Tuesday, June 22, 2010

19 week update

There hasn't been much change in my belly since last week, and I do wonder when it's going to actually POP! It's funny though because I was wearing a dress that would make anyone "look"pregnant, and a woman at the salon this past weekend asked me, "So when are you due?" I looked at her with disbelief, because no one has asked me that yet, and I happily replied that I was about 5 months along and due in November. She said that it was quite the gamble to ask but she did anyway! It made me really, really happy because I truly don't feel like I look undeniably pregnant yet. I know it's different for everyone, but some of my friends are just adorably big right now and they're either behind me in our time frame, or right ahead. It's funny to me to WANT to be bigger, who would have thought that me, someone who has felt throughout her life that bigger was not indeed better, would be so at peace with all of this that I'd be hoping every week to expand?! I love it. I love the sense of true body acceptance I've grown to have. Like I've blogged before, it was hard in the beginning but now it's easy for me to see myself changing. I adore that my little one is growing every single day and literally going through changes at the same rate. Every change in my body is so worth it, and my focus isn't on myself anymore. I am grateful for this gift that I find to be truly peaceful and amazing.

19 weeks

19 weeks front

My BIG anatomy/gender ultrasound in in THEE short days. You know...the one I've been talking about in every pregnancy update?! I am beyond excited. Every time I see a little boy I am filled with emotions imagining life with a little version of Hank, wearing Suns jerseys during the games side by side with his papa, being one of "my boys." But every time I see a little girl I am filled with the same emotions about having an adorable little darling to buy the prettiest dresses for and share a lifetime of mother-daughter fun, all the while her being the cliche "Daddy's little girl." haha! It's weird. I usually feel so in sync with the world- I have strong intuitions about everything, but I don't have much of one now. I go back and forth with thinking I do, and at this very moment if I had to put money on what we are having, I'd say a girl. I've thought this more than I've thought boy, but I don't put much weight on this feeling since it does go back and forth. Either way, I am going to be blown away on Friday when we (hopefully) find out the gender. Immediately my mind will be able to imagine HIM or HER, with a name, rather than just "the baby" or "little one." Planning with commence, registering, shopping, etc. The fun is about to begin! At the same time, it's highly possible that the baby won't cooperate and we'll have to come back to find out! I don't know if my patience can't handle it, but I'm also trying to be realistic about it in case that does in fact happen. Three days and we will see.

As far as food, I still haven't had any cravings or anything. I've actually switched from almond milk to regular milk (I LOVE Horizon's organic skim milk), so that's a change. I've found that throughout my pregnancy so far I haven't had much of an appetite which is weird, so I'm curious to see if that changes at the end of the 2nd trimester and into the third. I sincerely hope so. Food doesn't sound gross or anything, but I'm just not super excited to eat like I usually am, but obviously I force myself to, hungry or not.

As far as how I've been feeling, still amazing. I love being pregnant. I feel more centered, happier and at this point in my pregnancy, more energetic. It's hard for me to believe that next week marks the half way point. It seems that time has gone by so quickly, and when the summer is over and I am back to teaching for a short while this pregnancy will be over in the blink of an eye and little baby H will be here! We are still looking for our "perfect" house. We thought that we found it, but we were too late and someone has already snatched it up. We are waiting to see what happens with it this week, but we've already found some great contenders and will be going back out tomorrow morning with our realtor. My hope is that we are somewhere by September the latest so I can get the nursery going in time for the baby's arrival. I don't feel stressed or rushed about it though, but ask me again if we still are in our current house come the end of summer! haha.

Oh, and I almost forgot the "fruit and veggie" update.

Your baby's sensory development is exploding! Her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Some research suggests that she may be able to hear your voice now, so don't be shy about reading aloud, talking to her, or singing a happy tune if the mood strikes you. Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and measures 6 inches, head to bottom — about the size of a large heirloom tomato. Her arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of her body now. Her kidneys continue to make urine and the hair on her scalp is sprouting. A waxy protective coating called the vernix caseosa is forming on her skin to prevent it from pickling in the amniotic fluid.

Well, I'm off to the gym. I hope all of you are having a beautiful day. Again, I'd love it if you'd click this little brown box to vote for me, it takes a minute. I've already met SO many new Moms from being listed in this directory and I'm enjoying it so much- I appreciate you doing this for me. I won't mention it again for a week or so, so don't worry that I'll make a big deal every post. They just reset the count so we have to start all over again. I typically hate having my readers do stuff like this, but it's such a positive thing that I hope you understand! Love you!

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  1. True body acceptance! I love it. You're amazing! ♥

  2. I love these little updates you do. It's so refreshing to see you enjoy being pregnant and look forward to "popping", as you put it. Your joy in growing a baby makes me feel more confident that someday I will have children too :]

    Love and Turtledoves,

  3. Hi doll!,
    Your Rockstar Mom-to-be Interview is up on my blog!

  4. your little one is already the size of a tomato! that is great!

    have a lovely day!

  5. The pregnant form is truly the most beautiful one a woman can take on. Enjoy it! You will miss your belly!

  6. So nice to hear that you are loving your body. Be proud of your beautiful baby bump.

  7. If you dont have an appitite your having a GIRL :) My sister had a boy (Kash) 3 years ago and craved lots of things. She JUST had a girl 3 weekes ago (Maizie) and didnt have an apptite at all through this time around!

    xoxo Julie

  8. with my first pregnancy, i didn't even tell people i was pregnant until i was around 6 months because you couldn't tell. and then no one would believe me that i was almost in the third trimester.

    this time around has been SO different! i'm 19 weeks, and you've been able to tell i was pregnant for the past month. it's crazy just how different each pregnancy is.

  9. i can't wait to find out the gender! i'm exactly a month ahead of you with my first pregnancy.. so exciting! we're having a girl! love your blog. this might sound weird but i kinda wish i had found you before your trip to Hawaii because that's where i live and we could've had dinner or something and chatted about pregnancy!

  10. You're so petite thats why! You're still early enough to where I think you'll *pop* in no time. I cannot wait for your ultrasound results eee!!

  11. Happy almost halfway! Honestly, reading blogs has given me a new appreciation for how fast a pregnancy flies by, it's hard to believe!

    You must be so excited for the ultrasound! Can't wait to hear about it :)

  12. My friend is a really similar build to you and she popped at about 22 weeks. It was seriously like one day - no bump, next day - bump!! Good news is 2 weeks after the babe came along she was back into her pre-maternity gear and looking amazing!

    (Haha and funnily enough the word verification for me posting this message is "betrim" - hahaa!)

  13. Thank you everyone for all the sweet words!

    @MissMatryoshka haha! I love the "betrim" and thanks for sharing your friend's experience! <3

  14. Love this post.

    You are so tiny!

  15. I think waiting for gender confirmation is the most agonizing part of being pregnant... well, kind of. haha
    I'm new around here, but I'm loving your blog, and I can't wait to watch you and little one grow! Totally cute!

  16. I think its gonna be a girl, but I'm just guessing. lol =) You look gorgeous!

  17. I know it's frustrating now but you'll love it at the end. I am the same way with my pregnancies, it takes me FOREVER to pop then I gain all this weight all at once and FINALLY look pregnant! It's crazy. And it's different for everybody. My older sister is exactly the opposite. She looks like she's 9 months at about 5. I look like I'm 5 months at 9. There is NO "normal" when it comes to being preggo! That's for sure!

  18. How cute!!! You'll pop soon enough!


  19. eeek! so excited about your ultrasound! i think we're all anticipating it. ;) and i'm so glad your pregnancy so far has been on the mild side, that is fantastic! i feel like you can enjoy all of this a little more because you're not feeling sick and yucky all the time.

    i'm loving your updates, danielle. it's so nice that we're able to walk this journey with you, i hope you feel all the support surrounding you! :)

  20. Im pretty sure I started popping out the second i peed on those sticks with boy my boys =)
    in any case, you look beautiful mama

    becky @ mrsbettierocker.blogspot.com

  21. So, I know that you wrote this YEARS ago, but I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant and NOT showing, feeling normal, no strong cravings, no "nesting". People seem to be really disappointed! Then I start to get worried that maybe the baby has simply vanished, and here I am just a little bit fatter with nothing really to show for it.

    Anyway... it's been so refreshing to read this, as well as comforting to have some confirmation that everyone is different, and that that is OKAY. Thank you!