Monday, January 25, 2010

Just another...tired Monday!

Hank and me on Grove St.

First of all, thank you thank you thank you to all of you sweet, lovely people. It astounded me to see so many thoughtful comments on my last post. I warms my heart so much to know I have such caring readers and you guys are all so amazing. So really, thank you! The negative comments didn't bother me, I don't mind criticism at all...but I just think anonymous submissions like that one are ridiculous. After I made that post, I received another "rude" comment via Formspring from someone in Yorba Linda, CA, reminding me that we're in a recession and how could I even think about talking about Marc Jacobs. They went on to tell me that I appeared to try and impress others, blah blah blah! It made me laugh. The lovely Rachel (over at Smile and Wave) commented and said that the "first mean comment is kind of a right of passage online isn't it." That's seriously exactly how I thought of it- when I got it I yelled across the house, "Oh my gosh! HANK! I just got my first mean comment!" I was kind of excited, as weird as it sounds. Like I wrote yesterday, after seeing so many of my friends get weird and rude comments via formspring I had kind of been waiting for it to happen. And I got two last night. Let me make something clear before we lay this to rest forever- I will never again respond to a negative comment. I don't care if you don't like me, like what I have to say, or think something "bad" about me. And I know I will never be able to avoid people disliking me...however, I will tell you now, I will never stop writing about what makes me happy. I accept that there will always be unhappy people in the world, and I know that every individual perceives every other individual differently. If you perceive me in a bad light, then just go ahead and leave now, save yourself the annoyance of reading my posts on me, my life, my happiness, my ups and downs, my favorite food, my clothes, etc. Just go! I'm sure we'll both be a lot happier in the end. There's no use torturing yourself with my horrible blog! ;)

OKAY. So, that's done! Now we can move on...

Hello Monday!

Today was a great day. I slept horribly last night though so I was really tired. My friend Robyn (who by the way is a fellow English teacher and blogger- click on her name to visit her blog) and I had the best day at work though, and made each other laugh all morning so I didn't feel very tired at all. My Seniors are starting to write their own raps and I died laughing the entire hour. Some of you may be asking yourselves- "Rapping?! In an English class?" And yes, it's a (very fun) part of our poetry unit! The kids love it so much, and they learn a lot about all of the elements of poetry through the activity. I will see if I can convince any of the groups to let me video tape them this week for youtube, and if so, I will share the link.

So yes, work was awesome. After work though, I started feeling incredibly exhausted so I forced myself to head to the gym immediately. Had I not, and waited for Hank to get home from work, there is no way I would have ever gone! The moment I walked in the house our bed was calling my name. So Robyn and I got some gym time in, then came back here for a nice run outdoors. Hank and I went to dinner, and now we're just relaxing on the couch. I'm waiting for the Suns game to end so I can indulge in my weekly guilty pleasure- watching The Bachelor!

This week should go by really quickly because I have a really fun weekend to look forward to! My best friend Autumn is having her baby shower- she's due on February 14th to have baby Carter and I'm so excited to be an auntie again. I love love love baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, all that I can't wait! And, here are some things to look for this week on Sometimes Sweet- that book recommendation post I've been talking about, a yummy recipe for baked tofu, more outfit posts, and a workout playlist!

I'll leave you with my dinner date outfit from tonight -

dress: Target
tights: J. Crew
shoes: Target (it's a Target kinda day!) :)

daily outfit- 1/25/10

Monday shoes

could Madeline looks any more depressed about taking this photo? This was the only one we snapped so sorry Ms. Maddie, it's going up!

Seriously Madeline, could you look anymore irritated? ;)

Have a great night everyone. Sending so much love your way!


  1. I love your blog and you are right about nasty people. You go girl!!! I also adore your style! I would love to have the courage to dress like you do because this is what I like but I am in southern California and it is kind of hard, at least where I am! People are so judgmental here :( Keep your happy smile :)

  2. you're so great danielle!
    your posts always make me smile.

    what did you think of the bachelor? crazy eh? this is the first season i've watched and i am getting way to into it! hehe who's your favourite? i like tenley! and gia is growing on me. ali was my fave at the start but now they're making her look so catty.

    you make me wish we had target in canada so bad! i already friggin' LOVE that store - and you always get the cutest stuff from there!

  3. Awww you've convinced me to want to go to Target now! I absolutely must go there tomorrow :)


  4. So in love with those shoes!!!!
    I think you're the definition of style and grace. xo

  5. You are super cute!! I love the dress and shoes!

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  7. Oh my gosh! You got those shoes at Target?!?
    I wish I had you to shop with when I go there 'cause I never find cute things!

    Selene :)

  8. ok girlie....
    1. thanks for the blog button info. on formspring! 2. I am so glad that you are above those nasty commenters, people can be so rude when they aren't face to face...I love how they are usually anonymous too- big jerks :)
    3. I love that you recognize in teaching that it's not always novels, essays, tests and textbooks. Thanks for acknowledging that. People who don't teach don't realize how hard it is to keep these kids inspired.
    4. Hey anonymous...first commenter, I lived in so cal too and don't worry what others think about what you wear. break out of the So CAl OC housewife mold and be your own. You will love it in the end, and your friends will probably admire your fashion sense more than you think.
    Happy Monday Lady!

  9. I think it's pretty lame of someone to send you anonymous, mean comments. If you're going to say something snarky you could at least have the guts to put a name behind it.

    Well I, for one, love your blog and your cutie pie style. Keep being you.

  10. Yay! Just found your blog through flickr. You are one rad chica!

    oh and yes, the first time I got a nasty comment, i definitely thought, wow, my blog has made it!haha.

  11. awww poor Madeline. haha I miss her :( and YOU!

  12. Your dress!!!!! Ahh! I seriously scoured Targets everywhere to find that same exact dress. I missed out and didn't get it in time. But I did get two of the other dresses that were out with it, to try and fill the void. ha.

    Well you look lovely!

  13. Love me some target dresses! ..and thanks for the comment about my headbands :D

  14. i love that first photo! of course, because it is a heart <3

    and yay for valentines day babies! malcolm was actually due on the 14th as well, but he came early on january 30th instead. i was hoping for a sweet little valentine bundle.

  15. a) Love your blog. Mean people should just go away!

    b) One of my high school English teachers had us break down lyrics to rock songs as part of our poetry unit. It was AMAZING! I'll never forget it, and I learned soooo much!!

    c) Target rocks!! They also have the best work out clothes!!

    d) I always thought I didn't like tofu. My boyfriend had mentioned several times how great it was if prepared properly. So, this past weekend he prepared a yummy tofu, veggie, teriyaki dish. Turns out, I love tofu!! I love that I can have protein without feeling over-stuffed. I am so excited about it. I'm hunting for different recipes, and can't wait to see yours!! :)

  16. I'm loving the dress and the shoes. Sometimes target has AMAZING items. I wish my store wasn't such a mess. Their shoe section looks like a tornado hit. I'm not sure what they're doing.

  17. My little rapper! I want to resurrect the rap we wrote together a couple years ago...let's do a long distance crew!
    Hot dang, I LOVE those shoes. Might have to get myself a pair of those bad-boys :)


  18. Hi Danielle, I'm a fairly new reader of yours and I just wanted to finally leave a comment and let you know how much I enjoy your posts!

    Your optimism and enthusiasm for life is really inspiring, especially when it often seems as though many people are the opposite of those things. It's refreshing! :)

  19. I´m so impressed by how you´ve handled this whole comment thing, very classy :) Also, you should do a post about your makeup, like a tutorial or something and what products you use, you always look so fresh! love your outfit, xxx

  20. I'm so tired of reading about people leaving rude comments! Ugh I'm sorry that happened to you, lady. I will never understand why people put negativity out there.

    I'm waiting for your baked tofu recipe! I have never had tofu...but I have some in my fridge right now :)

  21. That's exactly how I am. I hate when people criticize the things I right or post on my blog and post nasty things. Like really? No one is forcing you to read it and no one is forcing you to follow me. Sadly I tend to attract the racists that like to throw racial slurs my way. Eh...don't really mind because 100% of the time is anonymous.

    Don't worry though, I get mean comments all the time...its the internet, there isn't really much you can do about it. =/

  22. Like they say, it's ignoring the rudeness, staying quiet about it, and accepting it that makes it silly! Good for you Danielle!

    Can I say that I LOVE your dress? I wish we had a target up in good old Canada. I may have to go to one when I'm in PA in a few weeks.

  23. it's so funny to me how people let jealousy run their lives and use it to try and bring other people down.
    clearly these people that insult you over the matters of your being a lady and enjoying nice things are simply jealous. it's so sad!
    so glad to see that you don't let it get you down. you're such a smart girl!

    looking forward to all those posts this week. :)

  24. omgosh i want that outfit!! absolutely adorable in every way... and about the rude comments, you were right. it's just a rite of passage and if it were me, i'd laugh, too. the only reason anyone ever leaves a rude comment on something like this, anonymous or not, is because they're angry about something going on in their lives and hate to share happiness with anyone, even someone they may not know in real life. for me, your blog has become a wonderful bright spot in my day and i love reading your posts, so keep it up. :)

  25. I forgot to leave this link for some yummy recipes. I found this blog about a month or two ago.

    I hope you enjoy it.

  26. Oh those shooooooes LOVE!! and IADORE your blog so pffft to he mean people!!Bleh! ;)

  27. They are just Jealous! If someone dosent like a blog/person, youd think theyed just leave and go somewhere else. Right? But to go out of their way to do that it just ridiculous!

    I recieved my first mean blog comment the other day! I was shocked! I could never imagine doing that. Bullies will always be bullies. They hate seeing people happy and cheerful and full of life. Sucks for them huh?

    Keep doing you, cause its great :)

    xoxo Julie

  28. A while back I posted about my MJ collection but it was closer to when the recession began, I even did a giveway on an MJ bag. I thought I was being helpful but I opened up a road to jealousy, hatred and rude critics of not just my blog but my personal character as well.
    Don't listen to them. In one of the few nice emails received, someone said it was sort of like an escape and this is what this blog is for me. A little form of escape :)

  29. I just think your blog is so great. I get home from classes in the middle of the day and I immediately get on the computer and click on my SometimesSweet bookmark on my Mac. Just wanted you to know you are so inspiring and I appreciate your honestly and love for life. You are relatable and a free spirit with an obviously originality. Thank you for always making my day better.

  30. Hi Danielle! I have to say yours is one of the most uplifting and fun blogs I read; I'm just sorry you have to deal with negative people!
    I have that exact dress from Target and love it! :) Keep up the lovely work.

  31. love the shoes! and the dress. i cant wait to have money again to go shopping! i miss it soo