Thursday, June 17, 2010

18 week/4.5 month update

I just got home from the doctor for my monthly check up! It was a very annoying experience because due to being in Hawaii and rescheduling, I had to see the other doctor in the practice. It's totally possible that this man could deliver the baby, which is kind of disappointing because I didn't like him very much. First of all, he was 1.5 hours late, and didn't even apologize when he came in. Then he rushed the appointment and made me feel like I was bother. I'm pregnant. I don't care if you're running late due to mismanagement (he was laughing and chit chatting in the hallway through my waiting period) but I deserve attention and respect! I know I may sound silly but I was very annoyed. I was bbm-ing with friends, while abusing my twitter account with way too many complaints! Haha so if you follow me on that site, thanks for bearing with me!

All was well though because I got to hear the baby's heartbeat! It's seriously my favorite thing in the world. The heart rate is nice and strong at 150. Old wives' tales would say that means I am having a girl, but we'll have to wait and see next Friday! So far I've gained 5 pounds and I'm feeling good! I'm very excited to have my belly "pop" soon. I can't wait to look pregnant and do that whole thing. I took a few photos this morning, I hope you enjoy my lovely pajamas! hahah.

18 weeks side!

don't mind my little itch marks! My stomach was itchy before I put on my belly cream. :)
18 weeks front

This week, Baby H is the size of a sweet potato!

Your fetus has become amazingly mobile (at least compared to you), passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. And, baby's finally big enough that you'll be able to feel those movements soon.

I haven't felt any movement yet, but I'm hoping any day I feel a little flutter. In the beginning of my pregnancy I dealt with a couple of initial changes: my skin broke out, my face got rounder and bloated looking (in my opinion), and my chest got much bigger than usual. Now, my chest is normal sized, my face is back to my regular roundness, and my skin is cleared up for the most part. I'm happy about all of these changes. I think it was just my body's way of reacting to the sudden influx of new hormones, and a LOT of them! Now I'm feeling great. In fact, I've never felt better, both physically or emotionally, which is quite unexpected. I'm really happy and I truly love being pregnant.

I should mention though that it's weird for me because I don't "feel" pregnant. At this point I have a doctor's appointment every month, and towards the end of the month it's been a regular thing for me to start to feel anxious, and have these insane fears that when they go to listen to the heartbeat there won't be one! I know once I feel movement I'll feel more secure, but I don't feel like there's anything in there most of the time, which sounds weird, but it's the truth. I'm so, so excited for our ultrasound next week but it's also easy to have anxiety about it because they'll be checking a lot of vital things with the baby's development. All I can do is hope all is well but it's still a scary thought. Regardless, we will love our little darling but like I said, it's easy to get carried away with scary thoughts. Did any of you mamas have similar fears during pregnancy? I'm usually okay, but every once and awhile a little thought will creep in and I hate it.

Other than that, everything else is super positive. We have our names ready, boy or girl, we're still house hunting, and having a grand old time enjoying the summer. Now let's see if I can make it all the way to next Friday for that ultra-anticipated ultrasound! When I hit 20 weeks I'm also going to start a regular maternity style series every week in addition to the bare belly shots! I think that will be a lot of fun. I wanted to wait until I was actually showing to do so, so I'm hoping in 2 weeks I'll be there.

Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. since you havent had any nausea that makes me think youre having a boy. girls are notorious for the barf. i puked daily for about 6 or 7 months. awful! how exciting you find out the gender next week! i think i found out at 18 weeks, since youre going at 20 you should have no problem at all seeing his/her little private parts. cant wait to find out! and the name selection, too :]

  2. Aww this is so exciting! Of course right now just looks like you ate a little too much food, but soon enough you'll pop!!

  3. Soooooooo cute!! I love your little hint of a belly. Can't wait to see it get bigger :)

    Congrats on a healthy heartbeat! I can only imagine how thrilled you both are.

  4. Alissa- I've heard that too but my Mom was NEVER sick with my sister or me, so you never know I guess! :)

    And thanks Rasha and Kara for the kind words! So exciting! <3

  5. i think your maternity seris is going to be adorable! i am glad you are keeping an open mind with the delivery because i had great ob's and they were both off when my first was born and i had Dr. Fu. I just remember telling my hubbie, "F.U. Dr. Fu!" needless to say, I wasn't a fan of his. But on another note, for Logan my dr. actually came down the mountain from skiing and him and his wife did my c-section. either way you'll be fine because actually having a great nurse is key he/she is the one who spends the most time with you, and you will really bond with them. anyway, too much chatting for me. glad things are going well.

  6. I worried a lot with Ruby b/c I miscarried our second pregnancy early on but my constant nausea was also a great sign for me that things were still in progress in there! However, I still succumbed to the what if's every now and then depending on what kind of day I was having. Just let yourself feel however you're feeling and know those hormones can make you worry more than ever before, etc. Hormones are necessary but sometimes feel SO unfair! ;)

    You look great, mama!

  7. Such a cute lil' tummy :)
    Thank you for letting us go on this pregnancy journey "with" you!

  8. first off. i adore your tattoos. i love them. i have a side piece as well and it's all black and gray. so i'm loving yours!

    and congratulations on a healthy little baby!! that is so exciting! ♥

  9. Oh, I am so jealous you find out the sex in a week! I've still got a month! I just know you're going to be an amazing Mama, and I love reading your pregnancy updates. The difference between the two of us is insane - and amazing. :)

  10. In the "early" days of my pregnancy, about where you are now, I started feeling my baby move. Especially around 4.5-5 months. The best way is to lie on your back, I found this to be the best way to feel every little movement! Plus, little one will start rolling and kicking, and there it will look like a little alien in your tummy! Its so freaky, surreal, and totally wonderful! :o)

  11. with Baby #1 i had an extremely busy doctor who would make me wait for hours and then only see for 10 minutes, and she would make me feel like i was annoying her by asking questions... it was very tense and stressful.

    This go 'round we got a midwife. it's like night and day. My midwife is on time, and she spends at least a half hour with me discussing any changes over the last month, any questions, she checks the baby and she showed me how to feel the top of my uterus.

    Anyway, she's wonderful and i can't believe how great i feel when i leave. Maybe you might want to look into midwifery services in your area, at least check it out. If it's not for you, you'll always have Dr. No Manners!

    Good luck!

  12. That's so exciting! It's great to hear how much you are enjoying your pregnancy and your anxieties as well. I know you're going to be an amazing mother.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  13. Old wives tales are silly...they are just that- tales. If they were true they would be called old wives truths! The first few months of my pregnancy I thought I was having a girl due to lots of morning sickness and the heartbeat was fast. I had a boy (and couldn't be happier) but boy are we suckers for believing silly stuff :) It comes with the territory of being pregnant I guess! I think your worries about the ultrasound next week are completely normal. I remember being scared too. Somebody reminded me that there is more of a chance that everything will be completely fine and normal! Remember that and try not to worry too much! :)

  14. im excited for you and hank for when you find our the gender of the baby! that will be great. good luck with the house hunting!

  15. i can't believe how little your belly is! my cousin is 8 months along now but at 4 months you could definitely see her baby boy should see her pictures! i'm sure everyone is different but if that is any indicator of boy or girl then my vote is for little miss hampton! you made me get up and look at the sweet potato in our kitchen(it is much bigger than the avocado)...and now i'm wondering if i really want to eat it for dinner. haha! love love.

  16. lol I have bigger food babies than that!!!! <3 you're too cute

  17. I love your blog! I forget how I came across it but I've been obsessed with finding cool mama blogs. I'm 25 weeks now but I remember that anxiety of not feeling pregnant and freaking out! Once you pop and the kicking starts you will have a constant reminder and you won't be able to stop watching your belly move. Enjoy!

  18. so very amazing danielle! i'm so excited for you!

  19. I love reading your pregnancy posts. It reminds me of when I was pregnant with our daughter. I went through all the old wives tales to see what precentage said boy/girl. I was about 50/50 on them but secretly all along I had a feeling that it was a girl. You may have the same thing. Just all of a sudden when I was laying in bed I thought "her". It was weird and I actually didn't tell anyone until we knew for sure.

    The ultrasound is going to be so exciting! I can't wait to hear the name choices too!

    Pregnancy is so magical, I'm glad you are enjoying it. You'll probably have that belly "pop" soon, mine was around that time if I remember correctly. :) SO FUN!!!

    P.S. A blog post telling all the wives tales and what they say about your baby would be a fun thing to read before you find out the sex for sure. :) Good luck!

  20. hearing your baby's heartbeat must be the most surreal, incredible thing in the world... such a beautiful moment. and eeek! i cannot wait to see if you're having a boy or a girl - i'm just SO excited for you, dear! :)


  21. What an exciting time for you! You look adorable but I know what you mean about wanting to really start to show. I'm so glad that you're feeling great lately!

    You mentioned your belly cream, what kind do you use?

  22. I too, think you're having a girl! One of my pregnant girlfriends told me that, "the girls steal the mothers beauty" and you've said that your face has been breaking out. But I am so excited for you! And I'm also excited that you're posting your entire experience through it all. It gives me insight on what I have to look forward to in a few years! :)


  23. Lovin' your belly photos!
    I'm pregnant with my first right now too, I'm 22 weeks and my feelings of " there's nothing there" are just starting to go away i felt exactly like you do. I obviously have a bump but other than that I don't feel preg. at all. but know that in the next few weeks It'll feel the opposite.
    Also I have like 3 others friends with their first said the same exact thing so it's normal i guess

    ps no more scratching! Let the belly cream relieve itching! ;)
    <3 Lea and Baby Eislee

  24. Oh it's sucky that your doctor treated you with no respect. I'm doing an O&G rotation for uni, and I love when the doctor leaves me to chat to the patients. Pregnancy's such a magical time, so good luck!

  25. Adorable. As a mommy to three, with three deliveries, I have to say, make sure that you are able to get with a doctor that you truly love. It will make your labor and delivery all that more special. If this doctor is not polite and always late, it usually is indicitive of how he will be at the hospital as well. I found the perfect doctor for my last two, and it was a great experience. I hope this advice helps. Don't want to sound negative, just a bit of advice from one mommy to a soon to be mommy. Cheers!

  26. Hi

    I'm 17 weeks pregnant now and I have exactly the same fears as you. I don't feel pregnant right now and so I'm beginning to stress out about whether everything is fine as I only have my next appointment in 5 days.
    But then, when I hear about you feeling the same kinds of things I realise it's completely normal to worry:) So don't stress out too much:)