Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tomorrow is my Friday and I couldn't be happier. We have just a little over a month left of school and I am beyond excited to have a great summer. This summer is going to be especially wonderful, and soon we should be back in Hawaii celebrating our two year wedding anniversary! I can't wait.

This week has been a particularly hard one at work, not for any reasons specifically in my classroom, but for the air of sadness that has overcome our school. Arizona is in an educational budget crisis, and today many of our fine arts and any non-core teachers received pink slips. If the one cent tax raise does not pass, it's been said that they will be cutting a lot of our arts and music programs. This is UNACCEPTABLE. These classes are all some kids have, and getting rid of creativity in school is the worst idea I've ever heard. It's incredibly depressing that Hank and I will one day have to send our kids to private school just so they can get a decent, well-rounded education. The state of public education in Arizona (and I'm sure in other places, too) is so depressing and I'm just hoping with all of my heart that this works out in our favor. I'm upset just typing about it.

In other school news, time is just zipping by. Like I mentioned above, summer is coming closer everyday and the best part is that once it's here, Hank will be switching to 3 12-hour shifts, which allows us so much freedom to travel. He's currently working his way through his family's company, learning every step along the way and he is currently in dispatch right now, which is super crazy but it always keeps him really busy. I couldn't imagine doing a lot of what he does, but it's great he will have a feel for every position by the time he is done with this "training" phase.

I am going to sign off now and get to sleep fairly early, but I wanted to share a photo of today's outfit and a playlist before I go!

details (I guess I look sad? oops!)
dress: Lark & Wolff By Steven Alan (wrinkled on the bottom...:/)
shoes: BCBG

daily outfit

and here's a playlist...I hope you enjoy it! Let me know which song you like best.

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I'll leave you with a photo of Madeline I posted on my Twitter yesterday (click here to follow me- I hit 5,000 tweets last night, holy cow!). "Snug as a bug in a rug!" Have a good night! xo

snug as a bug in a rug!


  1. amazing playlist! excited to listen to it tonight :)

    sorry about the pink slip news..i know how that one feels firsthand :( it's disgusting how the recession is affecting school districts around the country. education should be the last thing affected. it's just horrible :(

  2. Wow. That's really horrible about the pink slips and cutting so much of the arts. This recession is just killing people and it's so, so hard to watch.

  3. I love Rainer Maria!

    It's pretty depressing to be in a profession that is doing so much I disagree with. I can't even imagine what our kids are going to have for "arts". Sad. Hopefully people will realize how much this 1 cent means to so many people!

  4. LOVE Karen O! You are an inspiration.

  5. hey, i just found your blog and it's adorable. are you allowed to show your tattoos while working? i hope so!

  6. it completely enrages me when i hear about schools cutting out music/arts programs... like you said, these classes are everything to a lot of kids. they are taking away from their creativity and their imagination and their passions, and it literally brings me to tears when i hear things like this. i'm so sorry to hear about this, i'm sending all of my positive energy your way in hopes it will help somehow. this is just horrible, my heart breaks for these kids.

  7. I hate how our state completely devalues the arts and music in our schools and how they keep cutting the things that kids love coming to school for. I teach photography and it's bad enough we have to pay for supplies in my class. I hope that the sales tax passes and that things turn around quickly! :) Love the playlist though!!

  8. Yes, the state of public education is so depressing. I adore history and would love to teach in a high school but I am too scared to switch majors and not be able to find a job! History and english and the arts are just not being valued like science and math are right now. Such a shame. Keep an eye out for an education based blog post very soon.

  9. Thank you! I actually met Megan through Tumblr, and was happy she's just as sweet in person. I've actually been a silent follower of yours for about a month or two now, so I have to admit I was a bit excited to see you stopped by, and even managed to make it through my post! I tend to get a bit long winded sometimes. :)

    I am also sorry to hear about what is going on in the school system there! I'll keep my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts your way that something can and will be done about it. Being a soon-to-be mother it's horrible hearing such things are happening. It truly scares me. (And, don't even get me started on the condition of school meals in America, oh boy!)

    Anyway, I also have to take a moment to tell you how darling you look ALL THE TIME! We're moving to California in July and I own next to zero skirts and dresses... or any thing appropriate for life in southern Cali - and your outfits are a daily inspiration as this baby nears her birth and I think about all the new clothes I'll be able to invest (and fit) in before we move! :)

    - Kristina

  10. I love colourful dresses with dark hair!

    I agree public education is in dire straits. How can we be paying more taxes yet the government has less money to give?

  11. I hear you on school budget cuts. But hey - at least you're not in California. I'm lucky to be graduating now, but my little brother will be a freshman next year and I'm terrified. There's already gonna be a reshuffle of epic proportions of teachers and administrators. If you'll pardon my language, we're in deep shit. And what's horrible is that it's not the fault of the teachers or the administrators (or most of them anyway). I've received a better education at a public school with literally no money than my friends at a private school fifteen minutes away that's prettier than a college campus. No, it's not the fault of the teachers that our test scores are low. It's the fact that we're testing kids that don't speak English, among other things. How are you supposed to pass a test in a language you don't know, especially when your parents are farmers that move with the seasons? Ughhhh. Oof, that turned into a rant. But it's gonna turn around, it has to. Eventually we've gotta get funding - you just can't ignore a state that provides a big percentage of your food, entertainment, population....right? :(
    Good luck!

  12. love your blog and even more so, your style! so cute!

  13. oh no this is terribly depressing! Art was my favorite subject in school. This recession thing needs to be over NOW.

  14. I feel the same way about education here in Texas. Everyday we face cuts in budgets and my friends in Houston and Austin are losing jobs right and left. It's absolutely ridiculous that something as important as an education is left by the wayside in budgeting. :( I feel your pain!

  15. I can't imagine going to school and not having a fine arts program. I'm an art major at UGA and I was in band all through middle and high school--I held the drum major position my junior and senior years. I also participated in the National Art Honor Society a couple years in high school. My life would be completely different if I hadn't had those experiences; they were what kept me sane while I had to trudge through physics and calculus.
    But honestly, ANY cut in the school systems is a bad one, whether it be arts or science or athletics. Education ought to be the very last thing to go-- sadly, it seems to be one of the first.

  16. That breaks my heart about the art programs. I am currently in school for art education, and news like this really worries me. It's my heart and soul, and it always has been. I know a lot of kids feel the way that I do, and I honestly can't imagine having gotten through school without the arts to sustain me. They think that drop out rates are bad now? Feeew! They'll see soon enough JUST how important it is to keep those programs around.

    Sorry to be a negative nancy, but that topic just really gets me heated.

    Hope you have a better week, and summer vacation will be here before you know it!

  17. Education is suffering all around the U.S. and it's so so sad. The school where I work is also cutting lots of staff members including all art and p.e. teachers for grades k-7, and most art staff for 8-12. The environment at our school is so negative, and it's hard for the students and teachers to focus on the education part!

    I hope tax raise passes so that the schools can keep their spirits up!

  18. Your playlist is so cute!!! I've never heard of Rainer Maria, but I fell in ♥ with that song!! "Slow life" is such a beautiful song. I've always loved what grizzly bear has done with their music.

    My best friend's mom got the pink slip as well. I know in michigan they've already closed bunch of school. It saddens me alot.