Friday, January 1, 2010

Friends and fun

Wednesday was a wonderful day- our dear friends Erin and Jonathan came up to Prescott for a visit. We've all been friends for a long, long time, and it's always so wonderful to be able to spend extended amounts of time with them. They got in around 4pm, and once Hank got off work we all went to Hugo's for dinner (of course). Afterward we spent the rest of the night downtown, playing Wii, and laughing so much. It was perfect. I took a million little Flipcam videos, so I stuck them all into one long video. It's nothing special, but you'll get a little look at Prescott and our silliness. I am loving this little camera, and I'll be taking a lot more videos in the future.

I also wanted to add that I had to take my formspring off of my blog for now- there's absolutely no way I can keep up with all of the questions! Maybe one day I'll put it back up when I have more time.


12/30/09 from Danielle Hampton on Vimeo.

Here are some photos-

JP and Madeline, she loves him
JP and Madeline

Hugo's session
Hank at Hugo's




girls girls

I love Adie's face here

love my darling girlfriends

Hank tried to make cookies but it turned into one big cookie...delicious though!
Hank and his "creation"


the ladies on Wii

Wii bowling!


tourist us!

tourist me

tourist Adie

tourist Amber

tourist Erin


  1. Looks like fun times :)
    I love the video- so cute.
    I totally need to get one of those cameras.

  2. Love that song in the video! Looks like you all had so much fun :)

    Glad your New Years was fun doll <3

  3. looks like fun!

    Making Mii's is too fun :)

  4. i really liked the video, so cute! what was the first song on there? it was really pretty.

  5. love the video!

    hugo's looks so good.
    wish i could try it!

  6. Downtown Prescott looks so cute! Love the holiday decorations!

  7. such a cute video! Prescott looks so pretty and your friends are all so cute!

    good choice on the Reggie song, it always makes me feel all emotional, and it made you and your friends driving around and being silly look so romantic and dreamy haha x

  8. The Peters' are movie stars! Love the choice of 500 days of summer soundtrack. The second song is Danny and my song :) We need to come up and visit soon!

  9. Cute video. Hugos looks so good. I know I've probably mentioned this several times. Are they only in AZ? I need to look into this.

  10. i love that regina spektor song!

    such a cute video. looks like fun!

  11. I LOVE LOVE that video! It turned out really well!
    Love you!

  12. aww i wish i could have been there for the girl time. i love the wii photo shot. they almost look the same! lol

  13. i have missed a lot of your blog being ill and all,but can't wait to catch up!and watch your video!i can right now,but on silent as my mister is watching a film...but i want to watch the video with volume,so alas,it will have to wait for an hour or so!(probably not a good idea to use earphones,what with my ear infection!)but i can't wait to see your life on film!:)happy new year lovely xxxx

  14. you girls are all such beauties, and the light decorations in prescott are magical.

  15. Oh man! So good! I had so much fun with you guys that night :) Love you all!