Friday, May 28, 2010

Music recommendation

Hi everyone! I wanted to make a quick post about one of my most favorite hip hop artists, Fashawn. Hank actually turned me onto this guy, as he is a friend of his friend Chris in Fresno. The first time I heard his mixtapes I fell in love with him, and every single song on his album, Boy Meets World, is just so good. I'm not sure if many of you are into this type of music, but if you are (and even if you aren't), you should give him a listen! And really check out that whole album outside of the video I posted below, the songs are phenomenal.

Download Fashawn's album at Itunes.

One of my favorite songs on Boy Meets World:


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm really digging this tune! I'd never heard of Fashawn before tonight. I'm from Fresno and what's crazy is that his Wikipedia page says he lived on First/Shields, which is one cross street over from where I grew up! (In a city of 1/2 a million.)

    Oh, and I just adore your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy! I love all of your outfits -- and your cutie-pie Boston Terrier! My husband and I also have a Boston named Abbie. She just turned 10 months old. :) Good night!

  2. I think I LOVE him! what a great song/video!!
    thanks for the recommendation!

  3. If you love Fashawn, check out Brother Ali...just saw them both about a month ago and it was awesomeness

  4. Hah! I'm about 45 miles south of Fresno and have never heard of him! How crazy. Thanks for the post!

  5. Fashawn IS great! I'm so glad to see him here. What a small world, I live here in Fresno and it's really awesome to see how well Fashawn is doing.

    xo, alexandra