Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

When my alarm went off this morning, I knew it wasn't going to be the easiest day. Last night Hank had to stay at work pretty late while the tech guys upgraded some new software. Because I was missing him after being in Phoenix all weekend I wanted to stay up for him, so I was still awake when he got home at midnight. We ended up talking and being silly for over an hour, so I didn't even get into bed until 1am. By the time I fell asleep it was almost two, and I had to get up at 6. Yikes! My morning was one of those mornings where everything was annoying (I hate moods like that), but when I got to work my kids immediately put me in the best mood. It's really, really hard to stay irritable when you have so many little smiling faces greeting you when you walk in the door. And I guess 16-year olds aren't so little, but they seem like it to me!

So yes, my day got a lot better. After work Robyn and I completed a nice outdoor workout, and by the time I got home Hank was off work. We originally were going to cook dinner tonight, but both of us were feeling lazy so we went out and ate dinner. Corn tamale with lots of veggies and beans for me!

I feel like I am definitely still recovering a bit from my weekend. It wasn't a crazy time by any means, but I feel really exhausted from all of the driving, I guess. Friday night I arrived in Phoenix later in the evening and hung out at my parents and slept for a glorious ten hours that evening. The bed in the guest room that Hank and I always sleep in has the most divine, comfortable bed in it and I always have the best sleep there. When I woke up on Saturday I got ready for Autumn's baby shower, and spent the afternoon with some of my besties. It was so lovely, and if you didn't get a chance to check out that post, you can do so here. After I left Autumn's I had a million errands to run, and I ended up getting home pretty late to my parents'. I came home to Prescott the next day after spending a few hours out and about shopping, and was unpleasantly greeted with very cold weather! I really cannot wait until spring hits our little town. I don't mind winter, but I am much more at home in little sundresses and spring/summer clothing. Just a few more months...

I also wanted to add that I took the formspring box off. I just felt that it was getting a little out of control. There were so many questions and it took so long to answer them all that it kind of took the fun out of it for me. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate all of you taking the time to ask some wonderful questions, but 5 weeks later and so many inquiries answered...I don't think I can bear to do it again! And more so, I know that blogging is really "self-centered" as it is (and I don't mean that in the conceited sense of the word- I mean centered around one's life, etc), but I just felt a little uncomfortable asking so many things about myself, my life, every little detail. Does that make sense? It sounds weird once I type it out but that's the feeling I was getting- this blog is about wonderful me ;) - but it was way too much me me me...for me. haha. I will probably put it up from time to time for short periods, but as always, you can email me or leave a comment if you'd like to ask me anything. My email can be found in the left hand column, toward the top! So again, thanks for all of your participation, love you guys so much.

The rest of this week will be fairly low key. Hank and I have some around-the-house projects to work on, and I have a couple of Valentine's presents to complete! Top secret, of course. ;) As far as the blog- there are two things I will be posting that I've said I would post last week, but never got around to- a baked tofu recipe and also a book recommendation post. So stay tuuuuned! I'm already looking forward to next weekend. I'm heading down to Phoenix on Friday to spend the evening with my lovely best friends again, this time celebrating Alana and Erin's birthdays! We'll be having dinner in downtown Phoenix, and then doing First Friday. I'm really excited. Then Saturday I'll get to spend the afternoon with my friend Rhonda while she colors my hair (my roots are SO bad right now). I also hope to see Dear John with my sister-in-law...I've posted about it before but I loved the book and I've been looking forward to the movie forever. I hope it's good.

I'll leave you wonderful friends with some photos from today! Have a super splendid evening.

today's outfit:

top: Marc by Marc Jacobs (worn backwards!)
skirt: Anthropologie
shoes: Old Navy

(weird lighting- sorry!)

daily outfit- sorry for the bad lighting!

top detail- I love the little bows!

top detail- love the bows!

Monday shoes, thanks $7 special at Old Navy last year! :)

Monday shoes

Check out these adorable, adorable dolls! Hank and I ordered them from Spitfire Girl. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Click here to visit the shop! The dolls are actually designed by Los Angeles based tattoo artist, Jason Schroder.

I love them!

our new little cuties

Also in great mail today- my friend Courtney sent me this adorable, nautical themed necklace. It was so sweet to receive this as a gift today! Mail is the best, and especially mail with cute jewelry inside! Thanks Courtney. You guys should check out her adorable shop Dolly and Boy Jewelry by clicking here, and say hi to her!

a wonderful gift I received today...

Oh, and ps...everyone should go check out my bud James' new website that is officially up and running! Click here to head over to Bleubird Vintage and be prepared to swoon over some of her lovely finds. :)

Goodnight everyone!


  1. so glad you had a wonderful weekend and ended up having a great day. my day was pretty crazy too. so glad you commented about your Q and A last time. Some people get pretty personal and I'll just say silly with the questions. You definetely deserve a break there. Your two headbands go out tomorrow. Yeah, super cutes-ville!!!
    Have a great week.

  2. danielle,
    i know courtney from years ago, we worked together for a few years in high school. i love that girl, and miss her so much!
    hope you're well.


  3. totally agree with you on the formspring! =]
    Really, really love your blog!{and your pup!}
    And can't wait for the book recommendation post!

    ♥ Jess

  4. Oh you're so cute! I wore the exact same shoes today, but with tight because it was so not nice here today. Hope you enjoyed your run in the nice weather.

  5. yes the new bleubird site is INCREDIBLE. and that top=gorgeous!

    I love finding cheap shoes. & those old navy ones were a good find. Have a wonderful week :)

  6. hey danielle,

    have you already joined ?? ;-)

    xoxo trine

  7. Cute outfit! Oh my goodness those dolls are so cool. I checked out the store and looks like there's some goodies to be had. :D

  8. I was wondering what kind of dry shampoo do you use?

  9. Oh my gosh I'm lovin' your outfit!

  10. love love love your shoes!!!! you are great.that is all.

  11. those dolls look neat! i am going to have to check them out!

    love the top with the bows. bows are cute.


  12. LOVE that shirt!

    Thanks for the pics on those dolls! Me and the husband are also tattoo collectors and those dolls would make a great Valentine's Day gift! Thanks!

  13. Amazing outfit! I loooove that top!! I've enjoyed your formspring posts also but I'm glad you were honest about removing them :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  14. i love all your little treasures. great outfit too.

  15. Such a cute outfit! I'm craving some new MBMJ.... maybe for my bday. :)

  16. I just found your blog today, and I'm slightly embarrassed to say started crying when I read your "Why I Started Teaching" post. I taught junior and senior high school English for six years. I'm hopefully on my way to grad school in the fall and planning on teaching on the college level, but I wonder if I won't miss younger kids.

  17. I just waanted to let you know i love to read your blog and i'm totaly in love wit your dresses!
    I will be really sweet of you to take a look at my newborn blog :
    Have a nice day!

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  19. I HAVE THE SAME TATTOED COUPLE!!, I GOT IT A, she had an amazing George Washington pillow too, but it was like 78 bucks, I want it though so bad!

  20. these are some fun cute websites, where you can find gems.

  21. Hey danielle... saw this website and thought of you!!! Hope you like!!! Lol

  22. Great outfit today. I love the flats. I've yet to find a pair that are comfortable. They all seem to either rub my heal or are too tight on top. Maybe my feet are too wide.

    Anyway, really cute.

  23. Awww...adorable top! I can see how the q's would become overwhelming.

  24. i just want to say you are flipping adorable and i just love your blog

  25. my sister just gave me the dolly and boy feather necklace for my birthday, and i loooooooove it!

    your nautical necklace is super cute, too!