Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

It's wonderful Sunday and I'm totally exhausted after spending a great weekend with my family. It was fun celebrating both Hank and my birthdays (his is on June 1st), and it was nice dedicating the entire time to family, rather than running around trying to get things done and see friends. I am finally feeling like it's summer, and I'm sure that's mainly due to the summer time barbecue we had, and all the time in the sun and in the pool at my parents'. And what a relief to NOT have to go back to work tomorrow. I have a nice day of relaxation planned- gym early in the morning and then I'll be getting things done around the house.

I hope all of you are having an excellent holiday weekend! Here are a few photos I snapped yesterday. I really need to take some belly photos so I will be doing that this week as well. Have a great Monday!

parents' backyard

Madeline is SUCH a water dog and hates getting out of the pool! It's so cute.
Boston with a purpose!

water dog

a good Dad

It's our birthday!

Hank loves Carvel ever since his first trip back to NJ with us a few years ago!
Hank's favorite- Carvel ice cream cake


and for a fun comparison, here's us LAST year, celebrating in Vermont! We have six years of photos of blowing out our birthday candles together. I love that and feel so lucky to have our birthday just days apart.

making a wish

my sister's newest tattoo!
Lauren's new tattoo

hanging out with my grumpy girl
love her!


  1. Totally diggin' the swoop your bangs are doing in last year's b-day photo. And Happy Belated Birthday! Madeline is such a cutie :)

  2. we spent the day with family and in the pool too! here is a cute one of malcolm:

    and that photo of the candles from this weekend... your lil' doggie jumping up to look! so funny, haha!

    danny and i have birthdays one day apart. i wish we would have taken photos of our cakes every year like this. too cute.

  3. My fiance and my birthdays are apart by a little less than two weeks so everytime October comes around it feels like a month of celebrations! The blowing out the candles picture is really cute too, I should think of something clever to do like that!

  4. Looks like a great time doll! Ps. That cake looks amazing & your sister's tattoo is beautiful! Another great post.


  5. Sounds like a great birthday, cute pictures

  6. Awww the dog its so cute! i want a swimming pool right know XD
    Happy B. blessings

  7. Haha look at your ridiculously cute dog watching you and hank blow out your birthday candles, so adorable!

    Happy belated birthday to you both :)

  8. wow your camera takes the prettiest pictures-so bright and clear! i love you sis, happy birthday. ml

  9. This pool just makes me want to jump right in!! Pretty pictures and Madeline is the cutest...!

  10. my hubby`s and my b-days are a week apart and we like to celebrate together too. :)

  11. madeline is so cute in the pool. You dont look big at all girly! It will be cute when you have the pregnant belly!

  12. That's so awesome that yours and Hanks birthdays and your anniversary are so close together! My boyfriend and I are 4 days apart (Sept 22 & 26) and I've always wanted a fall wedding. Maybe we'll get married that week so we can have a week of awesome celebration too! :) Cute photos, by the way.

  13. oh my gosh, your sister's tattoo is so, so beautiful!

    happy belated birthday. :)

  14. so dying to see your baby belly!

    and i love that you two take birthday blowing out candle pictures together every single year.


  15. looks like so much fun! cute photos!

  16. LOVE your husbands tattoos! What i can see of them in those photos anyways. How interesting it would be to feature him on your tattoo tuesday posts!

  17. This is how I wanna spend my summer this year! I love hanging out in my parents' house in Chicago. Being away from my parents for almost a year makes me miss 'em so much. Just hanging out by the swimming pool with them and my guy is perfect. I really hope to spend my summer with them after I fix some maintenance in my apartment. Your dog is so cute! ♥