Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow day!

I woke up this morning around 5:30 to happily be greeted with a message informing me that school was indeed canceled due to inclement weather! One of the neatest parts of being a teacher is being able to partake in days like this- and let me tell you, that special feeling of waking up when it's still dark, seeing mountains of beautiful snow, and knowing you can crawl right back into bed- that feeling of excitement never fades. Now if I could just transport my Mom to Prescott, so when I woke up I would have a toasty mug of hot chocolate in my hands, I would.

Even though I could sleep in, I woke up fairly early and had a wonderful conversation with one of my dear friends about some very exciting news, read some more of my current book, Dear John, finished watching Phoebe in Wonderland via Netflix Instant Play, played with Ms. Madeline in the snow...then fell back asleep with my Kindle in lap! In my mind I wanted to fit every little last bit of snow-day goodness in, but apparently my body wanted to sleep sleep sleep. I woke up around noon to a cup of peppermint tea compliments of Hank (almost as good as my Mom's hot chocolate!) and I've been reading for most of the morning.

We have to brave the snow and roaring winds in a bit to take Madeline to her veterinarian appointment, so that should be interesting! I think I am going to try and convince Hank to go on a snowy walk with me later this afternoon as well.

Before I go, I wanted to see if anyone else is feeling what I'm feeling- doesn't this year just feel FABULOUS?! I know January 1st was just a day on the calendar, simply numerically marking a new year, but I feel like 2010 has been (already) a very creative, growing, wonderful year for me, and for Hank and me as a couple. It has a good vibe. So 2010, I love you! And I hope I keep loving you.

2010, I love you!

For now I'll leave you with a playlist I made this morning- perfect for a snowy day (or a rainy one, like my friend Marisa is currently experiencing!). Thanks to one of my readers, Tyler, for requesting one!

I'd love to know, which song from this list is your favorite?

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ps. thanks again to all of you wonderful friends for suggesting so many amazing documentaries! My Netflix queue is bursting with all of the titles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. omg !! paper bag i used to LOVE this song!!!!!

  2. What did you think of Phoebe in Wonderland? I just watched it this past weekend and fell in love!
    Sounds like a wonderful day that you're having!!! The 2010 pics of you are adorable! xo

  3. Jamie- I loved the movie so much. I thought that Elle Fanning did such a great job, and I really enjoyed the theater teacher too. Great film! :)

  4. yummmm! i LOVE peppermint tea!! and i LOVVVE snowy days!!

  5. sounds like a fun day, danielle. i love the picture you posted. i am going to listen to the playlist you posted as i make dinner. i'll have to come back later and comment on which i enjoyed most.


  6. Oh thank you so much!! I just listen to it and I loved it! I was bored at work and I am in rainy Southern California, so it was just perfect! I loved The Road the most but I wanted to let you know that you made me appreciate and recognize how talented Carla Bruni is. I am french myself but never really liked her for some reasons... now I do!!! Thanks again, you are a great inspiration!

    PS: I don't think that you will reply to me but I would love to know the font you used on your wrist tattoo for the name "reflect" I believe. I love it!

  7. YAY! for snow days!

    I want to watch Phoebe in Wonderland!


  8. Oooh I just ordered Dear John from Amazon and I can't wait to read it!

  9. I JUST watched Phoebe in Wonderland...I loved it....Paperbag is my FAVORITE...I love Fiona Apple ;)

  10. oh how i miss snow days when i was in school! you don't get those in college...but when class is canceled it's almost just as good!

    i know it must have felt good to sleep in and have a lazy day!

  11. Enjoying your play list right now. :). Let us know which documentaries you end up choosing! I was lucky to get a few snow days because I spent the holiday break in PA this year, but my hometown in Vancouver has seen little snow! Even if the Winter Olympics are happening here!

  12. Snow days here in Canada are great except us teachers still have to attend no matter what:(

  13. ...its hard, you have a lot of good songs, the death cab for cutie song is pretty awesome, brings back memories of my collage years. You know he (singer) is married to Zooey Deschanel.

  14. happy snow day, danielle!!!
    you get one tomorrow, too, right?!?!?
    what a treat!
    and this weather.....wowza!

    i have the fire roaring and dark chocolate to satisfy me. :)

    your mix makes me happy...tho' that isn't new. your mixes are super duper.

    glad you're enjoying your day!

  15. I wish my class had been canceled this morning it was raining so hard and the wind was crazy ferocious...but my teachers are cruel (lol, ok not really :)
    cute pics!

  16. how funny i just posted a playlist and thought i would trot over here to see how you are doing. lo and behold, new music from Ink :) Great minds do think alike. missed you today. probably for sure hitting the mountain tomorrow. i like how that was no sort of commitment to anything.

    hearts and hugs.

  17. I love paper bag :) great song. I was just stopping in to say hi, I have been following your blog for a little bit and just started one of my own. btw, i love your tattoos.

  18. Ah how I miss snow days! You are a very lucky lady! I agree some how this year seems so much better. And I never think that about a new year!
    Ps you are adorabllleee

  19. Snow, Snow, snow, jealous, jealous, jealous :) We don't get snow ever in Auckland, New Zealand. From the playlist my favourite song is Styrofoam plates by Death Cab. They are my all time favourite band ever! I am actually saving to move to Seattle in December, partly because they are there haha, and i have never been to America before! Exciting. I have just started blogging so a little unsure about everything and don't know any people on here, but if you have time feel free to check out my very amateur blog :) Any pointers on better interaction with other bloggers would be great! Thanks for your great blog! I do so enjoy reading it.
    Much love from New Zealand.

  20. My favorite song on that playlist hands down is "Styrofoam Plates" by Death Cab for Cutie. The song itself, if you've ever seen their documentary- is amazing. The song resonates so much feeling, and it's one of my favorites by the band. The vocalist Ben is also married to Zooey, so that is a pretty amazing match. They said they may collaborate with music sometime. :)
    Snow doesn't happen in Texas. It did for about 3 hours in December, and I think everyone young and old were outside trying to muster up the small amount we had to make snowballs.
    I am enjoying your playlist at work. :)

  21. congrats on the snow day! that's awesome. :)
    i loved and still do love regina spektor, I think the hotel room song was the first of her's I'd ever heard and i listened to it on repeat for like a week, haha.

    random question.... i tried to post a playlist (iike yours)on my blog this week, but for some reason couldn't figure out how to post it. the sad thing is, i've done it before (i have one on the side bar of my blog) but it's been there forever and i guess i forgot how... i hit copy code and then pasted it in the blog, but no go. what am i missing?!?!

  22. love love love it! St. Vincent especially. Gorgeous!
    Thanks so much..! I linked to yours on my blogarama--I will share one in the coming day on my blog too!
    Beautiful inspiring blog!

  23. love snow days. and I love the 2010 fingers.

  24. Thats one of my favorite bright eyes songs, but i really love regina spektor so i can't decide...its an awesome playlist!

  25. We don't have snow days where I live in So Cal so I have a twinge of jealousy creeping up my spine. I will have to be content with the rain and thunder. Have a lovely day doing inside things!

  26. I studied your fingers for too long w/o realizing it was meant to be 2010. I was like what the hell is a "VOLO"? :)

  27. There were two snow days here this are loving it! I'm not sure where the other Canadian commenter is, but I believe teachers get the days off here on the East Coast.

    Btw...why do I feel like you have some exciting news to eventually share? hehe ;)