Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday thoughts

hey, tired!

Today was a good day at work, despite me waking up ONE HOUR late! Ahh! My alarm went off at 6:15am, and I promptly turned it off in my sleep and went right back to bed. I naturally woke up around 7:15 or so which was not good at all, since today was definitely a hair-washing day...and since I already go until the last possible day with doing that, today was day three and kind of pushing the envelope with inappropriately "dirty" hair. So I whipped out my favorite dry shampoo in a frenzy (read one of my blogs about the product here) and starting trying to attempt to fix the semi-greasy mess. Eventually it was to my liking, I quickly put on some makeup and got dressed, grabbed my packed lunch and a banana/oatmeal packet for breakfast...and headed to work around 7:45. Like anyone, I really hate being late in the morning and having that panicky feeling! I mean, who doesn't? But when I got to work it was a pretty good day. It went by really quickly and I found myself home and napping before I knew it!

On my prep hour, I was researching some love poems for a lesson I'm presenting on Thursday, and I got to thinking about the upcoming holiday. I love Valentine's Day! Hank and I are the type of couple that adores any chance to celebrate our love. Many people say that they "don't need specified date out of the year to do that," and I say, "why not?!" When I was little, my Dad would always have Valentine's gifts waiting for my sister and I when we woke up that morning. I specifically remember heart-shaped boxes of candy, little stuffed animals, and always, always a cute card with a sweet message inside. As I got older, the gifts and cards didn't stop, and it may sound silly, but in my teen years when I didn't have a Valentine, receiving these tokens from my father always made me feel a lot better and really special. I'll never forget the first year I was living in Prescott with Hank, my Dad sent me a card that said I would always be his Valentine, even when I already had one. So sweet. Isn't my Dad adorable? :)

dad and me again

This year, Hank and I will be walking down to dinner at our local, downtown (favorite) Indian restaurant, Taj Mahal. During the day I am planning on making some sweet treats for us to enjoy when we get home. I'm torn between a rasberry pie with heart cut outs, or heart-shaped brownie sandwiches. Hmmm...

Tonight Hank has been doing tons of Math homework (YUCK) and I've been getting things done around the house. I hope all of you had a great start to the week! Stay tuned for Tattoo Tuesday, which will be posting at midnight. :)

I also want to wish one of my best friends, little Miss Suki Su aka Sarah Muller, a very happy birthday at midnight (February 9th). She's the belle of my ball, and truly the sweetest little thing I know. I've written many posts about her- click here and here to visit a couple of them- and I just love her to pieces!

So, happy birthday Suki! I love love love you and I'm so happy you were born! ;)

Happy birthday Suki!


  1. awww! so sweet of you to write about your dad and suki like this. your date with hank sounds like it's going to be soo fun! but most of all, thank you so much for blogging about the dry shampoo! i've been looking for some, as i am the same 3 day washer as you!!! :)))
    love, amy

  2. aww my dad does the same things! hope you have a wonderful valentines day with your honey. xo

  3. I used to love getting those valentines from Dad! Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

  4. Aw! That's so nice to hear about your Dad (and you other commenters) Very lucky girls =)


  5. your dad is adorable and that is an adorable story!
    my dad did the same thing... and i loved it. my husband does it now for our daughters and i do it for our son... :-)

  6. glad your day ended up turning out pretty good in the end.

    that is sweet of your dad to leave your valentine gifts.


  7. Yours is a math hating house hold as well?

  8. That is such a sweet story about your dad! I think Valentine's day is fun! And I've had such a difficult time waking up early fir work recently...I'll blame the cold house for that! :)

  9. i always say that i am soooo happy my loved ones were born on their birthdays -- such a quirky thing to say and now someone i have it in common with... and i am definitely sending valentines to my beloved parents this year - thanks for the inspiration! xo

  10. Thats funny... my dad did the Exact same thing until I moved out! He still brings things over to me, And my kids!!
    I vote raspberry pie (I've had the biggest crazing for pie lately!)

  11. My dad did the same thing! It always brightened my day... Have fun on your date! I vote for brownie sandwiches, they sound yummy!


  12. your dad is fantastic! he just oozes SW USA. love it!