Saturday, June 12, 2010

more Hawaii!

It's so nice to be able to make a quick update every night with all of our photos from the day. I love being to look back on everything when weeks, months and years have gone by, and blogging the night of keeps everything so fresh in my mind. We are so go-go-go throughout the entire day so this is a nice way to wind down while Hank gets his things done before bed. I'm also reading a really wonderful book right now that I will talk about in a later post. I don't want to recommend it before I finish it, but so far I absolutely love it. Here's a hint: it's a memoir! But that's really been filling up any down time we've had as far as relaxing outside, etc. I've said it once (okay, maybe twenty times), but I'll say it again- if you travel a lot the Kindle is SUCH an amazing thing. I used to have to bring 5-6 books on a week long vacation like this one, but now I just bring my fabulous reading machine and I don't have to worry about my suitcase weighing a million pounds. It's so convenient. It still doesn't replace "real" books for me, but it's incredibly useful and I love it.

As for today, we woke up and headed downtown to enjoy brunch at Splasher's which is primarily a burger place on Ali'i Drive, but also has delicious breakfast, namely their banana/mac nut anything! Hank got the banana macadamia nut stuffed French toast, I tried some and it really was amazing. While we were eating we watched a parade go down the street which was fun. I can't remember the day of the holiday today but it was definitely a celebratory events for the locals. So, we enjoyed our food and hung out for a bit, then decided to drive up towards the volcano to visit some coffee plantations- Hank is obsessed with coffee and has always wanted to do this! It was a bit overcast today so it was nice to do something a little different. We drove for awhile and then came upon a bunch of large coffee farms. We ended up visiting two- one with a history of Kona coffee museum, and then another family-run farm that also grew macadamia nuts. Personally, I was a little bored but Hank loves this kind of stuff so I was happy to oblige and had a little bit of fun too. After the tour we stopped by some antique stores and looked around, then came home and had some lunch. We spent some time at the pool, and then went on a walk and stopped by the beach. The ocean was a bit rougher today and all the surfers and boogie boarders were having a blast. Following our walk we headed down to eat at Boston Basil's which is an incredibly delicious Italian food restaurant that I love to eat at whenever I'm here. Their food is so, so delicious and apparently I got a little too excited because I flipped my fork somehow and TONS of marinara sauce went all over my dress. I laughed it off, because really, what could I do? It really was a mess though, but our super sweet server brought me club soda and that took the initial stain out, and then my friend Diana recommended via Twitter that we tried Shout wipes...and they totally worked! My dress is now 100% back to normal and I'm really happy. Thanks again, Diana! After the marinara mess, we ended the night with a shared sundae. Yum! Overall it was another day in paradise! ;) We're heading to bed now, but I'll leave you with some photos. Goodnight!

We look tired but we're ready to start the day!
good morning!

4.5 months pregnant :)
4.5 months pregnant!

leaving for brunch

parade downtown
parade downtown

more parade

at Splasher's
Hank at brunch- Splasher's on Ali'i


Hank's meal!
Hank's banana macadamia nut stuffed French toast! WOW!

beautiful, huge tree in downtown Kona
huge, beautiful tree

summertime knees, I always take photos like this, weird I know
summer knees

driving up to the coffee farms
driving up to the coffee plantations

reading up on coffee stuff
coffee tour

coffee plantation

unripe coffee beans on the tree
unripe coffee beans on the tree

Hank's so excited!

antiques in Kona
antiques in Kona

checking out vintage dresses
looking :)

beach this afternoon
beach today!

I LOVE this photo!
I adore this photo.

pregnancy-friendly dress and the most comfy flip flops ever. I brought a few others pairs of shoes for this trip but so far I've worn these and only these, whether they match or not!
pregnancy friendly dress!

dinner at Boston Basil' good and we highly recommend it. Best garlic bread I've ever had!
pre-spaghetti incident...

wow, he looks so happy!
excited... ;)


so.much.sauce (on my shirt). Yes, I'm THAT awesome.
POST incident! I'm awesome, I know.

...and how we ended our night!
how we ended our night!


  1. loving the updates. i was wondering where you got the yellow dress from?

    have fun!

  2. that food looks GREAT! I visited Hawai once a long time back and I loved it. :) Have fun!

  3. Ugh I hate when I get sauce on my shirt lol.
    Looks like you 2 are having fun though!! :)

  4. Oh goodness oh goodness. I LOVE your yellow dress, and your adorable baby belly, and your tattoos make me SO JEALOUS. I've been dying to get tattoo number two, and now thanks to you, dying even more. YES please. xoxox

  5. looks like a fun time you had saturday. i love all the outfits you wore. very cute!

  6. you need a bib! lol. i sewed a big bib for my dad, because he eats salad with wine vinegar everyday and spits in his shirt everyday.

  7. I love your cute little updates. :] I'm so glad you guys are having fun in Hawaii, it really is a magical place.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  8. Oh lovely...! The picture of Hank showing the coffee tree is exactly the kind of picture I have of my husband when we go somewhere!! :)

  9. I have to admit the photo of the sauce/dress episode made me laugh, but only because it's absolutely something that happens to me all the time! I'm glad you were able to save the dress. :)

  10. So awesome you went to a coffee plantation! Kona coffee is my favorite! It has to be 100% Kona and not mixed with any other coffee. =) Loving the pictures so far.

  11. SO fun! i'm loving all the pictures you're sharing with us... hawaii is so beautiful! (and the food looks AMAZING :))

  12. super cute! btw it was kamehameha day. we had a parade here too. i love the coffee pictures!

  13. i've always thought of kona as hot and dry and not that great, but youre showing it in a different light! and yup, the parade was for king kamehameha day :]