Friday, June 11, 2010

Hawaii, Day 2

I was bad today with taking photos, and didn't really take any of Hank or me. I'm hoping to be better tomorrow, we just spend so much time in the water (ocean or pool) and I obviously don't bring my camera down there. So, this update is all "things" and our pretty surroundings for the most part. Today was another great day though, we woke up at 6:30am and went on a 5-mile walk. I love that Hank loves to workout with me, and we always have a blast talking while we walk or run. Afterward we enjoyed some breakfast on the lower lanai. I had Kashi Go Lean Crunch with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and blueberries, truly delicious! After breakfast we spent hours and hours floating around in the ocean, and Hank boogie-boarded for awhile. At one point I backed up and almost ran straight into a huge sea turtle that decided to take a swim with us. I've seen sea turtles before, but never actually swam with one, and it was so neat to see one so incredibly close. Beautiful. It was the most perfect morning- the water here is super clear and the white sand feels like velvet on your feet. We spent some time just sitting in the sand and letting the ocean lap up at our legs and it was really relaxing and pretty entertaining to watch all the young local boys doing crazy things in the water with their boards. We came home exhausted and enjoyed a snack before we headed out to pick up some things at the market. When we got home we napped for a bit and then spent more time in the water, but this time in the pool. Our pool is immediately over the ocean and it's really pretty to just relax and swim around when you want a little change from the beach. For dinner we decided to try a veg-friendly Vietnamese place we found online and it was good. I'm glad we found a quick, cheap and pretty healthy stop for our future visits. After we decided to stop by Jameson's and bring home their AMAZING lemon chiffon-macadamia nut crust pie and a slice of cheesecake for dessert on the lanai. Heaven. Winding down now, and heading to bed in a bit so we can get ready for an early morning of swimming. Goodnight!

after beach snack on the lower lanai


the gardens at the house are so pretty, I can't get enough of Hawaiian flowers
there are beautiful flowers in the gardens at the house

such a great backyard, our little ones will have so much fun running around here in the future!

heading out to get some frozen yogurt at Kona Wave
heading for frozen yogurt!

Kona Wave

SO NERDY. We bought these water shoes a few years ago and wear them whenever we go exploring in the water/rocks wherever our vacations take us, and they're so useful. Incredibly dorky, but useful. Useful wins! haha.
yes, we're that nerdy and have matching water shoes.

on the point
pretty ocean

the only kind of beer Hank drinks! ;)
our kinda party! ;)

Vietnamese for dinner- lemongrass tofu and delicious wonton soup
Vietnamese for dinner

our takeout dessert. I always have to get the lemon pie! mmm
lemon chiffon macadamia nut pie/cheesecake for dessert at home

Goodnight Kona!
Goodnight Kona


  1. I really envy you ;) Such a beautiful place! 4 years ago i spent 6 weeks on the pahoa side of hawaii, had a day trip to Kona! Enjoy your holidays!!

  2. It's so gorgeous! So happy you and the hubby are having a great, relaxing anniversary <3

  3. Why is there nothing about pineapples?! Madness I tell you. Hawaii and pineapples go hand in hand!

  4. YUMMMMMMM!!!!! hank is enjoying the best root beer ever!!!! the view of the house is beautiful i cant wait to be there while my niece or nephew runs about with the sea turtles!!! have a good vaca you to! get home safe love you both!

  5. I'm so green with envy right now--that looks like paradise!

  6. looks like such a beautiful place! i hope i get the chance to travel there someday.

  7. Wow the food looks delicious!
    Glad you're having a great time out there. :)

  8. beautiful place. i hope i can go to hawaii someday with my hubby. for our 1 year wedding anniversary we are going to see this:

  9. YAY for swimming with Sea Turtles! Such a fun experience!! (I have a few stories myself and it's so so so awesome.:)
    Sounds like you and Hank are getting a super relaxing, restful and fun holiday in. So thrilled for you!!

  10. so very awesome and pretty!

  11. i am so very jealous. first of all, you're on a relaxing summer vacation. and secondly, you took the most amazing pictures. those are gorgeous!! enjoy the rest of your week!!

  12. You guys are the cutest...oh and I'm slightly jealous of you and your Hawaii trips!

  13. oh my stars! hawaii looks beautiful! i've never been but i would love to one day. its fantastic that you have a house to stay in while you're there, im sure it makes it all the more comfortable. happy vacation!!
    p.s. swimming with sea turtles!?! i want to hug one! if you see another tell him we said "aloha, little buddy!". ;)
    love love.

  14. I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time! Your little bebe H is going to love that place!!
    p.s. ugly water shoes ARE SO useful!!

  15. yummy yummy, these food pictures are making me so hungry! ;)