Saturday, March 20, 2010


weekend :)

my hair is SO long! I am beyond happy :)
the longest my hair has ever been!

It's so good to be home. I spent most of yesterday in a tired, slightly jet-lagged daze, not doing much of anything outside of catching up the Real Housewives episodes I missed while in Hawaii, and being pretty lazy. When Hank got home from work, we headed down to Phoenix to spend time with my family and have a bit of a relaxing weekend. I've written it before, but Hank doesn't get a lot of days off at this point (although that is soon coming to an end), so when he does, we try to take full advantage. We spent last night celebrating my Dad's birthday and ate delicious pizza and ice cream cake! Afterward, we all just sat around the dining room table and talked all night. It was awesome.

This morning Hank and I woke up with a huge to-do list. He needed a few new pairs of jeans and a new hoodie, so we went down to Tempe and took care of that. We had a delicious impromptu lunch at Green, and then headed over to Cosmos so my sweet friend/big sister Rhonda could do our hair. She's been doing my hair since we moved to Arizona, when I was about 14, but this was surprisingly the first time she'd cut Hank's. He is super picky and was a little nervous but we both agree this is the best haircut he's ever had! Thank you Rhonda! We love you so much. I feel so happy and lucky you are in my life. Oh! And while there I also got to meet a blog friend Lindsey (, who is a friend of Rhonda's. We got to sit and talk for awhile and I fell in love with her. She's so cute and awesome. So hey Lindsey!

For the past couple of days I've been feeling pretty unmotivated to blog, and this morning I tweeted that I had kind of lost interest in it. I received a lot of great responses, and I appreciate the kind words so much! Sometimes it's just hard to see the point of this all- it seems silly and narcissistic at times, and it's hard for me to see the "why." Luckily though, I usually only feel like this rarely. I really enjoy blogging and documenting my life, and I know I will never stop, but sometimes I just need to take a step back for a minute and take a break. It was also hard for me to get back into the swing of things after my little vacation, but I'm back now and feeling positive about it.

I go back to work Monday, and it's something I'm both dreading and looking forward to. I'm so excited to see my friends I work with, and to see my kiddos, but it's hard to get back into the groove of it all when I've enjoyed almost two weeks off. I shouldn't complain though, I know...summer break starts in 8.5 short weeks and it's going to be so wonderful.

SO, I hope all of you are having a great weekend. It's been a family weekend for us, and I feel so happy. I hope you are experiencing the same feeling!

Lots of love.

squinty in Tempe
squinty in the sun

awkward, falling off belt :/

pre-haircut. He is so handsome :)
pre-haircut! <3


veggie burger and their yummy pasta at Green! mmm
vegan lunch at Green!


  1. Your hair is soooo long!!!! What is your secret??

  2. @anonymous There's really no secret other than time and good vitamins! I also don't cut my hair all of the time- just about every other hair appointment. OH...and also having the best hair stylist ever ;)

  3. ah your hair is so lovely! it makes me wish I didn't cut mine off.

  4. Betsey, I'm sure your hair is lovely too! Mine used to be short...and the best part about it is that it always grows. <3

  5. 1) you have beautiful hair. mine is so faded. it has reminded me that i need to go in and get my colored.
    2) i totally get in that "unmotivated" mood sometimes. then it passes and i'm back in the swing of things. i experienced the same thing this week after getting home from a nice week in mexico.

    hope you have a good rest of the weekend!


  6. I am pretty jealous of your long hair!

    It's ok to feel unmotivated, I think. We all need breaks. :)

  7. Yay for summer break...I can't WAIT either! Your hair looks just lovely:)

  8. Your hair is beautiful! Mine is about that length too, and everyday I feel like cutting it, but I know I will regret it. Keep up the great blog. I read it almost everyday. I have one as well, and I know how you feel about needing a break from it sometimes.



  9. Hello from Covina, California,

    I LOVE your blog. Right now, I just graduated from college and have not been able to find a teaching position and your blog provides me with everything I need...
    -inspiration to pursue my teaching career
    - advice to enjoy life
    -something fabulous to read several times a day (I am trying to read all your post), when I have free time
    -great fashion tips.

    Have a blessed day!

  10. I feel the same way about blogging at times. It seems like a fun pastime but also so...self-involved. But I guess if you just don't take it too seriously and find the joy in it, that helps.

  11. What a wonderful couple of days!!! That sounds so great! I've been in bed most of the weekend trying to get rid of this yucky flu! Booo!

    I wanted to comment on your comment about finding the "why" in blogging and it being about me, me, me. (I know you didn't say it that way, tho.) ;) I look at it as leaving something for my kids. I don't scrapbook like I used to so if anything were to happen then they could see how much they were loved and what we did when they were younger with just a click! Your future children will love seeing what you and Hank were like before they came along!!! Just my two cents. ;)

    Have a lovely day, sweetie! xoxo

  12. you're soooooooooooo gorgeous! :) I just fell in love with your blog as soon as I stumbled by it. All your photographs and layout is just fab! am now following your blog xx

  13. Awww you're right by my mwork, nottt fairrrr.

    and i want long hair too.

  14. Oh I so cannot wait for my hair to be that long!

  15. you are so cute and sweet i think a lot of us have those days. dont stop! hahaha loving your long hair:)

  16. Hey to you too!!! Nice chatting with you and meeting Hank! Now I feel like less of a stalker and more of a friend. <3

  17. Want to let you know that I gave you an award on my new blog:

  18. Glad you got back in the swing of things with blogging :) Your hair looks GREAT!

  19. I agree with one of the comments saying that this blog is a wonderful log of your life with hank so you can show your kids in the future. What a lovely sentiment... :)

  20. P.S. I have given you an award on my blog :) You are one of my favourites!
    Clare x

  21. What a way to settle back in. Don't ya love relaxing weekends?
    Oh, & thank you for those incredibly sweet words! I'm so thrilled that he likes his hair! It was an absolute pleasure! I can't believe it has been this long til I finally got to meet Hank! He's an absolute sweetheart & I just adore him!
    LOVE YOU BOTH!xoxoxo

  22. your shoes are amazing! they look so adorable with your dress. and you tattoos are gorgeous!


  23. Its so sad to me because all the bloggers that live in AZ make AZ seem so fun! I recently moved to Queen Creek from CA and I can't find ANYTHING interesting to do since everything seems so spread out.

    A lot of people tell me if I move closer to the City it would be better. I hope that's the case. =/

  24. Your hair is soo gorgeous, I love it! I just gave up the good fight of growing my locks out. Cooongrats!! hehe

  25. your beau is more than handsome :-) and you are so sweet. your hair is long and very pretty! what do you use?

  26. I was in phoenix over the weekend and i ventured over to tempe on saturday, as well! my friend took me to eat at green and i must say i absolutely agree with you: it's the best place i've eaten in a LONG time!