Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, on a Monday

This weekend was super relaxing, which was exactly what I needed! Hank and I decided to spend Sunday sleeping in late, and then spending time outdoors in the sun. Both of us need to get sunlight in order to stay happy, we're like plants! But really, vitamin D from the sun does a body good and since both of us are inside at work most of the week it's nice to spend an entire day outside. It's also nice to live almost right on the square and to be able to walk anywhere right downtown. When we buy our home we'd like to be more in the forest, so I am trying to treasure these times while still we live down here.

Hank looking pretty unamused at lunch!
handsome hubby

We ate at Mama Edda's, a local pizza place that has vegan meats and pizza options. Really yummy.



the cute details on the back of my dress! Gotta love Anthropologie.
back details of my dress

I love Prescott.

outside our house
pretty spring day

antique shopping

Hank's beard is shaping up nicely!
Hank's beard is shaping up nicely

photo from later in the day, heading out to do some grocery shopping...mainly excited because I can wear strapless dresses again! Yay for warm weather!

It was hard to wake up this morning after having such a pleasant weekend. I felt so relaxed and I feel like if I just had one more day, it would have been perfect! But I'm sure at the end of that day, I'd want another. These days I feel like I really am "working for the weekend" and it's been hard to have motivation during these last weeks until the summer.

So in the spirit of my non-motivation, here are two videos for your viewing pleasure! :)

And of course my favorite girl in the entire world, Dolly. I should start drinking coffee so I can have a "cup of ambition" every morning! I love this woman so, so much...I listen to her everyday and one day I WILL get a Dolly tattoo.

In other music related news, the new Gaslight album leaked. Even though I'm super excited to have it so early, it's definitely a bummer for them to have it leak two months ahead of time, so I hope that if you got a leaked copy you will join me in buying the album when it actually releases on June 15th! My friends Erin and Scotty both text messaged me the moment they noticed it was out, and when I got home Scotty sent it over my way. Erin had prefaced the album by saying that she thought it seemed a little more "emotional" and so far she's not that into it, and Scotty said it was "less rock, more talk." haha. I listened to it three times in a row this afternoon and I LOVE it. I knew they were going for a different sound, and they definitely achieved it. It's still absolutely Gaslight, but it's a bit more mellow and just a different feel. I've adored the more emotionally charged songs of theirs- I'm all about the lyrics and that really raw quality to Brian's voice, and in this album you definitely get a lot of that. Two thumbs up! If you have it, what do you think of it so far?

If you aren't familiar with The Gaslight Anthem, here's a video of one of my favorite songs off their second full-length "The '59 Sound." Most of my friends like their first album "Sink or Swim" better but I like both pretty evenly, and I especially love the "Señor and the Queen" EP - it has two of my fave songs on it. I talk about them a lot because they're one of my all-time favorite bands...if you don't listen to them you definitely should! Great stuff! :)

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. what is this new music by gas light that u tweeted about earlier. have i missed something?!

  2. Yes! I saw your tweet about Gaslight and was wanting to check them out. I'm going on a big trip soon and want to stock up on new music for the long flight!! Thanks for the recommendation!

    And it looks like you had the perfect weekend! I got to spend mine in the sun as well. Lovely. :)

  3. hi danielle, i stumbled across your blog a few months ago and i love it. i've never commented before now, but i had to tell you how much more i love your blog knowing that you love dolly! she is my home girl! :)

    but in reality, i wanted to say that you are an awesome inspiration and i'm actually in college studying to be a high school teacher, too. i appreciate a lot of the ways you live your life and i get an overwhelming sense of positivity from your blog! i also think you (and your wardrobe) are super cute!

    okay, anyway, i just wanted to stop lurking and say hi! :)

  4. Oh my gosh your weekend looks so perfect and beautiful and HAPPY! Yay you!

  5. all of these pictures are so happy and lovely!
    looks like a very good day.

  6. Lucky, I haven't heard their new album yet!

  7. Love this post! Beautiful pics, adorable dresses, cute hubby...sounds like an awesome weekend :)


  8. yayayay for the gaslight anthem! :)

  9. i LOVE gaslight anthem! my boyfriend and i used to see them in new brunswick before they blew up big time! so cool to see local guys get a break..they rule. you rule. have a good day ! :D

  10. love that pizza and your dress!

  11. I've never commented before, but there was something in this post that totally warranted speaking up....I LOVE Dolly! She is amazing, so talented. :) You have good taste!

  12. Wow, Prescott doesn't even look like AZ or anywhere new AZ in that picture!

  13. I am checking out the Gaslight Anthem on Grooveshark right now.

  14. i have that same dress i wear it with a red belt! i love it!

  15. that pizza looks super delicious! your town is so cute, i love the way you talk about it!

  16. trying to ween myself off the new gaslight album right now because i've listened to it too much in one day! really enjoying it & love the fact that a different song stands out to me each time i listen. can't wait to buy the actual cd though!

  17. oooo! post a link to download it? gaslight anthem is definitely within my top ten of all time.

  18. OOo do you have any idea where you and Hank are thinking of buying a house?

  19. 'Most of my friends like their first album "Sink or Swim" better but I like both pretty evenly, and I especially love the "Señor and the Queen" EP - it has two of my fave songs on it.'

    This is me! I love them so much that I'm not going to download American Slang, even though I really want to hear it. I feel like I owe it to them to wait until the official release date, and until I've got that CD in my hands, you know?