Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hank and I go to Comic Convention every year, and yet again it will be taking place in San Diego this summer. It's always SUCH a fun time, and I really look forward to seeing our friends more than anything. The week is always filled with lots of laughs, good food, and tons of swimming. This year will be a little different as we're expecting our first child, so I'm excited to find all sorts of fun toys and goodies for our little one. I know Hank will be on the hunt for some original art to hang in the nursery, and I'm sure I'll find a few cute plushies. Can't wait. This year the hotel booking system was pretty horrible, so we only just got our rooms confirmed. We usually stay at a hotel that's really close to the convention (walking distance), but apparently it was sold out this year, so we'll be at one a bit farther away (5 miles) but with much better ammenities. I can't wait to sun my pregnant belly and swim all day long while Hank is at the convention. I usually only go for one to two days, which is definitely enough for me, and I enjoy relaxing and shopping during the other days. This year I am hoping to spend as much time as possible with one of my childhood best friends and family friends (we call each others' parents Aunt and Uncle) who recently moved to San Diego from New Jersey with her new husband who is a Marine.

In the spirit of Comic-Con, here are a few photos from last year!

driving to CA! I was gracious enough to drive for awhile ;)
hitting the road for San Diego

at Super7's annual Preview Night dinner
SDCC Preview Night '09

look good enough to eat! candy :)

at Pokez
Hank and Scott

I don't know who the dude is...but his costume was intense

Happy Friendship Anniversary, you two!



and I can't resist...a couple from the year before!

hank is so excited!

Scott and Hank, typical
scott and hank

Gargamel guys
hank and gargamel guys


darth vader the pedestrian, totally normal

So now, the question...are any of you going to Comic-Con? :)


  1. Maybe if I start walking now, I can get there in time. Oh my gosh I miss home! I used to love when I could drive down to the gaslamp, and while enjoying my patio lunch, spot my fellow nerdlies walking the streets. Tell San Diego hello, and I miss it for me :) And most of all, have fun!

  2. I would LOVE to go to Comic-Con. I'm jealous of everyone who goes. I would totally get costumes and dress up too. Have fun!!

  3. We use to go ever year! It's a ton of fun, I was pregnant last time I we went, it was fun for two seconds that year haa! You guys have to eat at Cafe Sevilla on 4th amazing spanish food.

  4. Follow me! Followed you!


    Thank you,
    Paislea Carlson

  5. What a cool idea! My fiance LOVES comic books but we have never been to a convention! Sounds ace!
    Love your tattoos by the way - they're awesome!


  6. SO lucky! I have no chance of getting there anytime soon, living in the UK and all. SUPER jealous.

    Hope you guys had lots of fun though and found what you were looking for :)

  7. Very very lucky!! One of the resons I wish I lived in the US. I hope you have a great time, again!!


  8. I always go to comicon in NY but i always wish i was at the one in california. They do it so much bigger there.

  9. No, I'm not going. But that sounds awesome! Maybe I'll go with Brett next year! :)

  10. I wish I could go. But I'm trying to keep my summer super low key because of how stressful school was this year. I hope you, Hank, and your baby :) have a wonderful time!

    Love and Turtledoves,

    P.s. I am totally jealous of your picture with the Storm Trooper.

  11. I attended my first comic convention as a vendor about a month ago and was completely blown away. I sort of knew what to expect but I was still a little frightened at times. Especially since my boyfriend had to work so I had to work the booth myself and thus got hit on my every man over 35 who wanted to share his video collection with me. I hope you have a great trip!

  12. we have smth similar in Italy---in Milan, in Rome, but the most beautiful every halloween's weekend is this one:

    we all use to cosplay, it's such a fun!!!!!

  13. I'm not going this year, but I'll gladly meet you at Pokez! One of my favorite reasons to drive downtown!

  14. Oh I wish I was going. One day I will go! I always get a table in Artist Alley at the huge Toronto Comic Convention. It's the closest we have to the San Diego Con.

  15. I'll definitely be there. How fun. Maybe I'll see you there.

  16. I'll be there! This will be our (my SO and I) third year in attendance. Love Comic Con, so much. If I see you, I'll try to say hello, even if that might be a bit wierd. :)

  17. Love that you guys ate at Pokez. I love that place. I live in SD and have been eating there for years.

  18. I have never been to Comic Con but I dream of going, some day!

    I am, however, going to Wizard World in Philly in a few weeks. Sort of a mini Comic Con.

    It's great to find out that you are a fellow geek! Haha

  19. oh man lucky you ive been tryin to go to comic con for a few years now but have noone who wants to go i may finally go this year to the one in nyc

  20. OMG, I have to show my son some of those pics. He is obsessed with Star Wars!
    San Diego is one of my favorite places!

  21. My boyfriend, our best friend and I are flying over from Australia to go! We've wanted to do it for years. It'll be our first time in the States, we're so excited!

  22. wow!!! that looked like A LOT of fun!! i wish i could go... :)


  23. oohh FUN! i've always always wanted to go to comic con... it seems completely awesome! :)

  24. Ah, Pokez! Haven't been there in years!

    My brother wants to go to Comic Con, some of our friends go, so I wouldn't mind going for a day or two. Depends, though. :)

  25. I don't know why I felt it necessary to post such a banal comment, but in the fourth pic down your husband is wearing a Converge t-shirt that my husband also has. I hate it when he wears it because it is too short for him, and I am constantly hiding it from him because I do not have the heart to get rid of it without his consent. I have never seen anybody else wearing this shirt, and for some reason seeing your hubby in the same tee gave me laugh! Hopefully his is well fitting ;)


  26. How exciting! Me and my boyfriend might go this year - it always lands around his birthday so we might celebrate it in San Diego.

  27. I SO want to be at Comic Con this year!!! My bf and I

    Pokez food is the shit.... but don't expect much from the staff

  28. Hey, i just was curious where Hank heard about "This is Hell", i'm from long island and i'm very familar with that band, sucha small world

  29. Shannon,

    This is Hell has toured with Hank's band before, and some of the guys (in the original line up) are good friends of his.

    Small world :)

  30. How fun! I am so bummed it is sold out. I just found your blog and I happen to be a San Diego native. :) Pokez is delicious! Enjoy!