Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I love this holiday, not just because I'm in love, but because I feel so blessed to have so many people in my life that are parts of my heart. Hank is obviously my number one squeeze, but I have a deep love for so many of my friends, and on days like today I really love to think about them and send them little happy thoughts out into the universe. Can you feel them? I just sent one to you!

Hank and I are pretty mushy-gushy silly every day (although only in private, we are not a PDA kinda couple at all), so Valentine's Day is kind of just another day, but I really, really love any excuse to get all dolled up and go out to dinner! In the spirit of today, I thought I would link you over to "our story," so if you'd like to read how we met, click here to head over to that post.

Tonight was really fun evening. Hank got off work around 5pm, and we took some silly photos and headed over to Taj Mahal for a lovely dinner date. We love Indian food, and Taj is our favorite Indian place in town. We arrived around 6pm and were seated right away. We had a great time enjoying a slow, leisurely dinner and delicious food. Afterward we came home and got into pjs, I whipped up a quick batch of brownies, and we've been lounging around being comfy and cozy. Unfortunately Hank has to go to bed soon, because he works in the morning...but I have off tomorrow! I'm not too sure how I want to spend my day. I'm thinking maybe some antique browsing? I still need to go see Dear John too, so perhaps I can persuade one of my girlfriends to see it with me.

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Did you go to dinner or cook something at home? Did you spent it with a loved one or with good friends? Or, did you treat yourself to a quiet night at home? Whatever you did, I hope you had a great time. :)

Have a beautiful evening, I'll sign off tonight with photos...

Valentine's outfit-
dress: Nanette Lepore
necklace: Anthropologie
shoes: Target

Valentine's outfit

Hank actually let me take an "outfit" photo of him! hahahah. He is too cute, and doesn't like this one bit. He also had just gotten off work, so don't mind the semi-crinkled shirt. ;)

shirt: Penguin
belt: Ben Sherman
pants: H&M
shoes: Vans

He let me do an outfit post! :)

Happy love day!


The last "LOOK AT MY NEW TATTOO" photo you'll see...this week ;) haha. juust kidding.
another shot of my new tattoos

Valentine's manicure- OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques!" Matte color
Valentine's manicure

love my hubby


heading to dinner!
heading to dinner


Indian food

Okay, how cute is this!? Hank actually made me this foldout card...the writing is on the other side. There's a lot of cute detail to it and it just about melted my heart.
Hank MADE me this card! SO CUTE.

Here's the card I got for him...from! :)
my card for Hank- from

One of my Valentine's presents from Hank- "a rose that never dies"
"a rose that never dies"

#6 in my collection! :)
my 6th Vampire Rose

she loves her Daddy


  1. damn, are all "va-voom" in that dress!!

    cute post!

  2. Hahah Kara! Thanks. I usually cover up so it's weird to be a little! ;)


  3. you look so lovely in that dress.

    i spent my valentines day spoiling my man. i made each meal of the day for him and each meal included a gift! we also went on a nice walk.

    love the new tattoo!

  4. Oh my gosh...that card your husband made you is soooo cute! How creative of him!

  5. you two are such an adorable couple. luke and i made teriyaki stirfry for dinner with lotsss of veggies. it was delish! love the dress by the way!

    glad you had a great v-day. :)

    xoxo, Eden

  6. awe it sounds like you had a great evening with your 'main squeeze'. :)
    My hubby took me to my favorite seafood restaurant for dinner, and it was fabulous!
    I love your dress, it's sooo pretty!
    ps: the new ink is SUPER pretty.

  7. a) Happy Valentine's Day!
    b) That dress is super cute
    c) Your husband is awesome for giving you that card
    d) I LOVE "You Don't Know Jacques!" My favorite matte color


  8. You guys look so cute... Love love your style !!! Today was a special day for me because I convinced my mom to get matching tattoos and she actually did it :)))!! So we spent a few hours in the tattoo shop (of course I needed to get more done on myself ;) then we went shopping and tonight my husband and I went out to dinner. We don't do anything fancy for Valentine's day either because we think that showing love to the ones we love everyday all year long makes more sense than just celebrating on one day! Take care.


  9. guys look so perfect together!! are super all your tattoos and love your new tattoo...super rad!!!

  10. Danielle you look absolutely beautiful! That dress is so pin-up and compliments all your gorgeous body art. I'm glad you guys had a great time. Being in love is such a kick! xx

  11. OMG you are so cute. Love your Boston Terrier too :) Happy Vday!

  12. you are such a babe! i need that dress in my life!
    my boyfriend and i got indian food too - so good.

  13. What a sweet day! That card is sooo adorable and even better that he made it for you!!

  14. You two are just too cute!

    This is the 21st Valentine's Day I've spent with my husband. Through good times and bad we've always enjoyed going to the movies together and so that's what we did. We went to see The Wolfman in the afternoon and then went out to eat for dinner. He'd actually made reservations which he doesn't usually do! We gave our kids small gifts and chocolates. I bought my hub a compendium of zombie graphic novels and he bought me Quatchi- the Vancouver Olympics mascot! Overall- it was a very nice day.

  15. you guys are too adorable.
    i include your pup in that too.

  16. looking sexified lol. Jeff's birthday was sat so we went out for sushi. so instead of A v day dinner we went to dinner bell for breakfast. i know not very romantic but it was fun! we are trying to save money to move to Tucson. that is such a pretty dress!!

  17. So pretty. Your tats are amazingly cute!

  18. You look gorgeous in your photo! & I really want to buy that nail polish now. :)

  19. ahh! i love your new tattoo. :)
    the script is beautiful!

  20. LOVE the matryoshka card!!! so cute!!!

    my man-friend and i went out for a 6 course vegan aphrodisiac meal for valentine's day!!! we were soooo stuffed. but it was soooo good!

  21. boobs! :O haha! That dress is great, so pretty :)

    You both got such great cards! Cutest couple ever I think! x

  22. Hi lovely! I have missed catching up on the daily happenings of my "lil sis"! Too much to comment on...
    Can I just tell ypou how amazing you looked?! So beautiful! (& boobalicious! haha)
    Missed you! Need to start being better about reading blogs!