Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saturday and birthday celebrations!

Today was such a magnificent day. Earlier today I said it was just a happy day, but now I feel the adjective must be bumped up to magnificent! We spent the day celebrating my sister's birthday, even though her actual birth date isn't until tomorrow. Her boyfriend Abe has a huge day of fun planned, so we elected to do one of the family get togethers today. My parents provided the ice cream cake, and we showered her with wonderful gifts including, but not limited to: diamond earrings, Wii, and Wii Fit Plus! I would say that she definitely made out like a bandit...and she truly deserves every good thing she received!

After presents and cake Hank and I went shopping for a bit. Afterward we went to Lauren's house for her birthday get together and had a blast. My sister and Abe are recent homeowners and their home is so adorable. We played her new Wii, ate yummy food, and had a great time hanging out. A lot of her other friends came over as the night progressed and it was a great time. I'm so glad Lauren had a fun night.

Here's some photos from the day and night!

the adorable little ice cream cake
ice cream cake

make a wish!
make a wish, sissy!

Hank and me
The Hamptons

me, showing off Laur's new earrings from Abe
Laur's beautiful diamond earrings from Abe


I'm lucky :D

Hank loves cake

It was a beautiful day today!
heading out to shop

back home again, now ready to go to Lauren's-

take two!

This is Lauren and Abe's dog Rex! I love him so much. They rescued him after he had been found abused and left by a dumpster. :( He has a very, very happy and loved life now which makes me ecstatic.
he makes me happy

He is so cute (and hates the flash most of the time!)
I'm the Aunt!

darling Rexasaurus

We like to take a lot of photos!
sister again

...and they often all turn out looking alike!

Kristin and Laur
Kristin and Laur

sparkly Toms!


I found this little gem at my sister's house in a box, completely in tact with all pieces there...this was one of our favorite games growing up. I always wanted to be Lila Fowler. I am beyond happy about this find and so happy Laur kept it after all these years.
what a find...

my family

Uncle Hank and Rex
Uncle Hank and Rex

Isn't he beautiful?!
cutest baby

taking this wonderful game home- we just had to pose for another photo with it. What fabulous memories!

I also had to include this photo from earlier- Ms. Madeline and me!
my other true love love.
my true love

Happy birthday Laur!


  1. you and hank are super cute together!!

    i'm sure you knew that, but i'm reminding you!!

    xo. heidi

  2. awww Rex is so cute!

    It breaks my heart to think people would do anything mean to him, especially abandon him.

    I'm glad he's living with nice people now, he looks so happy and chilled :) x

  3. My friends and I used to play the same Sweet Valley High Game, too! I haven't seen it in so many years! Like you said, great memories!

  4. Aw--Rex is soooo sweet!!

    I never got to play that game! We were pretty big into mall madness, though. I still have that and dream phone! I've even gotten Ravi to play both of them with me!

  5. It looks like you had a lovely night! Celebrating birthdays is always so much fun :) And you look adorable as always!

  6. i had that game too! got rid of it a few years ago tho...

    i'm glad your sis, you and the entire family had a lovely birthday celebration!

  7. thank you all for the super sweet words! I love you <3

  8. i loooved sweet valley!

    your pictures are always so great.
    and that puppy is such a cute little guy.
    he looks so similar to my dog, ellie.

  9. beautiful puppy!!

    that game! I feel super old to remember that I read the very first Sweet Valley High books ever... along with the first issue of Bop Magazine and Tiger Beat, etc. (all those teen star magagzines). Loved Sweet Valley High. I wanted to go to school with the twins!

  10. cute cute cute photos!! loving your blog!

  11. I love that pic of you and Hank! So cute! OMG Sweet Valley High! I played that all the time as a kid!

  12. OMG did you ever watch sweet valley high? it was one of my favorite shows!
    i like this post you are too precious! and those brown shoes AHHHHHHHHHH. love em!
    and dont you just love those ear warmers! I have them in 5 different colors! much needed right now:)
    Kelly and i will be having a giveaway early next week!