Sunday, May 16, 2010

If you squint your eyes and look really closely...

14 weeks...maaaaybe the beginning of a little bump? haha

I swear you can see the very beginnings of a baby bump! haha. Or maybe that's just the veggie burger I ate for lunch. A few of my friends started showing around 14-16 weeks with their first pregnancy, but I have the feeling I won't until 5 months or so. I can definitely tell that my stomach isn't as flat as usual, and in this photo I can absolutely see that it's a little rounder. It will be fun once I have an honest to goodness bump to show off though- my MIL laughed at me and said that she'd remind me that I said that when I'm 9 months along and ready to be done!

Things are trucking along well. This weekend I've blogged quite a bit due to being sick and having tons of down time, and it was nice to get back into the swing of things. I've gotten tons of sleep over the past couple of day and I am finally starting to feel a little better. I hope this week is smooth sailing in regards to my health and I can end the school year on a positive note.

I've asked this via my Twitter, but I was curious if any of you had any mommy blogs you'd like to recommend to me. I'm having a great time discovering new ones and suggestions are always welcome!

Here's to a great new week!


  1. Wow, you're so little for 14 weeks!
    I already started forming a little bump at 12 weeks. I feel huge now and people are starting to ask when I go out in public haha!

  2. I really love bleubird's blog about her pregnancy, but I'm sure you've heard of her! Congrats on your tiny baby bump!

    Love and Turtledoves,

  3. You're going to be such a cute preggo momma! I didn't start showing until way later in my pregnancy, which really stunk because I wanted the big baby belly. I wanted people to notice I was pregnant and not just eating a whole bunch of food for the hell of it!

    You should check out these blogs:

  4. I can see it, I can see it!! Look at you how cute!

  5. the blog is a satire of all the mormon mommy might find it funny! i know i do :)

  6. You're adorable! You'll be the cutest preggo mom :) Yay for all your healthy eating and working out! The little one is appreciating it so much!

    Hope you know you're my fitness inspiration girl..some days I wouldn't get to the gym without your posts/tweets. You're helping tons of girls out there with healthy eating and fitness :)

    Can't wait for so many great things in your life! You truly deserve the best <3



  7. Girl's Gone Child is a really good one.
    She's really funny and honest.
    Love it!

  8. I was about 15-16 weeks when I really started looking pregnant and not just fat with my first one. With this one, my 2nd, I'm starting to notice it a little sooner. I've always had a pooch but this is way worse than that!

    I'm not too sure of a lot of mommy blogs. I follow a few. No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane is a good one. But I feel like all the mommy blogs are way too religious for my liking. And this is coming from a good Christian girl!

  9. a good mommy blog I like to read is

  10. To name a few of my fave mama blogs...

    Under the Sycamore ( - AMAZING photographer super-mum. This one doesn't work in Reader but is worth the visit.

    Dash & Bella ( - Cooking with kids

    Prudent Baby ( - for a craft angle.

    Samster Mummy ( - another crafty mama who is pregnant with her second, not too much further along than you.

    BTW, you look fab :) And your MIL is right... you want to keep that baby bump under wraps for as long as you possibly can. It is so damn inconvenient by the end of your pregnany!


    is one of my favorites!
    Oh!and - I think you'll like her a lot!

    & then a couple mommies from Tumblr. I know having one blog is already super busy, but if you ever do decide to get one, let me know! I've found some amazing mothers on there! :)
    I'm so glad you're doing well and getting some rest, (enjoy it now!) ;)

  13. i am so excited to see your belly grow! heavily tattooed mom's are the best! you are going to be even more adorable than you already are!

    i love this blog:

  14. I was the exact same way as you when I was preggo with my now 21 month old son. I didn't really start to noticeably show until I was 7 months along!!! I was carrying him so close to my back, no wonder it hurt all the time. Since I basically just popped out at 7 months and kept growing from there I did get some stretch marks on my hips (not my tummy), I was horrified because no other woman in my family has ever gotten them from pregnancy. Anyway, you look great!!!
    Some people have already posted some of the mommy blogs I read, but
    this is a really cute one and very inspiring. (Although I am not mormon).
    The artist and all around great gal Sarah Jane has a lovely blog and she has tons of links to great mommy finds. I love her!
    My son's nursery was featured on her blog a couple of weeks ago.

    I used to have a mommy blog but I set it to private for the time being, but I also have a photography/mommy blog here...

  15. You look great! I read quite a few mom blogs - kinda funny since I have no kids, but all my favourite bloggers started having kids a couple of years ago and I still love reading them! Some awesome ones: (she is SO funny) Amy from this blog also wrote a pregnancy column when she was pregnant that was a great laugh as well as informative:

    I love OMG I'm a Mom! at

    Molly at These Little Moments is due to give birth to a baby boy in 5 or 6 weeks:

    Those are my favourites!

  16. I can totally see a baby bump sister!!!! yay my niece or nephew is growing there is evidence!!!!


    This is a "daddy blog" rather than a "mommy blog" but I absolutely love it.

    Check it out.

  18. This is one of my favorite mommy blogs...

  19. oh man i look more pregnant than you and i'm not even pregnant... :/

  20. You are super cute! and i love the tat!!

    I am forwarding an award along to you! Come check out my blog for details!! :-)

    Overthinking Mama

  21. I can see the bump! How exciting :D

    My favorite baby blog is definitely Dear Baby:
    It's just so absolutely precious!

    - Laura,

  22. How exciting! Congratulations to you!

  23. A friend of mine does a website that has all kinds of product recommendations and awesome giveaways. Check it out.

  24. LOVE IT! It is teeny tiny but I see it! YEA! Ok, so, I didn't show with my first til I was 6 mos but Talia was another story. Ugh. ANyway, you will love having a bump. Even if it's only to give you affirmation ARE pregnant & not that you ate too much! haha

  25. one of my favourite blogs is boho girl, aka denise andrade... she is such a dear woman in my life. her son, cedar, who is around 15 months i believe, is adopted, and her journey as a mother has been so beautiful. she's so honest and vulnerable and i have such respect and admiration for her, not to mention i really look up to her. it's not just a mommy blog, but also a blog about her journey as a woman and really learning to love and respect her femininity. aahh, she's such a beautiful soul. i cry all the time reading her blog because it's so genuine and emotional!

  26. I can see it! What a beautiful little baby home! ;)

  27. aw i'm glad things are going so well, and i'm so glad that you're happy. i've been hearing about so many unwanted pregnancies recently (which is understandable, most of my friends are 20 and younger) but it had become such a downer. i'm glad to see that you are doing things "right" i guess. its an inspiration for me. you're prepared for a child, and i believe that makes a huge difference in everything. anyway, i don't mean to sound preachy to people that might have done things differently, i guess if i ever want to have children, i would do it after getting married and finding a "nest" and spending some time developing my relationship with my husband and preparing for children. not telling my boyfriend one day "hey im pregnant, lets get married". too much stress for me to begin a marriage with.

    okay, i'm rambling. i love reading your blog and i look forward to updates on your little bun in the oven! :)

  28. lol you have a smaller bump then me and I'm not preggo :)

    the BEST baby from the beginning.

  30. i'm 37 weeks and almost done! i hope you have an enjoyable "being preggers"!