Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, Henry!

Oh Henry indeed!

I am on a serious mission to find cute, cute boys clothing. I just tweeted about this, but baby girl's stuff is ultra adorable and for me, it's hard to find as cute of things for boys. I am definitely up for a challenge though, so I am determined to bring the CUTE into little Henry's world.

I'm instantly drawn to a lot of little button ups and polos, as well as simple jeans and tees, and I am kicking myself for not buying the little bitsy Penguin button ups and polos at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago. Alas, it would have been far too early to purchase something for a tentative boy, but now I am going to scour their sales racks in the hopes of finding a few. As much as I do love adorable clothing though, they're BABY clothes, and they grow out of them so quickly that I refuse to buy anything super expensive as far as clothes. I just can't justify spending money on something that will be obsolete to them in a month! So sales are definitely my friend.

I'm also really looking forward to decorating a nursery, whenever we find a house! I have a color scheme all ready to go, so now the house hunting continues, and hopefully end sometime soon, right?! :)

Soo, do any of you have little boys? Where are some of your favorite places to shop for them?

OH! Also: cloth diapers. I'd love to know which ones are the best, worth trying, etc! I've already said I really, really want to use them, but I know nothing about them so I figure I should research a bit before I commit. Any information is greatly appreciated!



  1. FuzziBunz! I absolutely love love love those for cloth diapering! check out if there are any cloth diapering stores in your area, so you can test and 'feel them out' before you get them.
    Let me know if you need anything, cloth diapers are the best!
    I seriously cannot believe you're having a boy, I came home, rushed to your facebook and boom! started tearing up, haha!
    I can't wait to see this beautiful boy, he's going to be absolutely amazing.
    I also can't wait for your babyshower! so many great gift ideas in mind, to send!! <3

  2. i have a little dude and i usually get a lot of his stuff at target, h&m, or etsy. check out

    there's a lot of cool vintage boys clothes there. or of course, thrift stores. i dress my son kinda like my husband dresses himself. random t-shirts and jeans. you'll soon learn that even though the girls have all the cute stuff, the boys have it so much easier. my friend has a daughter and just changing her diaper is such a hassle (which kids pretty much hate getting dressed and un-dressed) because she has like 1900 different things going on with her outfits. i just throw a t-shirt and shorts/jeans on him... or a simple onesie usually does the trick. anyway, good luck dude.

  3. CONGRATS! how exciting!
    diapers: i am a nanny for twin girls and they do the whole cloth diapers (which are awesome, amazing for the environment, and just totally cute). the family also have multiple brands (they tried to see which worked best). i say "Bumgenius" ALL THE WAY! they are velcro so they are a lot easier and prevent leaks a bit better (the dad prefers them bc of all the snaps the others have). also, they have a snapped part in the front that adjust to fitting your baby (so the diapers last longer, you will not need multiple sizes... the girls are 15 months now, and they have used them for months).

    -get pieces of felt to lay in the diaper... this way, when the babe goes #2 you can either toss it, or shake it in the toliet. sorry it's a bit detailed, but FAR better than having to scrub the diaper poo off.
    -when/if you get the velrco type diaper make sure to put the velcro tabs back on their litte spot (i am not explaing this well, but you will see when you look at one). this prevents them from getting stuck together in the wash and from messing up the diapers.

  4. has super cute stuff but its a little on the spendy side (sign up for their emails and you can get a discount around your due date) Also we get most of our stuff at American's all really plain and simple which unfortunately is hard to come by. Everything there is worth the price to me because they hold up really well. I did a post a while back on baby cutoff jean shorts (its hard to find cute/stylish shorts)..

    Also, you should check out any kids consignment stores near you. We have found some really great stuff at amazing prices!

    Congrats on your little man (I thought it was a boy all along!) :) Sweet baby boys are the best because they love to cuddle!

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  6. Check this site! She is awesome and updates all the time. When we thought we were having a boy I was addicted to it!

  7. I shop at target, khols, jcpenney, old navy & childrens place. and if you have any consignment sales in your area check them out, you may find cute stuff at great prices!

  8. I am a huge sale shopper too! I buy a season ahead off of the clearance racks. I love target, macys, baby gap, and sometimes carters. I shop on etsy if I need something special/unique. And sometimes if I have time I check out the 2nd hand shops! I've found things brand new with tags for a dollar or two. Congrats on your boy! I absolutely love being a "boy mom". You get to have a sweet mamas boy & that is awesome!!!

  9. Sales racks are you friend! But they grow out of everything very quickly, I put Leo in onesies constantly and cute little pieces when were going out. You will get ton's of things from friends and family :)
    Congrats again on your little boy!!

  10. OMG! congrats, how cute, he's gonna be so cool :)

  11. We LOVE our GroVia cloth diapers! They cinch around my daughter's legs so it's been rare that we have any sort of blowout. They also have a felt booster that you can put in when he starts sleeping through the night & it keeps the moisture away. We have the hook & loop ones (like velcro) but now we want to buy some of the snap ones too! They also fit her when she was really little - like 7 lbs. And they are one size fits all.

    I sound like I sell them. I totally don't. We just really like them!

  12. First of all, congratulations! It'll be so much fun to have 'your boys' for a while.

    Secondly, I'm in Australia but we've got a cute, fairly reasonably priced store called Cotton On Kids that has some great stuff- really nice basic things, but also adorable stuff like baby cowboy shirts. I picked up a few of those for a friend's little girl a while back. They don't have their whole catalogue online, but if you ever see anything you like, get in touch and I'd be more than happy to pick it up and mail it over!

  13. we have been using bum genius cloth diapers for the past 2 years. it's worth noting that as far as i've heard they are one of the biggest pocket diaper options (as in, will still fit your toddler just fine) i think they work quite well, i like that i didn't have to buy a bunch of stuff in different sizes, but i wish i had just gotten a bunch of traditional cotton prefolds (so, so cheap) and some cute diaper covers, maybe some hemp inserts because i hear they are HELLA absorbent. you don't have to pin prefolds anymore. you can either use snappis or just rely on the cover to keep things together. and, for pee diapers, you just need to discard the prefold and the cover is usually fine (so less wash). mostly, i don't like that pocket diapers usually come with microfiber inserts which are, i feel, a bit more temperamental in the wash.

    we get little boy clothes from the target sales rack. otherwise i mostly stick to thrift and hand-me-downs. buying new children's clothes isn't worth it to me most of the time. plus, where i live a lot of gently worn, cute, cartoon character free gap and old navy outfits end up at the Salv Army. when he was an infant we hit up the old navy sales racks a lot, too.

    congratulations to you both! little boys are good times (i'm sure girls are, too)!

  14. FuzziBunz all the way! We just dropped about $320 bucks on 20 of them 2 months ago off of Ebay and they are worth every penny...They have never leaked and are super comfy and no Velcro to mess with...there's lots of videos on Youtube that will give you details about them ;)

  15. target! they have everything you need and its super affordable.

    old navy too, and the clothes last really for a long time. old navy sizes their clothes a little bit bigger then other stores,so kids can wear them longer. and as the child gets older, their pants start to come with adjustable waistbands that are hidden, so they last forever.

    and congratulations! little boys are so special.

  16. Congrats! I have a store on etsy called rockentot I want to make you something for little Henery and a giveaway for one of your readers I was waiting to find out if you were going to have a boy or girl. I have some ideas. What do you think? I also used Gdiapers and loved them. You can reach me at thanks stacie

  17. Yay for baby boys! I have 2 and they are tons of fun!
    For most of their clothing needs I am in love with baby gap.
    they have the cutest little jeans and t-shirts!
    as far as cloth goes... we use bumgenius and fuzzi bunz. personally, i like the fuzzi bunz a bit better. velcro tends to stick to EVERYTHING it isn't supposed to. I also really like blueberry diapers... but they are soooo expensive. good luck with all of your searches (house, clothes diapers, etc...)

  18. just sent you an email . we are thinking of switching to cloth diapers , i hear potty draining is easier and quicker .

  19. I won't get into cloth diapering too much, I wrote about it on my blog here if you want to see:

    Basically, we enjoy the Fuzzibuns for 'luxury' diapers, but the Sandy's Mother-Ease Fitted diapers + a Bummis Whisper wrap is just as good (maybe even better for absorbency). Since writing that post I've been using my Bummis prefolds waaaay more and I think that for your money, they are by far the BEST way to go! Just make sure you have good wraps and you're all set, I don't pin or use snappies or anything, I just stick 'em in the wrap and that's it! (And like someone else said, usually you can re-use the wraps more than one if it's just pee.)

    As for clothing, I have a lot of stuff from Joe Fresh and Walmart, can't go wrong for the price, I find that if you stick to mostly 'neutrals' (plain pants, jeans, striped shirts) with a few cute little patterns here and there (non logo and non-Disney/whatever), he'll look great! I also bought a ton of my clothing 2nd hand, they grow out of them so fast it's worth it!

    Good luck!

  20. Congratulations! I love how excited you are about all the things that are coming's infectious!

    In my bookmarks I have a great resource for cloth diapers:

    It seems like a lot of information but I think that when you figure out what features are important to you it will become clear!

  21. this will probably get ost in your many comments but I always bookmarked incase we have a boy! next :)

  22. Thanks everyone SO much for all the info, I am going to look into each and every thing that was suggested!

    Also @Alex, thank you for the link to the shop, I'm going to look at it now!


  23. Congratulations to you both! Boys are fun! I have a boy and a girl...i never had a big brother soo it is exciting to see my son with his little sisiter..he is very sweet to her!
    I like shopping at Old Navy...and here in canada we have superstore joe clothing..they have great stuff!! Also H&M have AWESOME baby clothes!!
    I didn't do cloth diapering with my son but i do with my daughter and i like babykangas!! They have snaps and a zippered pouch for the liners...that way they don't get poop on them!!
    Congrats again!!

  24. I loved these clothes when my boys were younger made so well that my 2 year old wears some of the stuff I got his 7 year old sister!

  25. Hey D - You know how I love clothes. And I have spent hours shopping and dressing my son every bit as much as I would have a daughter. It takes more work (read: time) to find what you like for boys, but it's definitely out there. The best advice I have to give is to remember that at first, especially, they're just squishy little babies. I made the mistake of not buying any of the generic-buy-at-any-store comfy cotton clothing and only buying "outfits" with like ties and hats and denim and converse high-tops and the works. By the time he finally came into the world and I realized how soft and delicious he was, I felt so guilty putting him in a pair of even the cutest jeans and didn't use them at all.

    I'll be different this time around with our... GIRL! (just found out - now they can be lovers later ha)

    Love you, friend. Wish we lived closer.

  26. I'm just a lurker, but you MUST read this blog! I really think you'll love it. Laura's a friend of mine (her blog is and she's an excellent mommy, excellent human being, and excellent blog-advice-writer. Check out her post this week on cloth diapering:

  27. Oh! What a perfect baby shower favor!!! Love it :)

  28. I LOVE Bumgenius and Fuzzibunz. Bumgenius AIO's are the trimmest under clothes, which ends up being important. I have 2 boys and have always had trouble finding cute clothes for cheap. Target, Old Navy sometimes, Knuckleheads (pricey though), Nordstrom rack is the best and sometimes Gap on sale. Congrats on the boy :)

  29. I want to find out more about cloth diapers. They seem so much cheaper in the long run. Also I love Polos and and shorts, like khakis. I never really looked at at boys clothes even before I found out the sex. My boyfriend would get so mad at me lol.

  30. BumGenius cloth diapers have worked the best for me!! But finding boy clothes at stores can be a little bit hard since stores are so limited when it comes to boy stuff! The only stores I seem to find cute stuff are Target, The Children's Place, Babies R' Us. But most of his clothes is bought online.

  31. I'm expecting a boy too. It's hard! The girl stuff is so much easier to come by. All I can recommend is secondhand stores and Baby Gap.

  32. I have a little boy and I love shopping for him. I find tons of cute clothes at H&M and American Apparel (for little boys the karate pants are the best. Online I shop at (they have tons of cute paul frank clothes) (they carry the claesons brand which has really cute boys clothes) (some really nice basics for babies)


  33. d--

    congrats! so excited for you!

    cloth diapers... i personally think that it's whatever you choose to do. i know a lot of people pick like bumgenius and such, however, (i guess i'm a snob) but all those snappys on the diaper... they just don't look... comfortable... so i've never gotten them. i used gdiapers for a while and i loved them, but the inserts are kinda expensive and if you go that route make sure you have a whole bunch extra of the plastic insert things (you'll know what i mean after you start looking at them). my favorite favorite are some found out of new zealand (i think that's where. i found them on good ol' and they are called the real nappy. i LOVE these.

    anyways. i say get a couple in each brand you are interested in and pick your favorite!!

    good luck!!


  34. I feel the same way! has some pretty unique boy clothes, but Etsy/Ebay is probably your best bet!

    We named our baby Henry, btw :) I love that your husband goes by Hank because someday that's what we want for Henry!

  35. I have a little boy, and finding cute boy's clothes is definitely a challenge, but not impossible.
    For newborn through 18 months, I liked to shop at Target, Baby Gap, and Naartjie. They have some great sales, and there clothes aren't typical "boy" clothes.
    From 18 months on I have started faithfully dressing my little boy in Crewcuts Kids clothes (by J. Crew). I couldn't wait until my son fit into there clothes, to me, they are the perfect boy clothes. They are expensive, but they have FREE shipping, and I usually wait for sales, and top that off with a coupon.
    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Gilt, you have probably already heard of it, but I love the wide array of designers they have for kiddos. A little while ago they had an adorable French clothing designer called Bonpoint featured, this brand has amazingly cute boy clothes. Anyway, Gilt is cool because you can get up to 70% off of retail prices, and they feature new designers every 32 hours. Its also kind of like a game because things sell out really quickly. :)

  36. congratulations!! boys are SO much fun (my son is 18 months old now and it's nonstop running right now, ha!)
    i get most of his clothes at target. they almost always have super cute things and they are really inexpensive. especially since babies grow out of things SO quickly (literally. my little guy is big, but he was in 12m size clothes at 8 months - most of his wardrobe he never even wore!)
    there is also some really great stuff on etsy. piece of advice: ALWAYS buy a size bigger than you think you need. seriously.
    oh! another good place is consignment shops - now that he is a toddler and destroys things so easily, i get most of his pants there. you can usually find name brand stuff for CHEAP. and if it gets ruined, no biggie because you only spent $4 on it! :]
    congrats again - you are going to LOVE having a boy.

  37. I'm so excited for you and I'm loving the name and how you're carrying out a tradition! Congrats x a million! <3

  38. Oh & if you're not put off by it, you could try yard sales! Of course, wash them & make sure they're in good condition for your little one. Buying second hand makes me feel good about shopping & helping the environment at the same time. Plus you can get an entire years worth of clothes for less than a few hundred, I'm betting. If you're not into second hand clothes, I literally went to one today that had a HUGE table full of BRAND NEW WITH TAGS Gymboree clothes for just a few bucks each. It's so much fun trying to find awesome deals :)

  39. i am so happy for you!!!!! xo

  40. HA you found the candy bar I was talking about! Perfect.

  41. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for misspelling your name Danielle. You see, my husbands name is Daniel and ever since become pregnant I feel like my brain malfunctions daily. LOL.

  42. I have a now 5 year old son. He is smack in the middle of two girls who are quite girly. He loves and has always loved dressing in a tie and cape along with a pair of cowboy boots. He has calmed it all down a bit though and he normally sticks with polo shirts and khakis or cargos or a nice pair of jeans. I have always tried finding my kids clothes second hand from friends or second hand stores. Or sales racks. I rarely buy them brand new. They grow out of things far too quickly for it to matter the name brand. Plus you can always spice things up with your own diy's.

  43. congrats! We find out the sex in 3 days and I can't wait! I secretly hope for a boy. :)

    I saw some really cute plain striped onsies at old navy that were 3 for $9! and they didn't have any of the graphics or the patches on them. Just adorable and striped. My fav. I also heard H&M have adorable baby clothes.

    I am so glad you posted about Cloth Diapers, I just recently decided to really start looking into cloth diapering and now through all these comments, we will have a bunch of resources.

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