Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Readers: I'd love your help getting started!

So I decided to list my blog at for fun, and so I can hopefully meet more moms and moms-to-be in this wonderfully huge blog world! It would be super helpful if you could click this button, or the button on my right hand side bar to vote for Sometimes Sweet. I believe you can vote each day, and when you click on the button there is no registration required whatsoever. Simply click on the button, then click again on the next screen. And wa-la! You've sent in a vote for me- it's super simple. I'm just getting started so I definitely appreciate it! You guys are the best. xoxo

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  1. I'll definitely vote for you! I love your blog.
    Lol I just signed up for that site as well today with the same hopes. I love reading other blogs about pregnant mom's and mom's with newborns. I don't know it makes me feel more relaxed about the whole situation. :)

  2. You might want to edit this post and say which rank you are hon cos there's over a thousand blogs listed so it's hard to find yours amongst them to vote!

  3. it votes automatically after you click the button and proceed to the site (i think)

    When I voted earlier you were at rank 160 now you are at 106 :)

  4. last week you hated blogging and the lack of privacy now you want to exploit the hell out of your unborn child. make up your mind!!!

  5. haha exploit?!? just for wanting to be on a baby blog list to meet more mother and father bloggers...

    Also everyone knows pregnancy makes your hormones go haywire and so its perfectly natural to end up changing your mind and views day to day!

    It is a shame people feel they have the right to leave mean comments, especially when reading a blog is a completely voluntary affair!

    Ignore it Danielle x x x

  6. Pally Sea-

    Everyone else, please excuse my language...

    Fuck off. Seriously. Don't come back to my blog. And really? Hiding behind an unlinked, anonymous name? I shouldn't be surprised though. If you're going to be an asshole at least show your identity. Me wanting to be part of a MOMMMY NETWORK of blogs has nothing to do with exploiting my unborn child OR changing my mind about blogging. I was concerned about the safety issues of blogging. You obviously read my blog and you should know that. Joining a mom-blog network has nothing to do with that.

    Take your annoying judgments elsewhere, you are not welcome here.

  7. OMG Danielle, this is exactly why I love your blog! Like you, I can't help but tell people to shove it when they are total assholes.
    love it!
    xo erin

  8. Well said Danielle!! your comment definitely echoed my thoughts and i am sure everyone elses!

    (I always try and link to my flickr but it doesn't seem to work, wondering if twitter will work this time...)

  9. Danielle :)
    I love you for that!

  10. I will try my best to help you.

  11. i voted 3 times already and i see you as Current Rank: 52. :)

  12. God people can be such assholes!
    I voted for ya, you have an amazing knack for writing and I think reading your journey through pregnancy and motherhood will be just as if not more interesting. A journey worth sharing with a lot of other new mom's.
    p.s- when you are happy and popular you will always have haters, once I get some I'll know I've made it in the blog-a-sphere, haa!