Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photos from the weekend!

This weekend was a lot of fun! I got to spend time with so many of my favorite people, do some wedding planning with my sister, and meet my little dog-niece, Cassie!


Chloe! I was in shock at how much she'd grown after not seeing her for a couple of months.
baby Chloe

We ate dinner at Pita Jungle, so good!
Pita Jungle! so good

Afterward we walked next door to the Gelato Spot for some dessert. Autumn is too cute here- she's 8 months pregnant and ready for Carter to arrive.
some of my nearest and dearest

I also got to do some wedding planning with Lauren and Abe! We checked out The Antique Wedding House in Mesa, AZ and they decided to get married there. It's adorable and is going to be perfect!
Antique Wedding House, Mesa, AZ

pretty sister

Lauren and Abe

Abe and his Mom, and Laur and our Mom! I love this.
moms and soon-to-be married kids!

Later I went over to Sar's house to meet their new babygirl Cassie! I fell in love with her and spent the entire evening holding her and loving her so much! Isn't she adorable?!
baby Cassie

eating Jenny's hair!
Cassie eating Jenny's hair!

sleeping pup


She has sooo much extra skin, it's so cute.


  1. The first picture of your sister looks like she cut off all her hair and I thought to myself oh no why it was so pretty!
    Cassie is adorable and I love the pic of her sleeping on you.

  2. ahaa "i'm a baby....i'm a woman".

    too cute!

  3. That food look delicious! Beautiful pics of your family also ;)


  4. looks yummy the food!! and the dog is so cute *__*

    take care

  5. Geez you guys are all too adorable! The venue for the wedding looks goregous. I am actually in the process of starting to plan my wedding, and I need help! You should make a trip to Houston and lend your amazing ideas. LOL. :)

  6. What a cute puppy! My Roxie has lots of extra skin too!

  7. That puppy is very cute, what kind of dog is it?

  8. that puppy is too cute!

    also, the wedding venue looks gorgeous! i'm excited for your sister and excited to see what you all end up planning! good luck!