Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank you Stephanie!

I made a little video to say THANK YOU to the darling Stephanie. I won a giveaway at her blog and when I got home from vacation today I was greeted by a rather large box filled with amazing goodies...including a gorgeous scarf, frames, and sweet treats (amongst many other things!) I am so appreciative...and these cookies are absolutely to die for (that compliment is from both Hank AND me!). Thank you times a million.

I've been organizing and running around all day, so please don't mind my tired self. I just had to make a video, exhausted or not!



  1. awww you are so cute!

    thats so nice of you to post a video to say thanks, i've not seen anyone post a thankyou video before!

    and its awesome cos Stephanie won my giveaway last week so her generosity had come back to her! :) xxx

  2. Hey Danielle! Thank you so much for that sweeeeet video! I was soooo worried that the cookies wouldn't make it! But, I'm glad you like them! I LOVE you're blog as well, sweet lady!