Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday is for relaxing!

Today has been such a wonderful, relaxing day. Hank works A LOT and really hard, and today was his first day off since the holidays. Insane, huh? He works full time and goes to school full time (business), so on his two days off from work he attends schools from 9am-5pm. He's such a hard worker and even though it can be difficult on him, this year will be the "toughest" period of time we'll have, in this kind of sense, and we're almost done. Yay! So today has been a day all about Hank. Most of the morning was spent in bed actually, half napping and half playing online. After enough sleep to last a lifetime, I watched Lars and the Real Girl for the first time. It's an odd little movie, but totally sweet and I enjoyed it.

We've spent the remainder of our day cleaning up around the house and getting stuff done for our house guests tomorrow. Our dear friend Jonathan is visiting, along with his girlfriend Danielle. She's in town from the East Coast and I'm excited to meet her. So yeah, other than that, tonight Hank and I are making tofu with peanut sauce and veggies. YUM.

Here's my super simple outfit from running errands today. I added tights and a jacket to leave the house.

dress- Forever21 (click here to view it on their website)
shoes- the same ones I wear a lot, from Target

super simple

Here are a few new polishes I picked up yesterday, I think they are really perfect for early spring!

new polishes for early spring

1. Essie's Chinchilly- a beautiful light gray
2. OPI's Bling Dynasty- a really pretty deep gold
3. OPI's Hot & Spicy- the photo is a bit misleading, it's lighter than pictured, and more of a tangerine.

As I use these colors I will be sure to post photos! While at Sephora, I also picked up a product that Amber recommended to me and that I'd seen in advertisements recently. It's Living Proof's Full Thickening Cream (click here to see the website and how-to videos!).

Living Proof Full Thickening Cream

The website says:

This styling innovation allows fine, thin hair to act like thick hair with naturally soft, touchable body. By depositing thickening points on the hair strands, Full creates a thicker surface that enables fine hair to have natural movement and bounce, beautiful shape, and volume throughout the day. While traditional thickening products create a hard, brittle hold that collapses upon touch, Full allows your style to remain flexible, soft, and resilient. Go ahead, run your fingers through your hair, no need to fear a style fall.

I would definitely agree with this product's claims. I have a LOT of hair, but fine, straight hair, so I always use a root boosting product when I blowdry. When I used this product, I combed out my damp hair, then put a nickel size dollop in my hand and worked it throughout my head. I blew dry my hair as usual, and when I was done there was a HUGE difference and my hair was a lot thicker and substantial feeling. I didn't even have to tease my hair or add hairspray, and three hours later it's still looking good! And, it smells fabulous. At $24 for a small bottle it may be a little pricy for some, but if you need extra body I would definitely splurge and get it! Let me know what you think if you try it out.

The rest of the evening is dedicated to packing for Hawaii! Very excited.

Have a lovely day! I'll leave you with a photo of my Vampire Rose collection. I'm not into toys at all (Hank is a huge vinyl toy collector), but I really love these little guys. So cute.

my Vampire Rose collection


  1. ooh where in hawaii are you going? i hope you have a great trip!

  2. I just had to come straight over here from my blogger dashboard and say what a cute dress that is. I will be visiting that site. Immediately!

  3. what cute vampire roses!
    where did you get them from?

  4. i think there is a new vampire rose toy out. man i wish i had something that would do the opposite of that hair product. my hair is full enough and its not cool. lol

  5. I love those nail polish colors, especially the gold! So pretty!

  6. @Miss September Kona! :)

    @Justinee Super 7, a store in San Francisco

    @Heather yes, the light pink you see there was the newest and sold out in a 10th of a second! haha. :) Also, you should try that brand's product for flat hair! I bet it's awesome.

  7. i just love that dress!
    and i've never seen 'lars and the real girl', but it sounds cute.

    have you tried your new polishes yet? i especially like the gold one--what a pretty color!


  8. Your outfits are always so cute. <3

    I just picked up some orange nail polish last week, definitely a spring must! That grey is calling my name too. :)

  9. ooh i must try that hair product! my hair is suuper fine :(

    you look adorable as always! have so much fun in hawaii!!


  10. I got this same "tangerine" O.P.I and I love it!! O.P.I is the best and their colors for spring are so cute.... I cannot wait to try this hair product, thanks for sharing ;) You are packing for Hawaii!! You re one lucky girl...

  11. I love that dress!! And I'm definitely buying that hair product, we have the same hair issues, but I tease mine a lot, and it does so much damage!! Thanks for the review of it!


    ps- thanks for the comment on my blog, it completely made my day :)

  12. I absolutely love the Chinchilly nail polish! I've had it on my nails for the last few weeks and I just don't want to change it! It's so pretty!

    I also have super thin hair and even though it's really curly, when I wear it straight it's way too flat! I'll have to try the Living Proof product. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I've always wanted to visit Kona. I've heard its absolutely gorgeous. I live on Oahu right now and am going to Maui in May. I hope to make it to the big island before I move off island in July.

  14. I love Lars & the Real Girl. I saw it when it was in theaters, and now I own it. I think it's a really sweet love story. A weird one, for sure, but also really sweet.

  15. I gotta try that product. I'm always on the hunt for ways to thicken my hair..I've even resorted to buying "bump-its" for volume..

  16. I use that same hair cream and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
    i've got naturally thick hair, but it tends to fall flat after a while and it helps my hair stay nice and full throughout the day. (i also like how it helps my bangs looking freshly washed!)

  17. oh i didnt know they had stuff to make hair flat. cool! The pink one and white one are soo my fave! Did you get them from rotofugi?

  18. Miss Danielle, your hair is getting SO long! Did you straighten it or is it natural? It's beautiful :)

  19. i'm glad you and hank got some time together. that's always special :)

    i was going to rent lars and the real girl from the library today! i've wanted to see it for a while. i'll have to rent it soon.

    love the outfit, once again!


  20. i love your dress!! you look so cute!

  21. Heyyy I've been wearing Chinchilly the past few days! Love it.

  22. hiya...I've been going through your archives basically trying to catch up (gives me something to do at work lol)and i wasn't planning on commenting til i got current but i saw that you watch Lars & the real girl and liked it and I had to say that is one of my fave movies and I'm ecstatic that you like it.:-)