Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday = Bachelor Day!

Before I even get into this entry, I have to first express my excitement over The Bachelor finale tonight! I don't even want to hint at my reaction, because there's nothing worse than a spoiler. What I will say though, is that reality shows are probably some of my favorite guilty pleasures ever! I've been watching that particular series for years, and it never ceases to entertain me...and more recently, Hank! I love that he will watch this stuff with me, and although he acts like he's not super engaged, I know he is!

Life is good here in slow-moving Prescott, AZ. This past weekend was super fun- I went down to Phoenix on Friday to spend time with one of my dearest friends Erin, and ring in her 30th birthday! She had a show at her venue (the Nile in Mesa), so we hung out there for awhile, and then a bunch of us all went over to The Yucca Taproom. It was an awesome night, and it ended with 3am burritos...what could be better? So yummy. The next day I slept in, and then spent some time with Autumm and family before I headed back up to Prescott. While I was shopping in Phoenix earlier that day though, I ran into a blog was the first time someone has recognized me like that and it was an extremely touching experience. So, hi to cutie Caitlyn Montoya! It was so nice to meet you and you made my day. Totally surreal experience to be recognized from the blog, but really neat. :) So yeah, I've been beyond busy lately between finishing up the quarter, celebrating birthdays, visiting friends, planning and shopping for Hawaii, stretching my time between both here and Phoenix, and trying to get super organized...all while being a little more tired than usual! I need to snap out of this though- I slept in way too late yesterday and it's still throwing me off a bit. But regardless, I enjoy being really busy so this is a good time for me. Work has been excellent lately too. It still blows my mind that I have just about twelves weeks until summer vacation It really feels like the year just started. It will be a little bittersweet this year because this has been the best teaching year of my life, I absolutely adore all of my kiddos, and I've had a blast with my fellow teachers. But change is good, and I'm already looking forward to our summer trips and vacations.

Here's an outfit from work today. This photo looks a little weird to me, and the dress looks a bit unflattering- it looks much better in person. I think it has something to do with the middle being pulled a little. I wore a black belt with it too, but I forgot to wear it in the photo, and Hank didn't want to take any more! haha. So this is kind of an outfit photo fail. :) Either way, it's a super comfy dress and work appropriate for me, which is a plus! If you can't tell, it's a silky material (lined so it doesn't get all staticky) with a cute embroidered type detail top. To teach I just added a simple black cardigan.

Dress: Matty B. (via Nordstrom)
Shoes: Target

today's dress for work (plus cardigan)

Tonight Hank and I had a really delicious dinner, but I was really into just enjoying my time with him and the yummy food that I didn't take the camera out. As much as I like to document, sometimes you just have to sit back and relax, with no blogging, or flickr, or anything going on. It was definitely delicious though, and it makes me happy to have dinner ready for him when he gets off work. Tonight I made soyrizo tacos. If you are unfamiliar with soyrizo, it's a vegan version of chorizo, and extremely tasty. I try to stick with mainly fresh, whole foods when I cook, but some fake meat is always yummy. We paired it with pinto beans, lots of veggies, and fresh guacamole. For dessert I made us mini root beer floats with vanilla bean ice cream and Virgils' root beer. It was delicious. I swear, the way to Hank's heart is definitely through his stomach!

On a food note, I have to share how much I LOVE planning our dinners out for the week on Sunday nights. That way, I know exactly what I need to grocery shop for, and I can have dinner ready every night when Hank gets home from work. I'm sure this is just another little crazy organizational thing my mind loves, but I find it rewarding and it makes me happy! I tweeted about this earlier (click here to follow me on Twitter), but I was wondering if any of you plan your meals each week? How many nights do you stay in and cook?

I am going to head to sleep, but before I go, I wanted to ask if any of my Phoenix readers had any recommendations for my darling Autumn! If you are a regular reader you'd know that she and her family recently moved back to the Valley- more specifically, to Scottsdale. She is looking for two things: 1) a baby photographer, and 2) a good, serious kickboxing studio. If any of you have recommendations, please comment below! She and I will be very grateful.

And one more thing- one of my readers Julio (a GUY reader, at that! They're pretty rare around these parts), runs a non-profit organization called Humility Now, helping out the homeless in downtown Miami, and they are doing something really neat. I encourage all of you to check out their website (click on the name above) to learn more about their cause.

Here's a video from one of their events, and cutie Julio is the one on the mic!

Homeless BBQ/Clothing Drive (Thanksgiving '09) from HumilityNow on Vimeo.

If you decide to order a tee-shirt (don't forget, you buy one and one goes to someone in need), click here and use the code "SOMETIMESSWEET" for 15% off until March 7th. I normally don't like to use this blog to promote random things, but I really feel this is a great cause so I wanted to help spread the word.

I'll be back tomorrow with Tattoo Tuesday, so see you then! And as always, love you guys! :)


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog and love when you post about your meal planning and what you make for dinners during the week. I don't cook nearly as often as I should (I'm working on it!) but it always inspires me to read about the healthy meals you make. My boyfriend fasts every few months and during those times he's technically a vegan. I try to find meals that we can both enjoy but it's tough to do at times. I notice many of your meals are or can be vegan friendly so I love when you post recipes and meal ideas. Sorry for the long post but I thought you should know you definitely inspire me and my meal choices! :)

    P.S. That dress is so fabulous!

  2. The way to my boyfriend's heart is most definitely through his stomach!! haha =] i think it's hilarious in how excited he gets when I cook!

    love the blog! have a great night and a fantastic tuesday!


  3. that color blue looks so great on you!

    aahh, i'm waiting for the bachelor finale to be online because i wasn't able to watch it when it aired. i already know what happens, though. still, drama like this is SO entertaining! ;)

  4. such a cute dress! love it. any other colors?

  5. Yes, I often like to plan my meals for the week. Because I am cooking only for me, I have to be careful not to overbuy - my student budget can't handle it! I also like to know what I'm cooking that night so that I don't have to worry about it that night. It also ensures that I eat healthily too, strangely enough!
    Clare x

  6. love that dress! now off to check out julio's project!

  7. hahah Danielle i love the bachelor too. i dont know why but i look forward to it and people are surprised when i say that!
    love your dress, you are always so put together. and you have hanks dinner made when he gets home!? i need to tell jacob he should do that for me:) i dont cook. he does.
    and your friends video cool, my friends have the same kinda thing going called stop the nakedness. i love when creative people GIVE to those in need.
    happy tuesday pretty lady!

  8. I, too, love my reality TV (although I prefer the Bravo variety). I've moved beyond calling it a guilty pleasure into just calling it a pleasure.

    Also, I'm amazed by people who just go grocery shopping without meal planning first. How does one do that without wasting half of what you buy? Hooray for lists!

  9. You look awesome in that dress lady.

    I totally guessed who The Bachelor was going to pick. Wasn't entirely happy about it but what can you do.

  10. Jake was such a gross bachelor. Everything about him irriated me--which made we want to watch the show even more. Tenley was way to awesome for him anyway.
    Love your dress today.

  11. I love that dress! The blue colour looks amazing with your pale skin & dark hair! I like the style though, with the elastic pulling in at the waist. You know the yellow dress Carrie wears towards the end of the SaTC movie? I have been on the hunt for something like that ever since I saw the movie! <3

  12. My roommates and I have been watching the season because we went to school with Tenley. We had such mixed feelings about the end, but we got dressed up and bought roses for the night to celebrate our guilty pleasure in style. love your blog.

  13. I usually plan our meals for a day or two but my mind can't wrap around how to plan for a whole week of meals. I'm sure I could if I sat down and really thought about it, but usually I just make something from the ingredients that are on hand.

  14. First of all - I love Virgil's root beer. It is the best!
    I also like to plan my meals ahead of time. I have a three year old and a huband, a part-time job and am working at home in my spare time (hahaha!). If I have my meals planned ahead of time it is just one less thing I have to think about. I am a big fan of soup and homemade bread or biscuits.