia, so a lot of the resort's guests spoke French. One afternoon Hank and I were swimming and we saw this little dark haired girl run part us screaming "BONJOOOOOOUUUURRR!" and she totally reminded us of the little girl Madeline from the children's book of the same name. It was adorable. When we adopted Madeline we decided to call her that, because she was a cute little spitfire of a thing too. :) And yes, she will always be this size- she was the runt of the litter and is still considered very tiny for a Boston. In my opinion they are the BEST breed and I recommend them to everyone.

Here's a photo of Madeline on her way home for the first time- RIGHT after we picked her up. LOOK HOW SMALL SHE IS!! I die every time I see this photo.

on the way home for the first time

our new baby boston terrier madeline

momma and baby

If you could impart one piece of wisdom or advice to every person on this planet, what would it be?

BE POSITIVE! It's a choice. Choose to be positive and you will see how much it impacts your life.

Who are the "heroes" in your life?

My Mom and Dad. Hands down. They're both "survivors" and incredibly loving and amazing. They gave my sister and I the most amazing childhood, and I hope I will be even half the parents they are. I love them.

mom and dad

Hey there Danielle. I understand you were in a sorority in college. There's a Pi Beta Phi at my school as well. What were some of the best parts of being in a sorority? What motivated you to rush one? Did you ever have problems with the "sorority girl" attitudes I've heard rumors about, or are they just that?

You can read a post about that by clicking here. :D

Hi there, Danielle.
I was reading through your entry about your depression issues. I was just wondering if you ever suffered from self-infliction, suicide, or anything like that. I understand that this is a really personal question, and it's fine if you don't want to open up that can of worms. (Sorry if this made you uncomfortable!)

Fortunately no, I've never hurt myself or even contemplated suicide. I've been at low points, but never that bad (thankfully).

Is there a post dedicated to your "Hank" tattoo?

No, but here's a photo-

and mine...

So I've kind of thought of teaching as something to do but I was no good in high school I had a very hard time with my grades so how can I be a teacher if I couldn't hardly get through school without having to do everything in my power to catch up with homework. I have a love for photography though its kind of a family thing, so I'm thinking about somehow majoring in photography, I guess that didn't turn out into a question. Any advice?

Your performance in high school has nothing to do with your performance as a teacher. I was quite the "social" person in HS and grades were not my focus. And now, I love teaching and I'm quite successful. Just go for it! And you could be a photography teacher- awesome.

So if you teach high school english, what does your little sister teach? and how old are you both, my sister and I are 7 years apart and I feel that we should be closer.

She teaches 6th grade Science.

Kind of random: You mentioned once before that you love mac & cheese. Do you have a good recipe for BAKED mac & cheese? For the life of me I can't find one that works for me. Thanks, I absolutely love your blog!

I don't, but my friend Robyn does! Click here to visit her blog and ask her. She's come over and cooked for Hank and me before and it was DELISH.

How old were you when you graduated high school? (if you started teaching at 22?)


What would you say is the thing that you cannot resist at? It could include food (donuts, ice cream, chocolate, fries....), shoes, purses, clothes and many more...?? =)

Great question! I have a couple of very strange answers for you. Number one, I love love love this burrito place in Mesa, where I grew up. I absolutely cannot resist a Filiberto's burrito no matter how hard I try. My sister and I don't go very often, but if it's brought up I have to! Best burrito ever. Number two, I really cannot resist pie. If there is a homebaked pie, I usually need to have a slice. And I consider myself a very great I can be in trouble around the holidays! ;) So those are my two food must-haves. YUM!

late dinner

Nanny's famous apple pie

Would you ever write your own book?

Yes, I hope to.

Awesome blog!! a couple of questions.What made you get so many tattoos?Does the school mind? Do your students read your blog?? Ps i Love your style!!

What "made" me get so many tattoos is my love for tattoos! I plan on getting a lot more. The school doesn't mind. As far as students reading my blog, maybe! But I hope not. ;) And thank you for the compliment.

Hiya! I love your outfit posts now, great great! You have me shopping online and ebaying a whole lot more. Anyhoo, what I wanted to ask, was how do you wash your clothes and what detergent do you use? Do you handwash, dry clean, machine wash, and which ones goes for where. I am now starting to invest in more expensive high end clothes, and want to ensure there preservation. Thanks!

I dry clean all of my "nice" clothing. As I am getting older I buy a lot more quality pieces, so I have been hand washing and dry cleaning more and more.

Did it hurt to get your ribs tattooed?

UM YES! Horribly. But the outcome is worth it.

What would you say are the material things you could not live without? Can you give us a top 5? =)


1) my laptop (I love the internet too much to ever live without it!)
2) books/my Kindle
3) dresses
4) my cameras
5) my wedding ring because it makes me happy

where did u get that marc jacob dress with the apple heart print?

Neiman Marcus

Hi Danielle :) I wanted to know, when you got your tattoos, did you get all of them in a few months going like every other weeks or did you get them in a few years? I just got into tattoos and in the past 2 months I have been going very often, I wonder if it is normal or if I am crazy!!!

I get one or two a year, but in the beginning I got them more frequently. It's new and exciting! Just be sure you're thinking things through- I'm sure you are. :)

You said that you are going to do more soon but you don't want to say what it is going to be (I respect that) but could you tell us where you are going to do it? Xoxo

My other arm! :)

How do you and Hank keep the "fire" in your marriage?

I know this might be an annoying answer, but our marriage doesn't really take a lot of work. I know many people say that marriage does in fact take work, but for us, it's not very hard at all. We spend tons of time together and both of us consistently do little things to make the other's day better. I feel lucky that my husband is a man who is very open and emotional, and shares what he is thinking and feeling all of the time. As far as "fire," it's always there. I do feel that our multiple date nights every week help a lot. Both
of our willingness to give our time to the other is important too.

love my darling- he leaves for tour in the morning :(

Do your dresses and cardigans usually cover all of your tattoos? or are there bits and pieces showing from time to time at work?

Usually. Sometimes different pieces will stick out, like the bottom of my sleeve or top of my chest...but it's not a big deal. I've also worn short sleeves a couple of times and it wasn't an issue.

Hey Danielle... I was just curious as to how tall you are and what size pants you wear? You look so tiny in your pics, but it is really hard to tell.

I am 5'4" (although people tell me 5'3"! I stick to 5'4"!) and if I MUST wear jeans I wear a 28. I wouldn't say I'm tiny, I feel like I'm pretty normal sized. :)

How long do you keep your clothes and shoes? One season or a year or two? Do you get tired to wear them very fast or you are more the kind of girl that keeps her stuff for a long time? Just curious ;)

I keep everything forever, until it wears out or until I don't like it anymore. I don't pay any attention to seasons or what's "in." I just wear what appeals to me, and if I love it, I will wear it every "season" for the rest of my life!

What sorority were you in during college?

Pi Beta Phi

How does your nightstand looks like? I know that it is a weird question but I am always curious about it :) Do you have books, hand lotion on it?

lamp, books, and hand lotion! You were almost 100% right! :)

Hi! Super blog Danielle! I noticed in the pictures from the baby shower you attended you wore a watch. Never saw that on you before, what kind is it? I love watches!

Here's a closer photo of it :)

my favorite watch

Will you do a little post about your sleeve? Thanks :). Love your blog!

Yes, I will this week! I meant to last week but whenever I remembered to, Hank wasn't home to take the photos. :)

What type of a mother do you think you will be? Do you want to do a lot of crafts?

I hope I am just like my mom! Tons of crafts, adventures, love, songs, and fun. She was amazing. I'll be leaving work once we have kiddos so I'm looking forward to being very present, and having lots of time for lots of fun and learning. Even when they're in school we plan on me being home so I can always be there for them and our family. Great question :).


  1. I loved reading all your answers, Danielle! I also love the baby pictures of Madeline.


  2. Once again Danielle, thank you for all of those answers :) You are a wonderful & inspiring person...

  3. I found your blog just today and love it! I noticed that we have a lot of the same dresses, and even the same bedspread cover :D I love reading about girls my age who have such happy marriages, it is great inspiration. I love your message of positivity, since that is a goal I have to work on every day. I look forward to reading more!

  4. You need an "Ask Danielle" section in some big magazine, you'd be rich!

  5. The summer and that particular burrito I am salsa-ing were amazing! xoxox <3

  6. Wow, some people ask some....interesting...questions, it's so lovely that you take the time to answer them so thoroughly!
    Thanks a ton!

  7. You made my morning posting pics of small Madeline.

    I sit here while my youngest are struggling to get up and dressed for school.

    Thank you for the comment on Angelina Jolie. I thought I was the only one.

    I also want to thank you for answering all these questions. I love reading them. Have an awesome Monday!!

  8. We have a little runt Boston too! Adorable, but when we take her to the Boston Terrier play group we're scared the other Bostons will eat her for breakfast!

  9. Woah, girl! What patience you have to answer all these questions! lol ;) My favorite answer was the one about your childhood. It's all those things I do with my kids that I soooo hope they will remember and cherish too! Precious memories!!! xo

  10. I loved, loved, loved reading all your answers. You seem like such a great person and your blog is just FUN! Thank you for posting!

  11. I recently found your blog, and I'm really enjoying reading. You seem like such a positive, lovely girl. I can tell this will be a firm favourite of mine.

    I am also loving all of your tattoos! You have some beautiful pieces. I'm about to start on my half sleeve next month. Seeing yours is just making me excited!

  12. Oh my goodness! You are really beautiful! Inside and out.

  13. dewey skin isnt that hard to get you guys.

  14. Oh i just loved reading this! You are amazing <3

  15. I always look forward to reading your blogs every time I go to my Reader! It's seriously at the top of my list! :) So my boyfriend knows I love your blog and he'll read it to see what it's about every here and then when I leave it on my laptop... And there was a post recently of you mentioning that Modern Life is War is one of your favorite bands--and now he totally thinks you're a totally cool person with "good taste in music" (his words!) because that's one of his favorite bands as well! Probably next to Converge, I'd say! I don't know if you have any male readers, but my boyfriend definitely sees why I love your blog so much! It's so awesome to see what you can have in common with other people/bloggers that you've never met before!

    P.S. I'm so glad you also anti-Angelina, I totally agree with what you've said about her!

  16. You do so well with answering all the questions (even the imposing ones)!

    I love your blog so have chosen you for a Best Blog Award, come have a look!

    L xo

  17. I just want to say thanks for doing all the formspring thing and sharing! xo

  18. lOvE your Hank tattoo! My Hubs is also a 3rd and I am thinking about getting his initals soon : )

  19. That's so awesome that you mentioned filibertos, never seen that on a blog! i live in phoenix, so i looove it! i also heard a lot about your husbands band. my husband is in a ska band here in phx. so they're pretty known. awesome music. they're called abraham drinkin'.

  20. oh gosh this looks delicious!

    there isn't a recipe to accompany it, is there?

  21. What a lovely post about you and your life. PS - I am also a Pi Phi, well I was in college went early alum and haven't thought much about it since really, but interesting connection.