Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday thoughts

summer is almost here!

I look so creepy with my sunglasses on inside but in my defense we were just stepping out the door! haha.

the sunglasses inside, a little creepy! ;)

Today is the start of my weekend and I couldn't be happier! I have just twelve more full days of school beginning Monday and then summer vacation is upon us! Hank and I are really happy about that! Today at work was pretty run of the mill. It's nice to begin wrapping up the year, getting final projects assigned and graded, and basically closing shop. It came to my attention today that some random students from the high school that I don't even know read my blog, so they knew of my pregnancy and informed some other students. Obviously my pregnancy isn't a secret, but I still find it a little weird and pretty creepy. Alas, this is indeed public so I can't complain but it's still annoying. It's things like this that make me consider making this blog private, and also feel glad I won't be a teacher in a small town for much longer.

More on work: I've been thinking a lot more about my job, and I realized that I don't really enjoy it anymore, to be quite honest. I find it really boring to teach the same thing, five times a day, and then repeat every year after that. I don't feel appreciated as a teacher, both as an employee, monetarily, but also in the community. With the recent events surrounding our state's budget crisis, cutbacks, and lay offs, it is definitely not a good time to be a teacher. I often try and see the good in what I do. I make positive posts, I talk about how much I enjoy working with kids...and I definitely do, but that is just a small part of the job. I do believe I was able to enjoy my job knowing that I was going to be stopping once we had children. Having a time stamp on it made it quite pleasant, because I knew it wasn't forever, I knew I wouldn't have to work until I was in my sixties and ready to retire. Now that it is coming to an end, I almost feel like my blinders are off in a way and there are days when I think that I'd prefer not to go back at all in the beginning of next year, as I'm planning to do. I know a lot of you are teachers-to-be, either studying education in college, or hoping to become a teacher one day, and this post is not meant to discourage. I just mean to convey that I don't believe it is for me anymore, and that I am quite ready to be done. I feel so fortunate that I was able to do something for five years that I typically enjoyed, and I got to affect kids' lives in a positive way. And who knows how I will feel if I do indeed follow through with my current decision to work the three months next year, and then leave. I'm sure I'll be sad. Since I've begun this blog though, and since I was in college, I've always discussed how optimistic I was about one day being a stay-at-home mom or housewife. That was my number one aspiration in life, and although some women find this to be "un-feminist," I feel that making this choice and furthermore having this choice, is quite feminist. My mama friends are split pretty evenly between working mothers and stay at home mothers. I respect both of these groups a lot. It's interesting to see already that people have such an opinion on working vs. stay at home parenting. I've been "publicly pregnant" for a few days now and I've already received way too much unsolicited, pushy, opinionated advice from people! It's insane.

In fact, today a woman at work mentioned that she heard a rumor that I was pregnant and then mentioned how I was "looking a lot thicker," "putting on a lot of fat," and was glad to know I was pregnant and wasn't just gaining tons of weight! What nerve, huh? I was blown away and when I mentioned this on Twitter, I was shocked to find that this is pretty common ground for pregnant women. Rude comments, unsolicited advice, etc. I guess I better prepare myself, huh? ;)

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day. But a good one. I came home and watched Rosemary's Baby. I love that movie so much, and Mia Farrow is just the prettiest thing. I adore her wardrobe in the movie and wish I could have it all! The rest of my night consists of the gym, then getting a good night's sleep! I'm exhausted.

On the pregnancy side of things, I am getting more and more ecstatic about this little darling baby that is getting bigger everyday. Tomorrow I will be heading into my 13th week and I couldn't be happier. I think it's the 13th. Tomorrow marks 12 weeks, so then the next week would be the 13th, counting up to next Thursday, right? I counted on my calendar this way and it seems right. It's just insane how fast the first 3 months went, and I can't even imagine how fast the next two trimesters will go. I've been feeling really, really great physically but still very up and down emotionally, as usual. Nothing too bad, but I get annoyed pretty easily and I would say my level of irritability is a lot higher. Sorry, Hank! haha. :)

In a couple of days, the baby should be the size of a peach!

Your fetus is forming teeth and vocal cords... savor this, their non-functional phase. Baby is approaching normal proportions, with a head now only one third the size of the body. Intestines are in the process of moving from the umbilical cord to baby's tummy. (Much more convenient.)

This weekend should be fun! I'm spending a lot of it with Autumn and family, and also with my Mom for Mother's Day. I'm excited to have some down time at their house with no plans or places to be. Sometimes when I come to Phoenix I am totally overwhelmed with visiting people, making time for so many people that I love, that my "get away" turns into an exhausting weekend. And since I'm so tired now, I refuse to put myself in that position! Friday night will be a quiet night with my two very best friends and I couldn't be happier! I also really hope to see "Babies" this weekend- how adorable does that look!?

It's funny because my 10 year high school reunion is this Saturday, right down the street from my parents, and like I've written before, I have absolutely NO interest in going. In high school, you'd think I would have loved to attend since I was all about student council, activities, etc., but now, not so much. I despise small talk, and I can't even bear to think about doing so with so many people I haven't talked to in ten years! Talk about a nightmare! I definitely feel like I keep in touch with the people I'd like to keep in touch with, and I definitely don't need to spend $100 to reconnect with people I'd rather not reconnect with. I know that might sound kind of harsh, but I really feel that high school was high school, and now is now. I don't need to relive or rehash old memories. I make new memories with a few people I still hang out with, and through those times I can remember the old. So yes, I will definitely be skipping it on Saturday...even though I was part of the planning committee! haha. Oh well.

I also can't even explain how happy I am to feel motivated to blog again. I think it has a lot to do with keeping the biggest excitement and such a huge part of my life a secret for awhile! Now that I'm able to discuss being pregnant, I feel happier about typing all of this out. I've also been getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook from blog readers, and also messages asking me why I deleted them. You have to understand that I need a level of privacy in my life, something that isn't for all the world to see, and I am using that venue for that purpose. If you add me, I will deny the request, and it's nothing personal, but I am keeping it to people I know in real life. I will continue to blog here, and I also have a public Twitter you are welcome to follow! :)

OH OH! I also made a little poll up there in the right hand corner about the gender of little baby Hampton! I'd love it if you voted.

And one more thing, my friend Ashley is hosting a really fun event this Saturday to celebrate the grand opening of her new shop downtown. Unfortunately I am unable to attend but I thought I would pass along the information to any of you Phoenix locals.

The shop is located at 908 N. 6th St. Phoenix, AZ 85004 :)

Housed within Butter Toast Boutique, Merry May Handmade offers craft supplies and classes, handmade goods, and vintage knick-nacks. We strive to foster the growth of the modern craft movement in Phoenix by spreading our love of all things handmade, promoting crafters who are making an impact on the DIY revlution and making a difference in our world, and showing folks how rewarding it is to create something from nothing.

Come to the party to see what is in store!! We will have live music, craft fair, a bake sale, and MORE! Not to mention some awesome sales on Butter Toast merchandise--50% off all Sale items, 30% off all Winter items, and 10% off all the rest!

Live Music includes...

John Rhodes (acoustic) - 2pm
Jordan Warner (acoustic) - 3pm
Matthew Gilbert TBA
Brenden Cottrell (acoustic) - 5pm
Zach - 6pm
POEM -7pm
GHOST - 8pm
DJ Kyle Simone - 9pm

Let me know if you decide to stop by, and be sure to say hi to Ashley for me!

Have a great night. I'll leave you with some photos from Autumn's house last weekend! :)

Chloe and her lollipop from Uncle Hank
my little goddaughter and a lollipop from Uncle Hank!

baby Carter!
Uncle Hank and Carter

love this little guy

and he loves me! :)

hanging out


  1. Love this blog post and everything you said in it! I agree with you at 100% :)

  2. Just wait until people come up to you and tell you what you NEED to do while pregnant. I witnessed a friend deal with that and it was awful. Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time so just ignore the rude people!

  3. Congrats on this sweet new life! I'm happy for you that you'll get to stay home with the baby. I've always wanted to be a SAHM too. Hopefully I'll get to do just that one day when we have a baby.

  4. My co-worker just had a baby and last week a patient came up to her and said, "did you have a baby?" she said yes and the patient said "oh, because you gained weight so I was just wondering." Ugh the nerve of some people!!!

  5. I LOVE that dress! People can be so insensitive and rude. Best to ignore those suckers.
    And you are an amazing inspiration. Just reading your posts, even when it's just the normal stuff is still inspiring. I guess you are just an inspiring person. That's a pretty amazing quality. :)

  6. it really boggles my mind how rude people can be. this is your body, your baby, your family, your life... the choices you make and the things you do with your life are up to YOU and no one else. it's wonderful getting advice from friends and family, but ultimately - it's your choice. and who am i to say if that's right or wrong? i think being a stay-at-home mama is a really selfless, beautiful thing - devoting your life to your darling children (who will be dang gorgeous, by the way). and making that choice, to be a mom and bask in that, is part of being a woman. which in turn, is a feminist choice. and i say, right on, sister! stand by what you believe and be proud in who you are as a woman and a mama-to-be. you are giving someone life, giving this little being wings to fly... how beautiful and breathtaking is that?! don't let pushy people tell you what you should and shouldn't do. i don't know you in real life, and perhaps i never will... but i respect the fact that you stand by your choices and have an opinion - you truly celebrate being a woman and i admire that! stay true to yourself and the life you live with your husband, and i know this baby will have nothing but love. <3

  7. People can be so rude. I've never been pregnant, but I've had quite a few people ask me if I am. I'm a little pudgy, but I certainly don't think I look pregnant. One woman didn't believe me when I told her I wasn't, she was like "Really? Are you sure??". I couldn't believe it. I imagine it will only get worse for you as your pregnancy progresses, if I were you I would come up with a handful of good comebacks, something stern but polite. Just wait until random people ask to feel your belly, that happened to my sister a lot!


  8. my friend just had a baby 10 days ago and people would say the rudest crap to her!

    she knew that she was having a girl. had a 4d sono picture of the girlie there was no mistake that it was a boy.
    strangers would INSIST that she was having a boy. she'd tell them she was having a girl and they would not let up!!
    how annoying!

    anyways, you look awesome..i'm sure that teacher was just jealous...and what would have happened if you weren't pregnant and she said that to you?! some people just do not think before they open their mouth.

  9. My sister just had my niece almost 2 weeks ago, and she got the opposite sorts of comments from people. She worked out as long into her pregnancy as she could, ate very healthy, and was a marathon runner before she got pregnant. Since she was in good shape, and she didn't gain a lot of weight other than the baby weight, but was still completely healthy. When people would ask how far along she was, they would tell her she was too tiny and needed to gain more weight. One woman even told her to stop caring about herself so much and think of her baby!
    I hope you don't hear these types of comments since you are also big into healthy eating and working out, but it seems like people will find anything to criticize... even if you are doing what’s best for the baby!

  10. i love your outfit!

    i voted on your poll. ^_^

  11. you're so sweet and beautiful and anyone who says anything negative about your body is quite frankly an asshole!

  12. I want to quit teaching too..... my baby is due in September and I tell people I am retiring from teaching!!!

  13. Congrats on the pregnancy!! I can't believe a lady said that too you! When I was wedding planning last year I got a ton of unwanted advice and just took it with a grain of salt and nodded and smiled to a lot of it:) I want to be a stay at home mom too and that's what makes me think I can handle this job the next 2 or 3 years!

  14. screw all the rude people - it's just a shame it's a symptom of the times. I'm so pleased to hear about your baby and I'm looking forward to watching you become a mummy :D I think you're going to be amazing parents :)

    I'd like to be a work at home mum, crafting professionally :) involving my kids in making cute things :) but I agree, feminism should be about the choice and being able to make it for yourself!! Anyone who says otherwise has a deep misunderstanding of what feminism is about. have a nice day, loma xx from the uk xx

  15. Congratulations! I think you are going to be the happiest, most fantastic mother! Some people can be so rude! Don't listen to those silly people you think gossip stops when you leave high school but people gossip everywhere! I love reading your blog keep up the good work!

  16. get ready for the rude comments. they come in abundance when you are pregnant. apparently random strangers think you are free game to comment on, oh, and touch too!

    then when the baby is born everyone seems to think they can give you unsolicited parenting advice. i'm 26 and look 18, so i get this ALL the time.

  17. I am so there with you on the unsolicited advice thing. When I was pregnant in 2006 with my now-3 1/2-y/o a woman i worked with swore i was pregnant with a boy, though I had already had 2 sonos to confirm otherwise. I finally had enough and told her "yeah? well I saw her vagina on the sonogram. wanna see?" and she shut up. It won't end there. I get parenting advice from people with younger kids than my own, and I just have to brush it off and later vent about it to hubby.
    So excited for you Danielle, you and Hank will be the best parents a kid could ask for. xoxo

  18. i'm not going to have computer access all weekend so i just wanted to tell you early HAPPY 1ST MOTHER'S DAY! i got my first mother's day card while i was pregnant and it meant the world to me, because cooking that baby is definitely hard work! i'm excited to be able to read your SAHM adventures, it always makes me happy that there are growing numbers of us!
    and about the advice, just brush it off people are when they start trying to touch you with no permission then you get pissed :-)

  19. ok, so you do not look fat or fatter or whtever. that lady was just trying to find some reason to insult you because most likely she is jealous. who knows mayb she wants a baby, or a reason why she herself is fat! (: good luck with everthing and althogh i am not a mom, nor do i ever plan to be i admire your desire to be at home with your kids. it is good to know not every child is being babysat by the television. Best of luck to yu and hank both!

  20. So this is my first time commenting, but I have been reading for a few months and I think you are adorable. Congradulations, first of all, on your pregnancy. But what I really wanted to comment on is your attitude toward stay-at-home moms / housewives... I agree 100%! Every time I say that I want to be a housewife, people tell me that I would hate it, that I'm too smart or that I would get bored. Currently I work as an HR professional for a government lab, and I get looked at like I am ungrateful or crazy when I say that I'd rather be a housewife, that I have a good job, etc. It's really discouraging because the things that I am passionate about in life are actually being hindered by my job and yet no one sees that. I love takig care of my home and nesting, I love crafts and cooking and children. My husband wants to make that happen for us, but we don't really know if we'll ever be in a place to be a one-income family and we do want to start a family in the next year or two.

    So I guess my point is good for you! Good for you for knowing what you want and for having a plan to get there!

  21. I just wanted to say I appreciate your honesty about teaching. I love being able to positively affect kids and I do typically enjoy my job... but that IS only half of it. The underappreciation etc. is just pathetic sometimes and I leave work feeling fairly worthless. Good to know I'm not the only one. And congrats on the baby. :)

  22. woah, i missed so many posts!!!! congrats on the pregnancy - best wishes!

  23. Happy baby!

    I feel the same way about teaching a lot of the times. I am nearing the end of my 4th year and I am thinking that next year will be my last. Most of the time I just can't picture myself doing this job for the rest of my life. However I do think what I am doing is really important it is just really draining at the same time.

  24. First of all my fellow transplanted Jerseyan, CONGRATULATIONS! I am very happy to hear this news and wish you and Le Hank the best of luck and continued success!

    I completely understand the unsolicited advice part of your blog. A friend of mine who is on her second pregnancy gets this "are you going for a third? you should get your tubes tied after this one. how are you going to afford it? do you need rides to anything?" She is sick of it. By the way, she has the Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions of No Doubt on her baby registry. :-)

    Another point and I am so glad it stopped--David and I got engaged over a year ago and we have no plans yet as we are saving for a house or condo and all I get is "what are you waiting for? set the date!" Um, excuse me, who made you in charge of what makes me happy?

    All in all, the point is LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND MIND. If this feels right for you, so be it. Do not listen to the naggers, the naysayers, or doubters. LIVE YOUR LIFE YOUR WAY. If being a stay at home mom makes you happy, so be it.


  25. Ahh, I am pregnant too and I can't stand the unsolicited advice and rude comments. People think they can just say whatever they want and it's ridiculous - I've learned to just ignore it. Very good post!

  26. you are such a doll !! i totally love reading your blog. be blessed my sweet friend.


  27. It's crazy some of the rude things people tell pregnant women. I can hardly believe some of the stories I've heard!
    Don't even let them get to you...youre beautiful and you're having a baby! Yay! '

  28. I think maybe these women have been in your situation where someone else commented on their weight gain. You look amazing. Don't give what they said another thought.

  29. You have no idea how happy I am to know that I'm not the only one who had zero desire to attend my 10 year reunion. :)

  30. awww so cute. hair looks great! i dont think the black made you look older! i hope i dont look older from my hair lol.. then again people think im 18. i really want to see babies too!

  31. I love your blog! I am not able to have babies because I broke my spine. I love reading about your adventure. Also I gained a lot of weight due to breaking the spine...guess what.. people made a-hole comments to me insinuating that I must be pregnant. Boy, did they look like dopes when I told them I couldn't have any..that I was just fat and happy! (I love being bigger..I dress super cute and am just happier). Hang in there and enjoy creating life! You know what they say..opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one and they usually stink :).

  32. These photos are amazing! you should have a baby of your own. they're amazing!

  33. you are the cutest family! i love all of your tattoos so much and i think youll make the coolest mom,
    nice blog :)