Saturday, May 8, 2010

Formspring is back!

...for awhile at least! Feel free to ask me anything on this strange little site. I'm at my parents' house tonight, laying low after a day chock full of family fun, so I'll be around to answer them. I'm super tired after being pretty busy all morning and afternoon- my mom, sis and I saw Babies, ate Japanese food for lunch, shopped at Target for baby stuff (!!), and then enjoyed some yummy gelato. Afterward my parents and I hit up Whole Foods, Sprouts and TJs so they could treat me like I was 18 and in college again by stocking Hank and I up with groceries. They're so sweet it kills me. Love you Mom and Dad! Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so we have another busy day planned with fun stuff. It's kind of my first Mother's Day, I guess, even though the child I am a mother to is still floating around in my womb! haha. I hope all of you have a grand ole night- and here's the link to my formspring! There's also a box on my left hand side bar.


  1. i am so terrible with my formspring... i open it and close it more than normal people. i think i've closed it and re-opened it like 8 times.. haha

  2. Oh, how was Babies? I can't wait to see that...however it's only limited release here in Canada I think

  3. I saw that you are wanting natural birth, exciting! I hope that it all works out for you. xoxo

  4. happy mothers day! so exciting :)

  5. hi mama,
    just wanted to say hope you had a wonderful mother's day!
    kisses and xx