Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday wrap-up!

Another week, and still feeling really, really good! Hank and I keep laughing because we'll go go go all day long and all of a sudden I'll be hit with this insane wave of exhaustion out of nowhere. It's so funny to us because we seriously forget that I'm pregnant every single day. I'm thinking once I have a bump it will be harder to forget but right now if we aren't discussing something baby related it's completely out of our minds! So weird. Yesterday was one of those days where we did so much and I felt great, until 9pm hit and I fell asleep sitting up. Too funny.

I didn't bring my camera out unfortunately, but it was a really fun day that started fairly early with a walk over to the coffee shop so Hank could get a cup of coffee. We walked around a bit downtown- they were having a huge dog festival and it was the cutest thing. There were hundreds of dogs, a huge doggy buffet lunch out of dog bowls, paw art you and your dog could create and bring home, tons of vendors, exhibitions with police dogs and name it, it was there! All of the dogs were so happy, wagging their tails, smiling. It melted my heart. We explored for a bit then decided to grab lunch at Hugo's. I got a green corn tamale with veggies and Hank got two bean tacos. Seriously delicious. Afterward we headed over to Target to pick up a few odds and ends, then went to Harkins to meet Hank's Mom and step-dad to see Iron Man 2. I usually really love comic book/superhero movies, and I did like Iron Man, but Iron Man 2 was just okay in my opinion. Hank really liked it though, and that was all that mattered to me. I figure now he owes me a Nicolas Sparks or other girly-movie date in the future! haha.

After the movie we headed to the gym, and after a really great workout, we went over to Bill's Pizza to grab some dinner. Our good friend/Hank's band-mate Pat was working and it was great to see him as always. He's going to Spain next week and I am SO excited for him. He's doing France too and all the awesome touristy things. I really can't wait to see photos! But anyway, Bill's is a really delicious downtown pizza spot a stone's throw from our house and right on the square. Bill makes amazing pizza- wholesome, fresh ingredients and they have this TO-DIE-FOR spring greens, spinach, cranberry, feta cheese (pasteurized for the pregnancy police that frequent this blog and my formspring! haha), almonds, and balsamic. So good. They had live music going (Willie Nelson covers! Yes!) so it was just a really nice evening. And before I forget, a few people have asked for a better photo of the dress I wore yesterday in those photos. Excuse my weird facial expression, but here it is! The dress is from Urban Outfitters last summer- I bought it while we were visiting Burlington, Vermont.

weird facial expression, but this is the dress for those who asked! It hits right above my knees.

When we got home I seriously passed out and fell asleep around 10pm. I woke up this morning around 10am feeling incredibly refreshed and wonderful. It makes me happy to know that in four short days I can sleep in every single day until school starts again in August. Some of you may follow me on Twitter (click here) and saw that I was going back and forth about returning to work next year before the baby arrives, since it's just for 9-11 weeks depending on how I feel. I made a decision, and I've decided to go back and work until the baby arrives. That means the birth will be covered by double insurance (both Hank's that I'm on, and mine), so it works out so, so well financially. I also think that I may get pretty bored not working June-November with no baby to take care of. We are also still house hunting and hoping to find something we love by the fall. There's so many great properties up here and I know it will happen sooner than later.

Today is going to be a pretty relaxing day. Right now I am figuring out dates for our Hawaii trip in June to celebrate our wedding anniversary, it's a pretty last minute trip but I seriously can't WAIT to go. Hank still hasn't seen the house (just his Mom and I went last month), so I'm super excited. I'm looking forward to a romantic week on the beach, relaxing on our deck, enjoying the pool, and cooking yummy food. Counting down. ANNNND tonight is the LOST finale! After investing 6 years of our life into this show, Hank and I are both sad and excited to see how it ends. Bittersweet for sure.

Speaking of television, while I was sick in bed last week I got into a new television series and fell so in love with it. It's hard to believe I hadn't seen it sooner, given my total fascination with this time period, but The Tudors has completely entranced me and I highly, highly recommend it! The first two seasons are currently on Netflix Instant Play.

So his week leads into both Hank and my birthday week (his June 1st, mine May 29th), our wedding anniversary (May 31st), Shirley's birthday celebration, the last week of school, and the start of summer! Can't wait. I'm excited to spend a lot of time down in Phoenix this summer, swimming at Autumn's new house and hanging out with my girls. If any of you are teachers you understand the extreme giddiness that is felt during the end of the school year- it's seriously like being a kid again!

As far as how I've been feeling with the pregnancy, I've been doing very well. Feeling great, besides this pesky cold I caught last week, but now I am back to healthy. I got back in the gym this weekend and I'm feeling great. We learn the baby's gender on June 25th which is just about a month away! I'm so excited. Hank still thinks the baby is a boy but I'm not sure. I don't have a strong feeling one way or the other.

This week Baby H is the size of an orange!

Your Baby: Week 15

Continuing the march towards normal proportions, baby's legs now outmeasure the arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably still can't feel the movements.

I also had a couple of questions for for Mama friends:

1) Did you have a feeling that your little one was a boy or girl? Were you right? Did any of the "old wives' tales" ring true for you? Like no morning sickness = boy, etc.?

2) At what point did you have trouble sleeping? Do you recommend any type of pillow or sleeping support? I'm sleeping wonderfully still but I'm definitely curious for when the time comes.

3) At the "big" 20 week ultrasound when they do the gender reveal, what else do they check? I forgot to ask our doctor last time and I was wondering. I've looking online at my usual go-to websites (babycenter and thebump), but there's always tons of conflicting info.

Oh, and don't forget I have a formspring- I've answered 562 questions as of today, and it's a fun way to interact with all of you! You can use the box on the left hand side of my blog or go here:

I hope everyone has a beautiful, wonderful Sunday. All my love!

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  1. Delightful to read your post as usual... you look great and I cannot wait to see your baby bump!

  2. 1)when i was pregnant with my first, i just knew it was a boy, and it was! i'm feeling "boy" again this time around as well. but we're not going to find out the sex, and let it be a surprise this time. the old wives' tale of no morning sickness didn't work in my favor. i have been sick in both pregnancies. also the way i carried my first son caused strangers to come up to me saying they were certain i was having a girl. i gave up telling people i already knew it was a boy.

    2)i started having lots of trouble sleeping around 7 months. i started sleeping on my side with a body pillow under my belly. that seemed to help a bit, aside from the frequent midnight bathroom trips.

    3)they basically just checked all the limbs and organs, and told me how big the baby was measuring.

    i need to watch The Tudors. i would see previews for it all the time when i was watching Big Love on demand, and it looked really interesting. i think all the seasons are currently on demand for us, so i ought to check it out.

    i also know what you mean about the pregnancy police following you around. i work with a lady (who has never been pregnant, mind you) and she always feels the need to tell me i should not eat chocolate. even if i'm eating one hershey's kiss.

  3. With my first baby I remember stepping into the bath tub and it hit me like a ton of bricks... ITS A BOY! LOL! And with my second baby I just knew it was a girl... no bath tub revelations! And I was right with both!! And now I have Jack and Emily and couldn't be happier!
    I had a hard time sleeping towards the end with my first. The second time around I was to wiped out from chasing #1 around to not sleep!
    Good luck with everything!!! I do hope you share the sex of your baby!

  4. sounds like a fun weekend! that dress is really cute!

    i watched the tudors show last year on netflix. only finished the first season, though. i started watching it cause i was quite fond of the man who played henry (jonathan rhys meyers), haha. then after watching the first season, i watched the movie "the other boleyn girl".

    it is such a hot day in michigan, it makes me feel sleepy.

  5. Your 20 weeks scan will be a full anatomic scan, check organs, the baby's size, etc. They'll also look at your uterus, the placenta, and your amniotic fluid levels. So exciting :) You're going to love it! Seeing your baby's silhouette is fascinating, but watching them assess everything adds to it a lot!

  6. we have the same birthday!!!!
    you're the only other person ive met who has the same birthday as me.
    this is epically amazing!

  7. 2 people that were pregnant that i know bought this "pregnancy pillow" and were completely obsessed with it.
    it's U-shaped like this one:

    it's HUGE and both of their significant others complained that it took over the bed..but well..TOUGH!
    they said that it made sleeping a lot more comfy!

  8. Oooo! The Tudors is an amazing show! One weekend my husband and I got sick together. We had season one on dvd that someone had given us for Christmas or something. We watched that entire season in a day. We were so wrapped up in it that my husband went out that night and bought season 2. It's kind of ridiculous.

    And you look sooooo cute. It's true what people say about "glowing". When I was pregnant with my first, I didn't even have to tell my boss. He knew as soon as I walked into work and asked when I was due.

  9. The Tudors is good, but so many boobie shots! All his maidens and wenches get their boobs out within their first few scenes it seems like lol

  10. at the very beginning of my pregnancy i just knew we were having a boy, later on though i started to doubt myself.
    at the 20 week scan they check that everything is healthy and growing well, the scan for me took quite a while as they give every little piece of your baby a good once over! i remember feeling so relieved after that scan, it's good to know everything is on track!
    i started having trouble sleeping at around 7 and a half months since that was when i was getting to be pretty elephant-like! i found the best way to get comfy was to use one of those long body pillows and a couple regular pillows as well to support my hips, i don't know how my husband fit in the bed with me and all my pillows!

  11. Omg I know what you mean about the exhaustion part. Especially when I was around the same time you were. It gets better as you get farther along in the 2nd trimester I can tell you that much but you'll still get tired if you're out and about for a long period of time. I always do lol.

    Any, answering your questions:
    1) I did have that feeling. I knew 100% since week 13 that I was having a little girl. People would tell me oh its going to be a boy blah, blah, blah and I was still certain it was a girl. Well I went to have an ultrasound at 22 weeks I think and found out it was a little girl. I had another ultrasound about a week ago and they confirmed it (it was at a different office too). Also I don't think that wives' tale is true considering I didn't have any morning sickness at all lol.

    2) Well I have always had trouble sleeping and I stay up super late (like 3am-4am). By the time I get tired I'm exhausted and just kind of pass out. I have a hard time staying asleep though! My little girl is always jumping and kicking around in the morning and it wakes me up, especially when she kicks my bladder.

    3) Yes, if you haven't found out yet you can ask them to tell you. It should be pretty clear by 20 weeks. They also measure the baby to get an exact due date. That's all I remember them doing at mine.

  12. Hey Danielle... although I've yet to have babies myself, a friend of mine is currently pregnant and is having a boy. She has had the most ridiculous morning sickness. Pretty much constantly for the first five months of the pregnancy. I don't know if this may be a special case, but I thought I'd make a comment in regards to the old wives tales!

    Once you get more of a belly I think it will be better to tell what you're having (although you'll be finding out the sex before birth). I've always found that girl baby-bellies are high and that boy baby-bellies hang low. Anyone else find this?

    Best of luck. I am sooo excited for you :)

  13. 1) I thought I was having a boy for the first 5 months. I even referred to it as a 'he'.. but my sister did all those 'tests' on me from the old days (you can google them) and they ALL came out that I would be having a girl! I think I was the only one who was wrong. I also had insane morning sickness.

    2) At what point did you have trouble sleeping? I think around 32 weeks I had the HARDEST time sleeping! Mostly because the baby is so big by this point that you have to get up every hour to pee, or you just constantly feel as though you have to! (sorry if thats tmi), after 34 weeks I think it's pretty much impossible, but they say it's just natures way of preparing you for the lack of sleep you will soon be experiencing.. (they were right, though the pre-baby lack of sleep really doesn't help!)

    3) At the "big" 20 week ultrasound when they do the gender reveal, what else do they check? They check everything just to make sure your baby is doing well, and is normal and healthy.. I'm not sure all of what that entails... it's really exciting though!

    Hey, I don't know you well as I'm a new reader (and im sooo excited for you to be having your first baby, mine is 10 months old).. but there was a forum that I found while pregnant that helped me IMMENSELY! it is HERE. Click that and register, and then you can go to this link to find your due date club---you'll find all sorts of women that are due the same month as you and going through the exact same stages of pregnancy of you. You can ask them anything and they are all so nice and eager to help!

    Anyways, this comment ended up being soo long.. hope it helps! You can ask me any questions you want anytime!


  14. I didn't have a hunch at all about my first baby's gender, but with my second I just KNEW it was a girl! I'd never been surer of anything in my life. Yeah, it wasn't. Too funny. Don't let those mommy hormones play tricks on you!

  15. 1.) I had horrible morning sickness for my entire first trimester. I thought it was a girl but everyone else said it was a boy (I have no idea why) so I got used to the idea that it might be a boy. Then I found out it was a girl! So the old wives tale rang true for me...

    2.) I didnt even start to really show until 7 months. From months 5-7 I just looked like I had a bit of a gut (the last thing any pregnant person wants to hear). I didnt have trouble sleeping until my belly was bigger, around 8 months. I never got all that large but the added pressure on my hips was the worst. I am a stomach/side sleeper so not being able to sleep on my stomach was hard. When I would sleep on my side I would wake up with my hip asleep. A thick memory foam overlay helps with supporting areas that need support and add cushion so the blood can still circulate. Also a nice firm body pillow (they make special ones for pregnancy) under the belly helps take the weight off of your hips and puts it on the pillow. It was hard for me to use one, though, because I change positions a lot during the night.

    3.) Beyond checking the sex of the baby the visit is just like any other visit. They do a bunch of measuring, etc. I thiiink they did some bloodwork too. I cant remember...I was on a bit of a high after I learned my baby's gender!

  16. 1) At first I had no doubt baby was a girl. Then around 14 weeks I had an overwhelming feeling baby was a boy. At 17 weeks we had an ultrasound saying boy but they didn't get the perfect shot, at 23 weeks we found out healthy baby girl - it was insane, mind boggling. All of the old wives tales were true for GIRL.

    2) I at 25 weeks and haven't really had trouble sleeping. I do use a body pillow which is the best thing I've ever had it's just much more comfortable! I get up to pee about 5 times a night but other than that sleeping is exactly the same!

    3) The got measurements of the head, checked for holes in the heart, kidneys, bladder, heart, placenta, cervix etc. Sometimes they check the mouth to tell if the baby has cleft pallet.

  17. 1. My hubs sooooo wanted a boy and deep down I KNEW it. We kinda had a competition until we found out. I was so hoping for a girl, but hubs won that one!

    2. Sleep? The last two months were hell! I used to get soooo annoyed. I would rec a body pillow or they actually sell pillows for pregger ladies @ Babies R' Us.
    3. My ultrasound tech was a meanie. I couldn't see the screen the whole time! They wouldn't even let my hubs come in until AFTER they did the initial ultrasound. THEN they told me. ((I would totally rec doing a 3d/4d ultrasound. You actually get to see your babes. AMAZING!!

    Enjoy your being preggers :)

  18. i lovelove that dress. :) and hawaii will be so much FUN!

  19. awesome having a birthday near your hubby's, right!? danny and mine are one day apart :)

    both of my pregnancies were awesome and so easy. i never had morning sickness with either. i did have that exhaustion you are talking about, and i was anemic with alanna so i took giant iron pills back then to help give me more energy. but with both kids, i knew what their genders were. i had a strong feeling with both... and i was correct about both of them! malcolm definitely sat lower, and i've heard that boys sit lower, so i think that is a correct old wives tale.

    good luck finding a comfortable way of sleeping. the lack of sleep now, is preparing you for the extreme lack of sleep you will have after baby comes! i never got a good nights sleep... but i blame it on the crappy full size mattress we had then. and also our pit bull, who manages to take up the entire bed! haha <3

    i'm so excited for you!

  20. 1) i totally thought i was having a boy. i was horribly sick for the first half of my pregnancy. i was "carrying" her like a girl i was told.

    2) i started hating life at night around 30 weeks. my back was aching and i pretty much kicked sam out of the bed. i would toss and turn all night. i tried a snoogle or whatever it was called and it basically made me claustrophobic. i preferred like 4 normal pillows, so i could just stuff them everywhere. the worst was reflux. i had it so bad when i laid down that i would literally barf up in my mouth and choke when i was sleeping!! TMI i know, but so horrible :( i would get massive heartburn too at night and i would literally fall asleep sitting up. every week it was something different for me though, one day the heartburn was away, then it was my sciatic nerve. my WORST complaint though my whole pregnancy was my carpal tunnel and swollen ankles. by the end of my pregnancy i could no longer feel my fingers and toes. it was so bad, soon as i gave birth, it went away!!

    3) 20 weeks they checked the cord to make sure it had the vessels or whatever it needed, the spine, the limbs, the heart chambers, skull, nose bone, heartbeat, etc. if you want, you can view my ultrasounds on email me if you want the password! i think we filmed all of them so you can see what the doctor talks about, etc.

  21. LOVE the tudors!!! i had a feeling with both my kids and i was right both times.
    i was also more sick with my daughter. i think thats one of the wives tales...that youre sicker with a girl.

  22. Hey there!

    1) I didn't really have much morning sickness (I only threw-up twice), and I really thought I was having a girl (I really wanted one at the time), but I ended up having a boy, and he is incredible! So I guess the wives tale applies to me here.

    2) I had trouble sleeping when I was about 7 months pregnant and it got worse from there. It depends on you and your baby though, the bigger you get the more uncomfortable you will feel. It did get slightly harder to sleep once I started getting a small bump, around 5 months, because then I could no longer sleep on my stomach. When you have to start sleeping on you left side later on, it gets pretty rough because you don't feel the freedom to move around and get comfortable, because you want to stay off your stomach and back. The last month was the worst for me, I couldn't sleep at all!

    3)I think it depends on your tech but they do the big reveal towards the end, but if you ask I am sure they would make the big announcement first. They also measure the baby's head, their bones, look at the heart and blood flow, etc, to make sure the little one is growing normally.

  23. 1) i thought it was a boy... and my mom, sister and husband were sure it was a girl. well, it's a girl! (the only things i was right about during my pregnancy were a) i was pregnant and b) she was going to be born sooner than we expected!)
    2) when you start to be bigger. i got a long pillow... quite comfy.
    3) i was told it's the most important one. for you, it's important because you find out the gender, but doctors pay special attention to this one because they check all the organs, count fingers, etc. basically, they make sure that your baby is 100% alright.

  24. I haven't commented yet since I saw you were pregnant- but I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! That's so amazing and exciting. Having children is so very rewarding. I know you will absolutely love it. Its hard at times, but it is the BEST job in the world! :) I can answer your q's as I'm pregnant with my second.

    1) With my first, I had no clue what I was having, but everyone who had boys told me I was "carrying" like I was having a boy (wide and low). I'm now 29 weeks with my second, and from pretty early on, I KNEW it was a girl. I was right! :) I had morning sickness this time around, and things seemed so much different than with my first pregnancy. I'm also carrying much higher this time.

    2) With my first pregnancy, I slept pretty well right up until maybe the last month. I had insomnia, but its pretty common to not sleep well at the end. You have to prepare for those sleepless nights somehow! :) This time around I've had trouble sleeping since I hit the 3 month mark!! My hips hurt like crazy, and I have to use a pillow under my belly. Didn't have any of that last time. I think its because I'm carrying higher and more compactly, since its a girl this time. But oh well. I only have 11 weeks left (hopefully!) And my toddler takes naps so I just nap when he does during the day. :)

    3) At the 20 week mark they check out everything with the baby, sizes of the limbs, the head, they check the heart and spine, etc. They'll also tell you approx. how much he/she weighs. I love ultrasounds! They are so great. Can't wait to hear what you are having! :)

    Congrats again! Hope you are feeling well!

  25. 1) my first two pregnancies were completely identical (no sickness) and both were girls... even though during the first I had no idea either way, like you. The second I was suspicious because of the identical symptoms. My third and fourth pregnancies were both boys, and with these two the pregnancy was very different in that I got SO sick! So when I started getting sick suddenly I immediately suspected a boy this time around... but it's a tough call since it's so different for each woman, lol.
    The chinese calendar had been correct at predicting each and every gender of my kids so far!

    2) I have bad lower back problems and start to have trouble sleeping right at about 25-28 weeks. Having around in bed, heartburn and having to pee all the freaking time are the worst offenders.

    3) They check for adequate growth (head and belly measurement), whether the stomach and bladder are processing fluid, where your placenta is located, whether blood is flowing through heart and the cord well enough, whether the upper jaw is closed (not sure what the english name for that is), and whether all the limbs are present and in the correct place!

    I've had to redo a 20-week ultrasound twice as my babies were NOT in the mood to be gender checked and seriously went into hiding! Hope this doesn't happen to you, but be prepared, lol.

    Good luck with everything!

    I will go back to nesting now, as I'm 38 weeks pregnant and REALLY ready for #4 to come out already ;)

    xo from Holland

  26. 1. my first and second i thought were boys and they were. with this one i swear i was having a girl, but no. another boy. supposedly.

    2. i'm just now having problems sleeping and i'm 26 weeks. i also have really bad edema so i've convinced myself that's why. i'm tempted to buy some yoga bolts that we use in my prenatal yoga class to sleep on.

    3. at the 20 week sonogram they measure the head circumference, leg and arm bones, the stomach and see the four chambers of the heart. they also look at the location of the placenta and the umbilical cord. with this pregnancy, they saw a calcification on the heart so i was sent to a perinatologist for additional sonograms and they measure every. single. bone. and they look at the the brain and skull, the veins in the umbilical cord. literally, everything.

    (our baby still has the calcification on his heart, but no other indicators of problems and we've refused the amnio)

  27. Hi there, a friend of mine had your button on your blog, and I felt like answering your questions :)

    1) The wives' tales were split about 50/50, but what I found interesting was that whenever I dreamed about the baby (which was often) I always dreamed a girl, and lo and behold, that's what I got! :)

    2) I didn't have trouble getting comfortable while sleeping until the ninth month, and I just used a body pillow to wrap my arms/legs around. My issue was, I'm normally a very deep sleeper, and I had to pee 2 or so times a night and it through my internal clock off to wake up during the night to pee. Although I read somewhere that it's good "practice" for getting up with a baby.

    3) I remember that was the ultrasound when they started seeing more detail, and I was sent to a specialist because it was at that time they could see my daughter's heart defect. This ultrasound is one of the clearest one's you'll have because of how developed the baby will be!

    Good luck and I hope you don't mind a stranger following you! :)