Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow day #2!

I feel like this weekend is the longest weekend ever and I'm definitely not complaining. Today we had our second snow day in a row. We woke up to so, so much snow; it was truly a winter wonderland. Unfortunately Hank had to go to work but I had a great day doing absolutely nothing more than reading and lounging in bed until noon! I don't do that very often, but when I do I enjoy it so much. There's nothing better than sipping hot tea, reading, and looking out on falling snow. I feel lucky I got to take two days off of work in a row, and somehow it made me more excited to go back in on Monday. Weird.

So, after reading in bed this morning, I finished the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I really loved it. I will say though, that I don't think it's for everyone. Half of my friends won't like it, and the other half will feel the same way I do. I am a total sucker for romance- I loved The Notebook and this was written by the same author, and I enjoyed it just as much. I would recommend it to those of you who like emotional books about love and loss, and especially if the movie trailer interested you. After reading it, I am 1,000 times more excited about seeing the movie, and I feel like the casting is so spot on it's crazy. Have any of your read it? If so, what did you think? And speaking of book recommendations, I'm working on a 5 book recommendation post that I will probably publish tomorrow evening. :)

Hank came home for lunch today, and after he went back to work I went on a walk downtown through the beautiful scenery. We live right in the heart of downtown, just one block from the square, so its nice to be able to walk everywhere. I trudged through all of the snow and snapped a couple of photos, but then it started to storm again and I had to kind of run back but I made it inside before it got too crazy!

I made a little video of some of the clips from today too if you'd like to take a peek. It's nothing too special, I just threw it together really quick but it makes me happy to watch. Oh, and the song is by Gregory and the Hawk- it's the Fin Song 8 Orange River Remix.

Snow day! from Danielle Hampton on Vimeo.

some photos from sushi last night -

I love love love seaweed salad! If you've never tried it you should order it next time you visit a Japanese restaurant. Seaweed is really healthy and so yummy.
seaweed salad- my FAVE

Terriayki tofu, and a little cucumber roll peeking out of the top corner. So delicious.
tofu and sushi <3

We topped off our meal with a shared dish of green tea ice cream. Another must-try if you haven't!
green tea ice cream- SO GOOD

Today, in our front yard playing with Ms. Madeline
snow day! :)

so much fun

playing with Madeline in the snow

walking down our street
walking down our street


beautiful day in Prescott

tonight, in the falling snow!
love in the snow (this is Hank's "hurry and take the photo" face!)

and here's my daily outfit pic...sans winter coat, scarf and boots! I got a lot of formspring comments about how I should include outfit information so here you go:

cardigan- Forever 21
dress- H&M
tights- Hue
shoes- Marc by Marc Jacobs

daily outfit photo

One more thing- remember these shoes?
Saturday shoes

A lot of you asked about them, and they're finally up online at Target. Click here to visit and maybe buy them. :)

I hope all of you have the best night. It's still snowing outside so I'm curious to see what the morning will look like! Until then...


  1. Such a cute pic of you two! I just tried green tea ice cream for the first time tonight! Yummy!!! Have a great weekend, Danielle! xo

  2. I just finished Dear John, and I loved it! I can't wait to see the movie. You're completely right about the casting, too! :)

    Enjoy the snow!

  3. Your little town and yard looks so so so cute!!!
    I want to read that book! I plan on picking it up soon :)

    Also, have you tried red bean ice cream? it's SO good!

  4. madeline looks like she's having a lot of fun in the snow!

    i loved all the pictures you posted.

    i'm surprised you you've been getting so much snow where you live. i live in michigan and usually we get a ton of snow, but it seems more like spring than anything here right now.

  5. Madeline looks like she's having so much fun! XD

    And your neighborhood is super cute.

  6. The snow looks gorgeous! I wish it snowed here, but all it does is rain rain rain in the winter. It's summer right now though of course, and I can't complain about that.

    I loved the notebook so I'm thinking I might give Dear John a try.

  7. Thanks for the sweet words, ladies!

    Amanda- Let me know what you think about it after you see it! :)

    Emma- I haven't tried it yet but I am going to put that at the top of my "must-try" list. <333

  8. The snow looks so beautiful and I love how excited dogs get in deep, fluffy snow! I was just thinking today how strange it is that we have no snow left in Toronto and it's January, maybe your storm is coming our way. If it's gonna be cold, we might as well have snow :)

  9. Oh my gosh look at all that snow! And you look positively adorable in it!

  10. Cute cute pics and video.
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

  11. that cardi is so cute on you. i saw it at f21 and wanted it to come live in my closet, but sadly it wasn't nearly as cute on me :(.

    yay for snow days!

  12. just bought "dear john" to read when i'm in utah, can't wait!

    also, i love "gregory and the hawk"! haven't heard them in a while thought :) thanks for reminding me of that awesome band!

  13. The pics of you and Madeline in the snow are completely precious! I am a huge fan of seaweed salad, & sushi for that matter, but a lot of my friends aren't fond of the salad! Cute shoes! Love Marc :)

  14. TWO snow days in a row followed by the weekend?!?
    Your a very lucky gal!

    Enjoy your time off!

  15. such a cute video :) I love how much dogs get excited by snow :) x

  16. oh that video was too cute! I love that Madeline was barking at Hank as he left! Too cute! I love dogs in the snow sooo much! They get superduper crazy and cute!

  17. omg, your little dog is hilarious running around all crazy like that! how cute! we don't have a fenced in yard so i have to go to the dog park if i want my dog to be able to run.
    really pretty picture of you and your hubby :)

  18. aw, Madeline is too cute!! I love how snow makes dogs sooo silly!

  19. Im currently reading Dear John- cant wait to see the movie!

  20. I read Dear John in like 2 sittings, I cannot wait for the movie! And Channing Tatum [thats his name right?]... he is SO yum! I am looking forward to a reading list, I always love to hear good recommendations.

  21. i loved dear john!can't wait to see the film!x

  22. oooh,and i have 'love' and 'loss' on my knuckles...sadly they can seem to go hand in hand x

  23. oh wow!
    that's so much snow. it looks sooo cute.

    i really want to read dear john, i like nicholas sparks..and i am a sucker for romance! i really want to see that movie - i'm going to go that book from the library this week.

    where you live looks so incredible..
    & of course another amazing outfit...
    you have a never ending wardrobe of cuteness don't you?! hehehe

    you're a cutie

  24. oh my that video is so so cute!! I love all the pics and that sushi looks so yummy!!

  25. I'm so glad someone can still enjoy the snow. It only torments me.

  26. You and Madeline playing in the snow is the cutest. My dog Jack loves the snow and run around in it like Madeline was in the video.
    Fantastic pictures!

  27. mmmm pictures of food! :D They do look really nice, and like you said, seaweed is really healthy, gotta look for some japanese places!

    You look so beautiful in the photos with the snow! <3

    sarah xx

  28. those shoes are sooooo cute. thank you for sharing the link! :) xo

  29. ohhh, i fall in love with your brown shoes, but i´m from germany and i´ve just looked, here there are not available :(

    it´s to sad!