Sunday, January 3, 2010


I must have had a moment of insanity when I took my formspring down! I really enjoyed seeing what you all were curious about or what you had to say- I like being interactive with all of you wonderful people. Stay tuned for answers to those first forty or so questions throughout this next week!

So go ahead and ask away, it's back up, right over there to the left!


...this is me obviously looking forlorn due to my missing formspring ;)

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  1. you are so cute in those glasses! x

  2. Cute glasses. Are they prescription? Iv been looking for bigger frames. I got really bad tunnel vision with my normal glasses and would like to get a pair with bigger lenses.

  3. Your hair looks so long. Pretty.

  4. thanks girls! :)

    Ashleigh- no they are fakes! I have real ones for reading but they aren't helping much anymore so I have to get new ones. I love big lenses too!