Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday fun

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. I feel like it's such a great, relaxing day and it's always the one day of the week where I don't feel too guilty sleeping in! Today I woke up pretty early, around 7am, and waited for Hank to wake up so we could go to brunch at this place he's been wanting to try. Apparently they have some sort of banana-battered french toast. It's weird but I actually don't like going out to eat for breakfast. It's one of those meals that I really prefer at home, but every once and awhile I'll find a place I like. I'm picky- I typically like non-greasy, egg white omelettes and fresh fruit when I go out for this meal but it's hard to find a good omelette, especially one that isn't greasy and gross. Last time Erin, Alana and Shirl came up we went down to St. Micheal's and the omelette I got was actually REALLY good, probably the best one I've had. This new place though, who knows. So I ate breakfast early in case I couldn't eat anything there, but Hank woke up and actually didn't want to go! We've been hanging out, and we're going to head out on a walk in a bit, do some shopping, and finish some projects around the house.

Yesterday was a really great day too. I woke up super early and got my workout done, and then came up and got Hank and I tickets to see Lady Gaga in July! I haven't always been a fan of hers, but over the past few months I've gotten more and more into her music. Hank has always been a fan (seriously so funny to me), so he's really excited we'll be going. We got great seats as well and I'm looking forward to seeing all of her crazy outfits and costume changes! In the afternoon we went out to Hank's uncle's house for his 50th birthday and it was a lot of fun and Hank's Mom had made the most delicious cupcakes. Chocolate with cream cheese icing and vanilla with dark chocolate fudge icing. MMMM. Afterward we came home and vegged out, and I watched Troop Beverly Hills for the millionth time. I love this movie so, so, so much.

This week is going to be pretty low-key, and I'm looking forward to a really fun weekend with my family next weekend, including hanging out with Ms. Suki. She's had a weekend work schedule so I haven't seen her in a couple of months which makes me sad, but I can't wait for some girltalk. Also, today I got news that Autumn and the fam will be coming up for the 4th of July this year. I'm SO happy and even though it's months away I love having it to look forward to.

I'm off to get things done, but I'll leave you with some photos from this afternoon! xoxo

outfit details-
tube top: H&M
skirt: Cooperative (via Urban Outfitters)
shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats

how SAD does she look?! Poor little Madeline hates photos now apparently.

tired Madeline

spring day


  1. i have that skirt! it's adorable on you :)

    glad you're back to blogging more often, i've missed your posts <3

  2. Always looking so cute! Thanks to your advice, I ordered those target flats and can't get enough of them! Funny that you don't like going out for breakfast, because that's the one meal that I LOVE going out for! I'm definitely a breakfast/brunch girl.

  3. Love the outfit! So adorable.

  4. You and I have the same breakfast! I enjoy egg white omelettes and fruit every day. Also your outfit is adorable!


  5. Madeline looks so angry, lol. But you, of course, look darling.

  6. I love your outfit, it's so pin-up and really accentuates your figure. I'm going to dig out my tube tops now!

  7. cute spring skirt.
    i heart fun weekends too.

  8. I grew up on Troop Beverly Hills! I love it! That and She's Out of Control were some of my favs. :)

  9. Ahhh I love Troop Beverly Hills! It's one of my favorites!

    Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!

  10. i've always been really fascinated by lady gaga... she's just SO intriguing. but in the last few months or so i have really become a huge fan. i started reading about her personal story and the things in her past and how's she's handled them... she's such a strong spirit and i've come to really admire her and how much she really loves and accepts people for who they are. plus, her music is SO great to workout to! ;) and she has an incredible voice (unless some other popstars)... when she sits at the piano and sings, it blows me away!

    that skirt looks so great on you! :)

  11. Your tattoos are simply fabulous.

    Little Miss Paige

  12. love that skirt!! and such a cute photo of you and madeline! :)

    btw, just wanted to let you know i nominated you for a blog award that you can check out here:


  13. i love your mouse flats.
    and let me just say that i've been thinking about more tattoos alot lately, and you're the girl i always think of when i think of "how can i still be girly but have a bunch of sick tattoos?" just thought i'd let ya know! xoxox

    be sure to follow.

  14. I love love love that skirt & the mouse flats. Cutie.

  15. I nominated you for a beautiful blogger award! Yours is one of my favorites to read!

  16. I know you get a million comments so you may never even see this but I just love your blog, you are such an inspiration!

  17. Wow! I really didn't think you'd see or much less respond or MUCH LESS respond so quickly. Well, I am your newest follower although I have actually been a faithful reader for a couple of months now.

  18. love the skirt! and i love that the basic tube highlights your tattoos! adorable.

  19. i'm not sure if you'll see this but I nominated you for the sunshine awards :) xoxo

  20. you're the cutest girl alive!

    i am so jealous that you and hank are going to see GAGA! i love her so much!

    annnd, i am glad there is someone out there who shares the same love for troop beverly hills! it's my favourite movie ever, and i have loved it for so long, it never gets old!

    cute outfit, you are adorable <3

  21. OMG Troop Beverly Hills I loved that movie soooo much!!!! I totally forgot about it until I read your post!!!

  22. Troop Beverly Hills is one of my favorite movies too. It's kind of silly, but so hysterical. I always have trouble convincing people to watch it though :)

  23. I hate to be vulgar, but from one straight girl to another... you have a great rack :D