Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey darling husband, I love you!

bad quality scan of one of my favorite photos of us! :)

I wanted to make a special post dedicated to my very best friend.

He is the most patient person I know, often putting up with my emotional ups and downs, my silly ideas, and my "just one more picture, pleeeease" moods.

He is my big spoon, my foot warmer, the place I lay my head at night.

He's the hand I reach for when I cross the street, the eyes I look to during the saddest and funniest parts of movies, the side I nudge when we find secret humor in an ordinary thing.

He is my food taster, my baked goods sampler, my soup stirrer.

I feel lucky, so lucky, that we found each other in this whole, wide world. Sometimes I wonder how it is even possible, but then I try to stop thinking about things so much and just be. I'm so thankful.

He is my best friend.

Everything is sweeter because of him, and I am so grateful to call him my husband.

I love you Hank!


  1. awww :) it's so nice to have that person that makes everything nicer in life.

  2. awwwwwwww

    super adorable picture too! eeee! x

  3. beautiful words and an adorable picture

  4. Adorable. You guys are seriously the best couple, and such a great example for everyone :)

  5. this made me cry.
    you ARE very lucky to of found someone to spend the rest of your life with. so amazing


  6. Seriously love this pic!!!! The colors are amazing!

    Thanks for the blog comment about my family, sweetie! Made me smile great big! xo

  7. that is so sweet!

    i love the picture.

  8. this is definitely the sweetest post i've ever seen! i love your love with your makes us all hope to be there one day and learn (as you have) how to grow together to where you are now. good luck to you and hank for the rest of your life together! you truly give hope to us all <3

  9. that photo of you two is adorable! I loooove the dress you are wearing in it.
    Such a sweet thing, to be thankful for your husband, thanks for sharing this lovely post!

  10. this was such a sweet post :)

  11. awwww! That is such a sweet post. I love how you said "he is my big spoon". I always call Corey big spoon and he calls me little spoon.

  12. aww, what a cute picture! My boy's my best friend in the world too <3

  13. "He is my big spoon, my foot warmer, the place I lay my head at night."

    so cute. this was very well written. i can never put into words just how much i love and appreciate my husband craig but some of your words hit the nail on the head for me too :).

  14. i love this. its nice to see that others have that same happiness from marrying your best friend ♥

  15. such sweet things you say about Hank cute you found your partner in crime. I love your picture! is it your engagement picture? if it is, its amazing, I usually cringe at engagement pictures they are so cheesy, specially the ones with couples on the beach with matching white polo shirts and khakis...ewwwwwww no dice!